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  1. kf may have to come out of retirement...
  2. NLC 2014

    kf's random thoughts...it's the NLC, enough said...any comments about Warsaw football are meaningless...in regards to Plymouth, it's Martinsville but colder and more snow...the NLC, mediocrity by any other name...
  3. NIC 2015

    kf wonders if your first 6 posts had anything to do with The Rapture...lottery numbers...the secret biblical code to buy stocks...
  4. kf thinks that you should start the thread...kf will then post "until the cows come home"...until then, congrats Coach on a great career...
  5. NLC 2014

    kf will never descend to that level...
  6. NSC's Last All-Conference Team

    kf must ask...is it unusual for a team/teams to be shut out for 1st team...in the NIC, kf believes a player was named for all teams...not saying it's right but just saying...
  7. kf doesn't understand your post...does living in southern Indiana help one financially, academically or health wise...can you 'splain it Homer...
  8. kf understands your frustration...the quarry isn't hiring, Cook Medical requires an academic diploma and you were served an eviction notice from the trailer park...GO IRISH...
  9. Cathedral - LaPorte BREAKING NEWS!

    kf is impressed...kf is also surprised that the Cathedral faithful aren't stepping up...Otis Shannon is down for $50 depending on how the tips go tonight...
  10. Cathedral - LaPorte BREAKING NEWS!

    kf is thinking about Pawn Stars..."What do you want to do with them? Sell them? Trade them? Hock them?"...
  11. kf is glad that he stopped before he went blind...
  12. kf thinks you are suffering from "Pennitis"...btw, why not jump on AAM's wager on the Laporte/Cathedral thread...come on, spend some of that First Communion money...
  13. kf believes you were searching for "panty waist" ...but maybe it's a Gary thing...
  14. kf wonders what the New Palestine coach is thinking...call off the dogs, get a friggin' shave, tuck in your shirt and lose some weight...geez...