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  1. Pioneer made a tunnel and ran through a banner in the 2014 state game. When you're as good as they are, you do what you want. Or should I say...."The Pioneers" as the majority of our fans from North Vermillion called them for a year straight
  2. Better than the head of the FB if the center on midline doesn't create a path. Or the center's midline, for that matter.
  3. I had the chance to listen to Coach Johnson speak about his offense (and overall program) in a small group setting. That guy had a fire in his eye that left zero thought about why his program(s) were successful. I walked away thinking there was no other offensive concept in the world to even consider.
  4. Agreed. Clearly getting to LOS is a great feat, but EH really chit the bed that game. Apparently it was enough to get their coach a huge increase in football classification and likely pay at Zionsville.
  5. Nope, Pioneer wins 1a again in 2018
  6. I bet you $0.82 and Reb’s stack of Jerry Seinfeld DVDs that you can’t make a football-related post without mentioning Linton.
  7. Definitely an oddity that Lutheran doesn’t pack that parochial prowess. In fact, just the opposite, being knocked out of the tournament by a rural public school for several years that I can remember. Congrats to EG!
  8. 2014 1a south semi-state North Vermillion at Indianapolis Lutheran was played at Indianapolis Roncalli. If memory serves, I believe that may have been due to a combination of seating and playing surface at LuHi's old facility; perhaps primarily seating but remember grumblings of bad field conditions too. I remember the boys taking the field at Roncalli and having ice still on the turf - it was a cold one.
  9. Does the kitchen sink include wearing flip-flops to work year-round? I think that’s a +1 to stay at NV.
  10. Meurer was one of the best high school football players I’ve ever watched. I just wanted to cast a wide net to do exactly as you stated, poke the bear. All in fun, MP. Linton, as a whole, will forever have my respect from on and off the field interactions.
  11. Wow, it’s been 3 hours since Hops’ post and there is only one reply defending a guaranteed Linton legend on a 1a thread?? The 2a smackdown has Miner Nation slipping!
  12. North Vermillion was lucky enough to catch LuHi early in Andre Jones’ career. I still can’t figure out why he didn’t get the ball more his freshman year during the semi-state game. Having the ball in his hands on every play was a great move by the coaching staff. I don’t know the demeanor of the Lutheran team this season, but I can tell you that size didn’t equate to success in the past. A kid with great measurements can quickly be compromised if he has a poor motor and a lackluster attitude. Even with that being said, I’m sticking with my summer prediction of Pioneer vs Lutheran in the finals.
  13. http://www.gcdailyworld.com/story/2458925.html Good grief, it looks like that QB may have injured his hand in a bar fight. What is he, 35?
  14. So would a weak(er) overall schedule, according to Sag, hurt EG? WRC fan but if what I have read about the T-Birds is true, I have to go with them by 2+ scores 38-20 or somewhere in there.