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  1. SemiState Scores

    How on earth did Brebuef get put in the North? Have they always been up there in the tourney?
  2. Does EG fans travel well? If so I would say there is not going to be enough seating for all the fans at the game
  4. Are you Purcell's Mom or Dad or a legal Guardian of the Kid? To me this could be the only reason you would say something this outlandish. Or maybe you know the inner working of the family and know more than we do and in which case i am sure they would not like you on here talking about something that could get him deemed ineligible for an entire year. But hey who am I to talk on subjects pertaining to the Irish. P.S- To all the Cathedral faithful that i may have made mad or offended by my comments about Cathedrals Schedule and not playing in 6A, I am sorry. I just want the best for Indiana football and i think with Cathedral playing in 6A tourney it would make it that much tougher and there for raise the Bar in terms of how we are looked at as a football state. My opinions sometime should not be said and im sorry for what i said.
  5. Why would Cathedrals QB leave and go play for Warren?
  6. You have me confused with WC Warrior. I never said I would stop posting. Warren was anything but a sacrificial lamb to BD. They have given BD their best game this year. Are u saying Bell is going to go to Cathedral next year or Cathedrals QB is going to Warren next year. I'm sorry I am confused by your comment.
  7. Cathedral could have opted to stay in 6A. They chose to go back down to 5A because they were tired of not winning state and they knew that going to 5A they would win 2 more titles before they had to come back up to 6A.
  8. Oh that was a good one. Great come back. But u gotta admit that you guys are ok with playing such elite teams in the regular season but when it comes to playoffs you claim the enrollment excuse.
  9. man this looks like it could be a 6A schedule and the Irish are just a tiny 4A school. How ever do they survive.
  10. Jayson West- Warren Crntra and Lawrence a central in back to back years. You beat me by like 20 sec.
  11. Saturday Playoff Games

    I think live streaming of games has brought attendance at Playoff games way down. Why would anyone wanna go stand in 20 or below weather ( I did but I'm crazy) when they could sit at home and watch the game on their computers or Smart TV's. I think saturday games would not draw much more of a crowd than Friday night games fo.
  12. Regional scores

  13. Regional scores

  14. Warren has a coverage breakdown and BD gets a long TD catch. 36-29 BD with 5 min left in game