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  1. State Title Games

    I see. I wonder how they got to Luers. Eacs teacher/coaches can visit Prince Chapman can't they?
  2. State Title Games

    The only fact there is that Harding made the grade and did not need to be closed. However, the students' scores have been shown to be better at the other 4 schools. Could you imagine if East Allen had only 1 or 2 high schools? Great sports, bands, and academics.
  3. State Title Games

    can you name some move ins? Grahovac? Dr. Brown lost his recruiting touch?
  4. State Title Games

    I didn’t say anything about why. The statement is an opinion and correctly written. Not at all. I went to both Luers and Snider. I taught at Woodlan and Paul Harding (unnecessarily closed) and Sherwood is a friend of mine. Simply an opinion. Kokomo would not have beaten Snider in the past 30 years.
  5. State Title Games

    Methinks Woodlan and Kokomo are thanking their lucky stars that Luers and Snider are out of their leagues.
  6. SemiState Scores

    I gave up, too. Yucca stuck it out.
  7. SemiState Scores

    Lightning at Marian. Out of the stands
  8. SemiState Scores

    Brebeuf 10Marian 0. Early 2nd
  9. SemiState Scores

    Brebeuf 7 Marian 0. Late 1st
  10. Snider used to be one of the most disciplined programs around. What has changed?
  11. The problem with objective standards is that they are subject to the will and opinion of terribly unreliable human brains, which are wired to different humans.
  12. Regional scores

    There may be some non-Protestants on the team.
  13. Regional scores

    Woodlan 40 North Newton 26 Final
  14. Too many chiefs...not enough warriors.