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  1. Sectional 45 and WRC games

    Does anyone know what the penalty count was for FC tonight?
  2. Sectional 45 and WRC games

    I would take Harmeson and place him on the FC squad if I was picking. Can never have to much talent on a 1a team, regardless of the position they play.
  3. Sectional 45 and WRC games

    Hey I remember you being there!
  4. Sectional 45 and WRC games

    Covenant Christian will beat Turkey Run NV will pound Rockville FC will take out last weeks loss on RP South Put over Sherdian Seeger will take it on the road for a big loss to Carroll Covington racks up another loss to Clinton Central Attica in the closest game of the week, gets edged out by Clinton Prarie I remember that night, was a good game to watch.
  5. Sectional 45 and WRC games

  6. Wabash River Conference Week 9

    What, we can't talk about both?
  7. Wabash River Conference Week 9

    Point taken, to clarify my thoughts without Mr. Bentley they would have lost to Attica, and he seem to play a big role on defense, as most talented 1a players do. My point, and yes it's a what if, and that can be played anyway we would like, if Mr. B was never on the team to begin with, where would FC be right now? FC could easily be 5-2 right now trailing two 6-1 teams. Reminder....this is for entertainment value, I have much respect for every young man who laces up every week, I am by no means taking away anyone's success or pointing out any shortcomings.
  8. Wabash River Conference Week 9

    Sure not much to talk about in this thread. Would pick team but seriously why, I guess the best game would be dugger and TR this week. Only thing I will throw out there, just to make controversy is, without the starting QB for FC, they in MY OPINION would be just a average team in a very down year for the WRC.
  9. Wabash River Conference Week 8

    Really, your still arguing that same old story? You need to put down the stick and bury that horse.
  10. North Vermillion 20 Fountain Central 14
  11. Wabash River Conference Week 8

    Someone remind me what FC was ranked in 1a.
  12. Wabash River Conference Week 8

    Will the FC/NV be a good enough game to justify the price of admission, gas and tire wear, or will it be a just listen to it on kiss country kinda game?
  13. Wabash River Conference Week 8

    I would have to say he was one of the very best, possibly the most accomplished player going to the next level, or am I incorrect in saying that? I just can't think of anyone else that went on as he did. Or......is the level of competition, let's say...not present to test them?
  14. Wabash River Conference Week 8

    I couldn't agree more. Was surprised to see Covington beat NV, as Covington was boasting what, 8 seniors, I thought they would maybe be a little better this year. It will be the FC/NV game.....I took the liberty of calling them, so that's straight from the source. ?