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  1. Hunter Johnson leaving Clemson

    The most recent article that I read highlighted Northwestern and Purdue...with a little extra learn towards Northwestern due to his brother recently playing there.
  2. Years ago I had this season circled for NV, partly due to the team and also the playoff road. They were projected to have three 3-year starters on the OL, coupled with a few very promising soon-to-be juniors. The skill positions were primed to be in great shape, with a few long and athletic wideouts and a scat-back that had some shimmy. Ellis can spin it and Cookie is a great compliment back, with Myers emerging last season as a contributor. Unfortunately, of the players/positions mentioned, four are no longer putting on the shoulder pads. I still look for NV to compete for the top spot in the WRC, but that's a little displaced from the Regional/Semi-State run that I predicted in 2016. I hope they prove me wrong. The sectional and regional do align quite nicely for a little run if the ball bounces NV's way.
  3. Iowa has been known to pluck class 1a/2a football players from schools that I am familiar with. Currently have a LB from Maroa Forsyth (IL) and recently had a QB from Tuscola (IL).
  4. Anyone know why? I believe he taught SpEd at FCHS, if memory serves. Better classroom opportunity? More pay? Family in the area? With Moore leaving, we can rule out wanting to leave to get out from under his shadow. Given the fact that AD and HFC will likely be open, I figure a program like FC's will draw some juicy applicants. With Notorious BIG hitting the radio on my way to work, I had to find a way to plug the word juicy.
  5. Got my first taste of this show over the weekend with my 5 year old. I immediately had to Google Stephanie Tanner to see which industry she was working in prior to Fuller House. She was fuller, that's for sure.
  6. If the athletes from Turkey Run and Rockville stay, Moore is stepping into a great situation (as far as players are concerned). Turkey Run is loaded with talent and Rockville has a few nice pieces to add to that. It's been unfortunate that history predicates that TR might lose a few kids, but maybe the consolidation helps keep kids at "home." Good luck to Coach Moore and PHHS. The WRC has some great coaching staffs for 1A football! Edit: and 3A with South Verm....
  7. #11 in white gets snuck on and the kid in black literally runs through the crowd to hide
  8. Be interesting to see if he is hired/accepts the job, if he can convince some of the talent to stick around.
  9. Omar is coming, yo...
  10. Markese Stepp

    The last p/p running back (that I followed) to leave the midwest to join the bright lights of LA was Ty Isaac of Joliet Catholic Academy (IL). Isaac, now a 5th year guy at Michigan, never quite lived up to the billing after a productive freshman year and the Trojans' coaching change. I hope Stepp represents out there. Congrats to the young man.
  11. 2018 1A

    I’ve had the 2018 season marked for North Vermillion for a few years now. The upcoming senior class had two kids that started as sophomores not play as juniors, with a third suffering a season ending knee injury early in the year. They also lost the most talented upcoming junior, but unfortunately that was expected from a prior string of events. The Falcons did gain a quality player that’ll be a senior next season so he cancels out one of those missing guys. With the WRC likely continuing to trend down as a whole, I see NV making some noise in the conference and sectional. The regional provides a chance for whoever wins our sectional to advance to semi-state. I don’t think double digit wins will be out of the question if the kids buy in and stay healthy. QB play will be huge this year. Hill won’t be easy to replace but I think Ellis will end up being much like Cody Wright of the state team. Not from a numbers standpoint because he won’t have the weapons around him, but from a learning curve aspect. He will end up being pretty darn good, in my opinion. Big offseason for the boys in blue. Best of luck, guys.
  12. I am out of the know. Can you share some info on what happened and is likely to happen? Batty get relieved from his duties? Resign? If the FC assistant, presumably also the AD, does make his way south, what is the proposed position for him is NCP? And I realize that the title says resigned, but what really happened is what I'm asking....
  13. Wow, great. Now, what about the schools well below the poverty line that have to fight tooth and nail just to get lines painted on the field...Let alone find parents with enough gas money to get players back and forth to practice.
  14. The adrenaline dump, playing condition climate, fluid intake...all has to be taken into consideration when playing later into the year at LOS. Better believe experience plays a big part in preparation for those. This. What is legal, is legal. OL coaches teach proper technique/angles for issuing and DL coaches teach proper technique for defending...Or in most 1A/2A football, the line coach handles both
  15. Woodlan pretty much crapped the bed on that last possession. Great coverage and pressure by SR on the pass attempts. With decent field position and more than enough time, I don’t like Woodlan getting behind the sticks with chucking the ball. QB should have had an RPO to at least have a chance to gain some yardage if no one was open, especially with 2 timeouts left.
  16. SR touchdown on a Middle screen with 1:22 left. Looks like a 2-pt try coming up. Have to question the Woodlan defensive back not playing the sticks on the 4th and 5. 2-pt conversion good on a sprint out pass.
  17. Funny how the football Gods often show up any time a QB throws back across the field. Tough break there on that INT. I haven’t watched all of the game, been flipping back and forth. With the way Woodlan is sending pressure off of the edge, SR needs to drag the backside wing on a mini-sprint out by the QB. The safety is too deep and Woodlan is going to be drastically outnumbered with sending personnel
  18. Big call here on 4th and 6. Offense is at a premium for Woodlan. TOUCHDOWN!!!
  19. Still 7-7. Game is a little sloppy.
  20. What you posted is what I was trying to say, clearly didn’t come out correctly. I was not beating the parochial bush, I was speaking of Lutheran in particular. The semi state game was played in Lutherans backyard and they had very few fans. Granted, it was freezing but I’d say NV alone nearly tripled the fan base, and that’s included with the casual Indy area fan likely sitting on the home side due to availability. The following year at the Regional wasn’t any better, especially considering I knew how Scecina traveled back to back years prior. Again, wasn’t a parochial bash, just a hunch specifically with Lutheran.
  21. I picked Lutheran to represent the south over the summer, always with an asterisk, though. I’m beginning to wonder if there is true unity amongst those on that roster. I won’t get into the parochial school recruiting, etc, as that is a beaten horse. But, watching teams like North Vermillion, Linton, and Eastern Greene make it to Thanksgiving weekend, really makes me ponder if growing up with your friends and playing for a community is making the difference here? Pasch (spelling) appears to be a good coach with good assistants around him (and a lot of them) so what’s the difference maker? In my limited experience watching LuHi over the years, it sure seems like when the chips are down, the cards are mucked and it’s basketball season (2015 regional at NV is a good example of being front runners). EG took advantage of that (and the Jones injury) but that won’t happen at LOS. Congratulations to Eastern. Enjoy your experience, it is one for a lifetime. Pioneer 34 - Eastern Greene 13
  22. Always wanted to sit in that yard on the visitor’s side and have a cold one watching a game
  23. Pioneer made a tunnel and ran through a banner in the 2014 state game. When you're as good as they are, you do what you want. Or should I say...."The Pioneers" as the majority of our fans from North Vermillion called them for a year straight
  24. Better than the head of the FB if the center on midline doesn't create a path. Or the center's midline, for that matter.