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  1. I would say he has watched memorial vs reitz, memorial vs central and memorial vs castle. And he has watched GS vs castle scrimmage and GS vs central scrimmage many times already this year.
  2. It's an excuse, .....or you need to make the same observation that the same weather conditions is why our defensive backs dropped multiple chances at even more interceptions, or that our line and line backers had Toole and others in the backfield but lost their footing on that wet muddy stuff called grass, or that our receivers dropped balls they normally don't. To make an observation about how it negatively effected one player is an excuse.
  3. And I don't think the comments about the officiating are meant to be disrespectful to the Lincoln players, no more than the excuses about weather and field conditions are to the GS defense. Lincoln played a hard fought game and answered when needed and kept GS from being able to pull away. As I said earlier in the week, most of the Vincennes fans I know are good guys. They are bringing 2 youth teams to our tournament sat. And Sunday and as in the past , they will be hard hitting tough teams....knowing what Lincoln's youth teams look like and what GS has in the pipeline I am sure there will be a ton more sectional showdowns between these 2 programs....although I am hoping maybe Vincennes can install turf before the next time we travel to Inman
  4. To me, that shows a lack of class, but hey that is just me...maybe you can sit there in regular season with a team that doesn't travel with a fan base but not for a big game with a large fan base. And I will say that Toole is a great athlete and can run.
  5. And Seating may have been adequate, had a large portion of Vincennes fans not decided to fill a couple of sections of the visitor's side. There was plenty of empty seating on the home side. Not sure why they would do that.
  6. It was Great play....got anymore highlights of Kotter?
  7. The pass interference calls were a joke. Some of those should have been offensive pass interference if anything at all. Kotter's catch was really really good while being covered well....I think that was his only one though
  8. With numbers it works and is a great thing. ...best athlete doesn't mean great football player. But Take a great athlete and let him concentrate on one side of the ball all game and all week in practice and film and he gets a lot of reps and really good at his position. And then has football skills and football i.q. to go with his athletic ability. And Fresh the whole game. If we keep producing 25+ kids a class, should have the numbers to do it for a long time.... oh and by the way we started 21 different kids on our fourth grade team that won the Vincennes tourney over the weekend.
  9. Not sure what McIntosh you are talking about, but the ones that played at Rietz didn't play both ways except for a few plays
  10. Sorry, Wasn't knocking the facility, I like Inman field, we have played on much much worse. Just Saturday The grass comes up easy and my boy made a comment about all the grass he had all over him and inside his pads and helmet, The GS turf has spoiled him a bit. The Vincennes guys we deal with at the youth level have always been great to deal with and seem to be working hard with their feeder program and it shows. We enjoy going up there to play, and also having them at our youth tourney.
  11. We just played there two seasons ago, and our youth players have played there several times Our 4th grade just played Vincennes there on Saturday in a hard fought championship game. The field isn't in great shape, and a week of rain could make it worse, but both teams have to deal with it. Looking forward to a great game in a great atmosphere. I know we were talking on Saturday, how early we will need to get there to get a seat, not much room for the crowd GS will bring
  12. What radio stations will broadcast this game and what time is kickoff
  13. I will be shocked if this one is close. I have seen both teams play and unless Memorial plays down to their opponent this one is over early.
  14. Bring that class to our 4th grade tourney at GS on the 28th and 29th of October.