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  1. North Posey 2-0 at Heritage Hills 3-0

    IMO, HH did a nice job of playing physical defense and NP did not handle it well. Cade Jones should be able to tell everyone what flavor gum Ricketts was chewing, he did a great job. I've seen games where both of these teams would have been in serious foul trouble with the way they played tonight but the crew tonight let the teams play. I'm sure both fan bases believe they missed a bunch of fouls but I thought it was fair. I will be surprised if the PAC champ goes undefeated in conference play, so NP will still have a chance. Should be a lot of good games in the PAC this year.
  2. Congratulations to North Posey's Alex Stewart and Jesse Kissel! Hard to imagine anyone doing more for their teams offense then Alex or their defense then Jesse.
  3. South Spencer Job

  4. Tor'Jon Evans is listed at 5'7" 155#s, I would guess that both of those numbers are exaggerated. He looks (to me) about 5'4" 135#s and plays behind a really good line. But yes, he is very good!
  5. PAC Conference 2017-2018

    The Vikings will definitely be guard led. They will have a couple boys over 6'5" but their top 2-4 players are guards. I hear the current 8th graders have good size led by Josiah Ricketts younger brother (I hear he is 6'3"ish.)
  6. Best Fan base on GID: GIBSON SOUTHERN Does most people actually mean the best? Asking for a friend....
  7. Looking forward to watching this game, I don't have a clue who is better. I think (maybe hope) it is s shootout, in going with GS 49 EM 48
  8. You quoted me, I never said anything about us being vanilla or not "giving our best shot"
  9. I'll try to be brief 1.Every team should improve from week 4 to week 10 but one would expect a team with virtually a whole new coaching staff, a whole new offensive scheme, and a whole new defensive scheme to improve even more. The Vikings did that 2. This team was coming off an absolute drumming from GS the week before. When things started to go South again vs SR I felt we slipped mentally and let it snowball out of control. This team hadn't learned how to handle adversity, we made huge strides the very next week vs HH. 3. As Greene County Coach said (among others) we were physically beat up front. This group of young men hadn't discovered the importance of weight training yet. Coach Schenk had been preaching but the choir wasn't listening. After the embarrassment of back to back weeks of domination up front the attitude starting changing. You can't overcome not training like you need to when coach started in June but without total "buy-in" you have no chance. This team "bought-in" and made improvements. Their attitude and expectations changed! Do I think we beat SR if we faced them again, I don't know but was sure hoping to find out. Brief, I was not
  10. I would t put too much into that, NP was a different team in week 10 vs week 4