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  1. Dwenger defends coaching hire

    From the school officials - “The incident involving Mr. Garrett's physical contact with a member of the Bishop Dwenger football team during a practice in August 2014 occurred in view of other coaches and team members. There was nothing hidden about the incident or kept secret.” From a player there that day-“Things were getting chippy between Peyton Philpot and Louis Garrett. They were talking trash to one another for a while then Philpot caught a deep one over Garrett and they shared words after the play." “It was now when Jason Garrett took off for Peyton Philpot. He picked him up into the air and tackled him to the ground and open palm punched his helmet 3-4 times while verbally attacking him.” How can you say we have our own understanding of what happened? The school admits it happened. The coach admits it happened. Eye witnesses all admit it happened. Now, I understand I am a public school guy but please educate me on what we are missing when everyone involved has admitted that the physical altercation happened? Maybe it was 1 slap instead of 2. Maybe he knocked him to the ground instead of picking him up and throwing him to the ground. Maybe he called him a punk instead of a *&((*&**@((. Maybe it all stated with him breaking up a fight that led to the rest of his actions. DOES IT MATTER??????? An adult coach got physical with a high school boy and is now that schools head football coach when he should have probably been let go and told not to come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Dwenger defends coaching hire

    Did I read that right? This adult coach picked the kid up in the air, tackled him to the ground, slapped him in the helmet 3-4 times while verbally attacking him, all because he roasted his son on a deep route and had been trash talking all day?????? He admitted to doing this and only had to sit out 2 weeks? In public education if you question a kids toughness parents want you fired immediately. I couldn't imagine blowing a kid up, smacking him around, yelling at him, and becoming that schools head coach a few years later. Very interesting stuff. Good for him I guess.
  3. Best Chances for 2018 Title

    Yes they will.
  4. Best Chances for 2018 Title

    Sir, I have done much research on state championship picking 37 weeks before the actual game. The science just does not add up for South Newton. It is a lack of hydration issue. They have the kids walking the halls to make it happen. You get someone in that building that can get that sophomore boy out of his slump and into the water boy position and you might have something there. Until then, they are going to come up a week or 2 short.
  5. Best Chances for 2018 Title

    I really think 2018 is going to be a special year. Here are my picks. I just have a feeling in my bones.... 6A Lake Central 5A Anderson 4A South Bend Clay 3A Hammond Clark 2A Indy Washington 1A Anderson Prep Don't tell me I am wrong or I will be offended.
  6. MT. VERNON (fortville) OPEN?

    I had the unpleasant experience of working with this same AD at another school. Something about being micromanaged as a football coach by a Tennis guy did not work for me either!! If the AD was the cause, I 100% understand!
  7. So did this senior go through the senior night activities with his dad/coach? If they thought there was nothing wrong with him being there, did they also try to walk through the senior night? I would think that if he missed school for a surgery and he was still in good standing with the team prior to this, the admin would want to make sure he was apart of senior night or does Valpo not do any kind of senior recognition at the game?? This whole story makes ZERO sense to me.
  8. Man, I got a "downvote" for a question.....rough crowd!!! If the coach acted in an unprofessional manner that warranted a termination, then I have no problem with that. I was not there, so I have no idea. I would think that maybe there was some bad blood there to begin with but who knows. All I ask is if the student who clearly and knowingly was in the wrong with his action also received a consequence. To be honest, I would be okay if they fired the coach for his actions, suspended the student who refused to honor the coach's wishes and school board appointed rule, and put away the seniors pads who turned in their stuff early. Athlete's have a right to have their voices heard but saying "if I don't get my way, I quit." is unacceptable. If you want to threaten to quit, I will hang your pads up for you. If you want to have a mature conversation and talk about what we can do as a team to make this better, let's grow and talk together. Teaching kids that they can threaten to quit and give them what they want is a horrible example to set. Not knowing all the exact details. this is just my opinion based off of what I have read and what I am witnessing with the youth of today.
  9. Maybe I already missed this, but did the student who knowingly violated the rule and further disrespected the coach when he was told to not be on the field receive any consequences from the school?
  10. CIC Sectional Finals

    Western @ Mississinewa *Worth 2 points: They have proven me wrong the last couple of weeks. I will give them the credit they deserve. Lewis Cass @ Eastbrook *Worth 2 points: I don't think this will be that close. Eastbrook by 2-3 TD's. Jimtown @ Mishawaka Marian (3A): Too close to call but I will roll the dice and say Mishawaka Marian by 1. They will go for a 2 point conversion to end the game. Lapel @ Shenandoah (2A): The dreaded England trip turns this from a good game, into a Shenandoah run away. Monroe Central @ Sheridan (1A): Monroe Central is still benefiting from the Muncie South closer. I am going with the Bears by a TD.
  11. CIC Sectional Week

    I had a feeling once. I didn't like it and decided it would never happen again.
  12. CIC Sectional Week

    Marion over Mississinewa: This is one is a tough one. Marion has improved but its still hard for me to consider them good. However, Alexandria scored 20 against Ole Miss which makes me think that Marion will be able to score some serious points on them too. I am going to go with Marion 48-Mississewa 35. Brebeuf Jesuit at Blackford: Good turn around season by the Bruins but the end has come. Brebeuf Jesuit 36-14. Alexandria at Lapel: Lapel wins 42-28. Shenandoah at Frankton: Shenandoah win 63-14. Eastbrook at Rennselaer Central: This one could go either way. I am giving it to Eastbrook just because I'd like to see them get the title and make XSTAR mad. Eastbrook 28-21. It should be a well coached game.
  13. Columbus North

    Did I miss this on the GID already???? How is this not a hot topic. http://www.theindychannel.com/news/local-news/bartholomew-county/columbus-north-football-coaches-suspended-for-verbal-physical-altercation-during-game I have been known to get a little hot on the sidelines but this is some funny stuff. Unfortunate now, but give it about 10 years and these guys will be able to laugh about this over some cold beers I hope.
  14. CIC Sectional Week

    Look on the bright side, if you had Ben Davis on your schedule, you would only be a 127.5 underdog. Ben Davis (118.67) is a 127.5-point favorite (1.76-point home-field advantage) against Madison-Grant (-7.05) According to Saragin Ratings, which are scary accurate, there are only 11 teams worse than MG. Three of those 11 are not even IHSAA sectional eligible yet. How does that happen MG fans????
  15. CIC Sectional Week

    Mississinewa @ Frankfort Mississinewa beats up on Frankfort. Game over by half. Ole Miss 54-7 Blackford @ Northwestern At the beginning, I would have said Blackford but they have dropped a little to far down for me. Northwestern wins 27-7. Eastbrook @ Eastern This one will be close for the first 8 minutes and then Eastbrook unloads. Eastbrook 48-14 (come on XStar, go ahead and down vote me) Oak Hill @ Delphi After watching Oak Hill play Frankton, I don't think this will be much of a game. O.H.'s offense is brutal. Delphi 21-7 Alexandria @ Elwood Elwood does not care enough to win this game. I think they potential could if the team was still fully together but it not going to happen. Alex 34-14 Frankton @ Madison Grant Frankton big. The question is when do they pull the starters? McGuire could score 60 on his own but not sure the extra hits are worth it. I am going modest and saying Frankton 48-0.