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  1. How was Memorial's 3rd td scored? The last I saw was a 3 and 7 around their own 30 yard line.
  2. lol. How many times does that happen twice in a game?
  3. SemiState Scores

    The last play I saw was memorial 3rd and 7 around their 30 yard line 14-7. The next thing I see is 21-7
  4. SemiState Scores

    My feed says Mem 21-7 with 9:05 to play
  5. Awesome job Sr. Domination. How many times did the announcer call them Shortridge? How many times did that Scecina mom near the press box complain about the refs?
  6. The weather map looks like about one hour until the heavy rain ends. If all that rain has lighting with it then a guess of 5 et would be close.
  7. What is the lightning rule? Half hour since last strike?
  8. Is this game being streamed anywhere?
  9. Central vs East Central

    Central fans are typically apologetic to the coach and say things like "You don't know what he has to deal with all day in school."
  10. Central vs East Central

    I agree but the second half score was 14-13
  11. Central vs East Central

    I think the two Central turnovers were huge (as turnovers usually are). Centrals first half possessions were three and out, turnover, turnover (on kick return), end of half run up the middle. Both turnovers gave EC short fields. Hard to say what the half-time score is without those mistakes.
  12. Central vs East Central

    Someone in the game chat mentioned a family of central players looking to change schools for next year. Anyone else hear anything like that?
  13. Regional scores

    It looks like the best basketball team in town this year might be one of the high schools in Bloomington.
  14. Central vs East Central

    How many times did the Central offense snap the ball in the first half? 7?8?... including a punt.
  15. Regional scores