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  1. As MDAlum82 alluded to, SR will start on their own 10, and 7 minutes later they will hit pay dirt. They will chew up an entire quarters worth of time, keeping the ball out of the hands of Woodlan's "Athletes". Btw...they have athletes of their own, and one helluva line. And please explain how you know Southridge is not better than Eastbrook?
  2. Yeah we did.... Did both teams come out of Semi State injury free?
  3. 1997 Regional Game Rockville @ Linton Thursday, the night before, saw 4-6 inches of snowfall. We had Thursday night practice playing in the snow. Custodians, administrators, teachers, and few other volunteers spent game day clearing the sidelines and yard lines, and that's all they got completed. It was 20 degrees at game time with 4-6 inches of snow on the ground. By the end of the game, the field was nothing but a mud pit. Linton wins 31-6.
  4. I was going to ask about that. I figure with the intricacies that go into that offense, having 6 more weeks to prepare and practice pays dividends in its potency. Btw, that was one of them most interesting offenses I've seen in awhile. I followed the guards right out of the play a number of times.
  5. Just like the first time we played, I don't know what to expect out of this game. I have no doubt the Raiders have improved. We've improved as well, but to what extent? The Offense has shown a definite improvement as our WB's are trusting their linemen and hitting their assignments without hesitation. As for Defense though, missed tackles and assignments still plague us.
  6. Sectional 35

    I know jack about 2A North except for the teams I've read about in the Hoosier Conference. Will this be Eastbrook's toughest test yet this season?
  7. If that's all it takes to break their will....there wasn't much will to begin with. If we play to our potential, I would agree. But we've only seen glimpses of our potential this year. I'll answer that after the season is over. I want to see how this team responds.
  8. We need to tackle better and cut down on mental mistakes. If our tackling remains the same, we lose. If we continue to make the same mistakes, we lose.
  9. Where? I read the thread 15 times trying to find where Linton fans think this post season run is a given. Was there a post deleted? By Sags...we have to face the 4th rated team. If we were to win that, we have to face the 2nd rated team, more than likely. That team already beat us this year. If we were to get lucky and win that, we will more than likely have to face the top rated team in the sectional. We have the toughest road to travel in this sectional, we know its not a given. It's the other schools posters assuming MD will be playing the winner of SR/Linton.
  10. North Knox AD = Busch League Despite the fact he could've had 2 great coaches, who are instead on the Linton sidelines...he makes the live feed film from the track instead from the press box.
  11. For the sectional championship....
  12. Don't worry Cappy, we'll all 4 be in the same bracket.... Along the lines of what others are saying though, I would like to see Linton play at Reitz Bowl.
  13. Mater Dei and Southridge in the other bracket....