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  1. You are 100 percent correct on the elegibility issues that could happen. Most home school teams have a board that approves players so they can limit the issue. But you always have to put the creditabilty of the game above possible issues. I know when we played at the National Tournament in Florida that issue was brought up. We have to be above reproach in these matters.
  2. As a Coach who has been involved in Home School football I completely agree with how the IHSAA handles our type of teams. if you run a good program and follow all the rules that the IHSAA puts out to all teams then your program can be very successful. I do think it's awesome how many IHSAA teams we have been able play over the years. It has really helped us when we went on to play in the National Tournament in Florida. I just appreciate all the help we have been able to receive. I know when I reached out to other coaches they have always been awesome.
  3. KDETS89 Some of the Staff will be from within Trinity. I know the Crimson Knights will remain in the Greenwood area. There are permanent ties to the school and we are trying to lay a really solid foundation so the program will be very solid going forward.
  4. It is a program that will include home school students and students who attend a school without football. The goal is to be able to work our way to IHSAA in a few years. We need to build the foundation, then when the number of players from Trinity are solid then start the program. We have a six year plan that we are working to make this happen. We will also help the Home school players and players who attend a school without football to continue playing as well by helping them set up their program. I know we are filling our schedule now. We will be young but it should be fun.
  5. Osceola Home Schhol

    I coached the Crimson Knights homeschool team (Listed as Southside Homeschool on John Herrell) the last few years and we played them twice. The last game was week two last year at Trinity Lutheran, Ty Biller is their coach and a really good guy. they have about 30 kids on the roster and play mostly spread. They played Indianapolis Howe Week one last year as well.
  6. I was at a Varsity game tonight and the other team ran a Center sneak. Now, I thought I was pretty up to date on the rules but this blew my mind. The Quarterback was under center and when the ball was snapped the quarterback just touched the ball. He DID NOT take the snap and the Center ran forward from the three yard line and scored. I saw the tape and I could not believe it. I know the coach of the team that lost the game (By less than 6 points) and he ask how it was legal and the ref said as long as the QB touches the ball (any touch at all) it is ok!!! I looked up the rule and it does not appear to be legal. AM I wrong... I thought the QB had to have possession of the ball????
  7. I coach the Crimson Knight Home school team and we had Dugger week 5. I talked to Steve Hall the other day and he still felt like they had a chance to field a team. From what I remember the Dugger FB team had the Deaf school, Noblesville Lions ( club team), Traders Point and a few others. On the North Central schedule of WRV. I think the WRV team is a club team, they are part of the league in the area. Scott County used to do that also until they got their team this year. We played their middle school team a couple years ago. Hope that helps..
  8. Home school players

    Trojanmp52 I can see that happening if the player or parent thinks the player might get a look from a college scout or to play at a 5A or 6A level. Most of the teams we played were 1A. But most big schools have feeder systems and run the same offense and defense so the Home school player would be behind the other players a little bit.
  9. Home school players

    SR1, You are correct.. There are three homeschool teams in the state. They are located in FT Wayne, Noblesville and Southside of Indy. I coach the Southside team (Indianapolis Crimson Knights) and we played 8 IHSAA teams last year during the regular season. We played teams as far south as Tecumseh and as far north as Wes Del. We played a team in Illinois during Indiana's week 10. We have not lost any of our kids to the new Home school rule yet? we might be losing our first this upcoming year.