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  1. Mercy Rule

    Watching my friend Jason Mensing lead the Ottawa Lake Whiteford Bobcats to a Michigan Div 8 State Championship, I noticed they run the clock once the lead hits 35. This is something we really should consider in a Indiana.
  2. Along the same vein, Brebeuf is working on a fairly historic fall as well. Their football team will also be their third to appear in a state championship (alongside Girls XC and Volleyball). They also had two Boys XC runners compete in the state finals. Depending on the source, their Girls Soccer team was the top ranked team in the state and a top 25 team in the nation during the regular season. Hopefully they can cap it off with a win Friday afternoon.
  3. Thanks for this. I had not been able to put my finger on why Coach Streiff decided to retire. Clearly, it's the success factor. Must have been what ran Coach Scifres off, too. It's all coming together now.
  4. State Title Games

    It would be interesting to see how many private schools are playing up right now. In other words, how much role did the success factor play. Obviously, Cathedral and Roncalli are up, but they would have been in the same 4A Sectional, playing "at" Cathedral in the first round of the sectional regardless. Ritter was playing up in 3A, but they were beaten by Scecina. Anyone else I'm not thinking of (admittedly don't follow the rest of the state that close)?
  5. No upvote? System is broke...
  6. If you haven't seen this Brebeuf team since Week 8, you don't understand how much they have improved. Fine group of young men that will flat get after you on defense. It's been a joy to follow them.
  7. As a Roncalli fan, this sets up so many interesting scenarios for next year. If Cathedral wins state, they move up to 6A. If Cathedral wins the Sectional but not state, they stay in 5A and the Rebels go down. If they don't, they go down. Roncalli has to make it to state to stay up.
  8. I don't know if this post is funnier or the upvote.
  9. All hail the success factor!
  10. Top 32 Teams

    What if I told you there once was a 4A team who won back to back 6A Sectional Championships against all MIC schools? They were then deemed unable to compete at that level per the rules and moved back down to 5A. A strange tale it would be.
  11. Top 32 Teams

    I'm perplexed by the above statement. There are typically no 6A teams who can compete with the other MIC 6A teams in the Indy area, let alone 3A and 4A teams. By my quick count, Cathedral is 7-13 against the MIC since 2010. Of the 7 victories, only one came against a team finishing the season with a winning record (2016 LC was 6-5). That's not designed as a shot at Cathedral, in any way. My point is, Cathedral was crowned the best team in 4A or 5A 5 times during those seasons. So no, there are no Indy area 3A or 4A teams who could compete for a title in 6A.
  12. That's interesting information. Sagarin has this as a potentially lopsided game, but it would seem that is "fake news" as this is not the same Marian team that lost four games. For their part, the Braves have really improved over the course of the season, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Stuffing West Lafayette on a 1st and Goal from the 3 really set the tone for the rest of the game. I am really looking forward to tomorrow night. Semi-state is my favorite week of the season. Best of luck to both teams!