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  1. My prediction Columbus East 49 Kokomo 7 Columbus East scores quickly and often with 42 points in the first half. Great season for Kokomo just don't think they are on par with Columbus East. Kokomo's offense will struggle to move the ball leaving their defense on the field far too long.
  2. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Snider has speed but meaybeva little less than Warren Central. They might have been able to put up 20 points. As good as Ben Davis' offense is their defense gets overshadowed. This is a very good Ben Davis ten in all facets of the game. Penn keeps it close through the 2nd quarter and then the Giants pull away!
  3. Prior to the State Championship game Terry McLaurin had 52 catches 862 yards receiving 7 TD's (the other 2 WR's for the Irish Whigham 45 catches 695 yds 5 TD's and Saum 50 catches 695 yds 7 TD's). He also had 671 yards rushing on 74 carries 4 TD's. The Irish did have a very good RB in Caleb Cross who had 153 carries 1,190 yds and 16 TD's. On defense McLaurin wasn't placed at a LB position to make tackles, he played DB to cover receivers but it was few and far between http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/news media/2013-14/201314FBMedia.pdf In the State Championship he game he had 6 catches for 91 yds 1 TD / 3 carries 79 yds 2 TD's and 1 Interception (his total yards in the State Championship were 196. Which put him at 58 catches 953 yds 8 TD / 77 carries 750 / 486 KO return yards / 92 Punt return yds totaling 2,281. I agree Guerendo deserves to be in the conversation, but I think it is Reese Taylor's award.
  4. Keep in mind Terry McLaurin not only have Receiving yards, but he also had rushing yards (they would line him up at RB). He was also an extremely dangerous punt return man and kickoff return man. They did use him on Defense on occasion too.
  5. Head Coach at Brebeuf 1988 (2-7) Head Coach at Cathedral 1989-2001 (122-38) 4 State Titles (1 3A and 3 4A) Head Coach at North Central 2002-2006 (19-25) Head Coach at Cathedral 2008-2017 (99-39) 6 State Titles (4 4A and 2 5A) Record at Cathedral 221-77 (no losing seasons) Record overall 242-109 Former Cathedral coaches (assistants or head coach that are still coaching) Mic Roessler (HC Brebeuf), Bill Peebles (HC Lawrence Central), Jim O'Hara (HC Eastern Hancock), Doug Armstrong (Asst Coach Mt. Vernon). No idea who will be in the conversation just throwing out names of former coaches that have been at Cathedral.
  6. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Sad day for Cathedral High School and one of their players family. My prayers and condolences go out to the Rodgers family!
  7. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    I actually do NOT think this will be the most lopsided game in State Title games. I think the 5A Columbus East vs Kokomo will be the most lopsided. I personally think Penn will keep it close early, but Ben Davis will pull ahead and win by a comfortable margin(similar to the Ben Davis vs Avon game). Penn is a solid well coached football team that plays with a lot of pride and heart. So when I say Ben Davis will win by a comfortable margin I mean that as no disrespect to Penn, Ben Davis is very talented and I think there athleticism will blow the game open.
  8. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Ben Davis is not just a passing team they are the most balanced team in Indiana (2,889 yards passing 35 TD's / 3,554 yards rushing 47 TD's) Carmel was not an Offensive team what so ever, they have totally been reliant on their defense this year. Carmel averaged 19 points per game. Ben Davis is averaging 46 points per game. Penn is an outstanding football team with a great defense and they will play hard. They may keep it close for a little bit, but Ben Davis will pull away. I still say Penn's Offense will have to score 28-35 points to have a chance to win this game. There is not just 1 weapon for the Ben Davis offense or 1 guy to stop. Both of those games that Ben Davis was trailing and ultimately pulling away to win were the second time Ben Davis had played those teams. Those teams had already played Ben Davis once before, and both of those teams had the best speed to try and match Ben Davis' speed. While Ben Davis only beat Lawrence Central 33-20 and Warren Central 36-29 the second time they played them, the first time they played them they beat Lawrence Central 42-7 and Warren Central 45-16. It is very difficult to beat a team 2 times, let alone a team that is very familiar playing you every year.
  9. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    I wouldn't compare Carmel vs Ben Davis to Carmel vs Penn personally. Ben Davis vs Carmel is a rivalry game.
  10. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Reese Taylor stats this year: 197 comp 274 attempts 2,810 yds 35 TD's 7 Int 126 rushes 668 yds 14 TD
  11. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Carmel and Ben Davis are 2 different animals when it comes to Offense. If Penn holds Ben Davis to 14 points I would be floored. My initial thoughts are Penn will need to score more than 28-35 to have a chance to win the game.
  12. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    He had no more carries than the other games he was limited in. He was used as a decoy in the play action pass TD and other plays. 14 carries out 44 plays is not very much. is Tyler Thomas going to play anywhere at the next level
  13. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    The gloating comment wasn't directed towards you. I'm not sure if it is an ACL or not. It is definitely a knee injury though. I hope he gets healthy quick to Bama is in need of a Center and he could step in very quickly if healthy.
  14. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Emil will be tough to replace no doubt about it! They will have some big players on the Oline without a lot of experience. It will be interesting to see how they develop. They had really good seasons out of their JV and Freshman. What about HSE do they have some young players returning with some experience. I know HSE will be interesting since they will have a new Head Coach.
  15. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    They did play in those games. Hall was a 4th string RB so he saw more limited carries. The majority of carries went to Cissell. The back up QB played in several games as well. Both QB's Purcell and Edwards were Sophomore QB's still in the learning process. The Irish have a pretty good LB/DL that returns next year too that is out with an injury in Hagerty he is a very good football player. Playing a tough schedule can help you with competition, but it can also play against you with injuries. There are pro's and con's. The Irish have been going through injuries the last 2 years and have developed some good depth because of it. Regardless injuries or not even a 100% healthy Cathedral team would not have won that night with 5 turnovers against a great Columbus East team.