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  1. Summer Rules Info:

    There is one exception to the competition days and that is the IFOA scrimmages held in June at our clinic. It doesn't count as one of the 5. I will see Coach Nowlin there. I think we have enough teams scheduled to be there, but if anyone else wants to participate, please send me a private message. We do sometimes have cancellations. This year's clinic is Saturday, June 23, at North Central HS in Indy.
  2. Not sure about J. Everett Light or Central 9, but other career centers offer classes in engineering, computer science, biomedicine, nursing, broadcasting, and business. They aren't just auto body and cosmetology.
  3. 2018 NFHS Rule Changes

    The definition of pass already exists. It ends when it is possessed or is incomplete. So it's a little longer than "just after throwing a pass" which is how the current rule reads. The "or the passer moves to participate in the play" part would only apply if he moved before the pass was completed. Those are some pretty short time frames. There must have been examples though where people argued the targeting took place later than "just after" but before the pass ended. I got a little more information on the equipment one. The 5-yard penalty for equipment issues goes away. Stop the clock and send a player out for at least one play. After the next play he can come back in if the equipment issue is corrected. If he plays with an equipment issue then send him out for at least one play. If you discover after the play he's not legally equipped, send him him for one play. The 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct foul is for wearing illegal equipment (i.e. illegal spikes). I have another question about other illegal equipment like bicep bands. They can usually take care of that quickly on the field with no penalty.
  4. He should go to school where he wants to go to school and get his officiating license while he's in school. He can work 5-6 hours on Saturday while his buddies are still in bed and make $300 per week. If he really likes it he could pick up some middle school or JV/freshmen games during the week. If that starts to work out he could also get on to a varsity crew. He'll be the envy of all his friends working fast food or retail and making half the money and working twice as much. Once he graduates, and he wants to stay involved with football he can get into coaching and become one of the most knowledgeable coaches when it comes to the rules. Or if he still wants a life outside of work, he could continue with his officiating and maybe think about working at the collegiate level. He's already got 4-5 years of experience so he's ahead of most guys that start this well into their 20s or 30s. He would start at D3/NAIA and then work his way up to D2, D1, and possibly the NFL. It's not easy to advance like that, but starting at a young age gives him a much better chance. Thanks for teeing that up for me. Good luck to all the guys going through that decision process.
  5. The press release for rule changes is out. There aren't many this year. https://www.nfhs.org/sports-resource-content/football-rules-changes-2018/ In summary: Sending a player out for at least one down if they are found with illegal equipment - we need some clarification on this one Tack on option for live ball fouls by the kicking team during the kick - there aren't many of these anyway; ultimate goal will be to reduce the number of re-kicks Clarification of when a passer is defenseless; as i read it, this would extend the time a little longer after he throws the ball but not significantly Changed signal for most dead ball fouls on free kicks (i.e. not enough players on either side of the kicker or pop-up kick)
  6. Because the hold is essentially preventing a sack. The penalty is not enforced 13 yards from the previous spot. It's enforced from the spot of the foul. So neither is fully logical, but we can correctly track the actual penalty yardage this way. Maybe the -3 isn't a run loss but it's captured some other way. If the runner loses 5 yards and there is a hold at -3 you would enforce from the end of the run and record a run of -5 and penalty of 10 yards. If the runner loses 1 yard and there is a hold at -3 you would enforce from the spot of the foul and record a run of -3 and penalty of 10 yards. It would be consistent to do something similar on a pass play. Or we could greatly simplify this for the stats guys and enforce all these penalties from the previous spot. :)
  7. That may be a part of the issue from a stats perspective then because in NCAA the penalty is enforce from the previous spot if the foul happens behind the LOS and/or the run ends behind the LOS (i.e. a sack). It would probably make more sense for you to do the -3 yard run even if it's a pass play. I don't know if that would cause you to treat it like a sack though on passing plays. I know this was up for consideration at this year's rules committee, but I have no idea if it passed. I guess we'll all find out in 2-3 weeks. I'm a huge proponent of it, so I hope it does eventually pass. The enforcement is a lot more complex this way and the NFHS rules committee tries to avoid complexity if at all possible.
  8. Why do you think it's such an extreme foul to include the loss of down? How is it more severe than holding or an illegal formation. What if it's caused by a receiver incorrectly covering an otherwise eligible receiver and that covered receiver goes downfield? Should that have the same penalty? I'm not disagreeing. I'm just asking for some rationale. From an official stats perspective does it go down as a run for -3 with a 10-yard penalty? If the run ends with a 5-yard loss and you have a hold 3 yards behind the LOS, you enforce from the end of the run so it would be 1st and 25. Would that be a 15-yard penalty from a stats perspective? What if it's a 30 yard run and the hold happens 23 yards beyond the LOS. You end up with 1st and 10, but I assume it's considered a 23 yard gain with a 10-yard penalty.
  9. Titans QB pass play

    Is the passer an ineligible receiver?
  10. Why Is There A Shortage Of High School Officials

    This sure isn't going to help with our recruiting efforts. http://www.kansascity.com/sports/high-school/article193795999.html
  11. Pretty low threshold now for taunting. What are you seeing that's not called? Eliminate all low blocks has been on the rules proposals for a couple years. Based on this year's survey I assume it's on again. Low blocks are pretty limited already in HS compared to other levels.
  12. Rule 7-5-12: Ineligible A players may not advance beyond the expanded neutral zone on a legal forward pass play before the last pass which crosses the neutral zone is in flight. If B touches the pass in or behind the neutral zone, this restriction is terminated. An ineligible is not illegally downfield if, at the snap, he immediately contacts a B lineman and the contact does not continue beyond the expanded neutral zone. Definitions are key in the rules, and I highlighted the critical words above. The first one is expanded neutral zone. It's defined in rule 2-28-2: The neutral zone may be expanded following the snap up to a maximum of 2 yards behind the defensive line of scrimmage, in the field of play, during any scrimmage down. The next two are where the legal forward pass must cross the neutral zone for this to apply so a pass caught behind the LOS wouldn't apply or a backward pass or an illegal forward pass (i.e. intentional grounding). I also bolded the "in flight" part to show where the timing applies. I hope that helps!
  13. Linemen are allowed in 2 yards in HS. And the key error most people make is when the limitation ends. They can't go more than 2 yards before the ball is released. As I mentioned on the officiating forum there are many times where it looks like the lineman is 3-4 yards downfield or more, but when the ball was released they are still within the 2 yards allowable. It's a pretty tricky call to make with the RPO offenses because there are several different factors in different parts of the field the covering official has to make largely due to the timing - where is play A when player B in a different part of the field does something?
  14. Rules Ideas

    Agree with fbofficial. Although on RPO plays the linemen usually don't pass set so you don't usually have a pass read. The tricky part of this is the foul occurs when the pass is RELEASED. The U is not looking directly at the QB when the pass is thrown and may be watching a different blocker who is engaged legally. He has to realize the pass has been released and immediately determine where the linemen were when the pass was released. It's somewhat tricky to catch that. I've been burned a couple time flagging it thinking the lineman was at least 3-4 yards downfield (they get 2 yards before it's a foul). When I saw the video I realized the lineman was still within the 2 yards when the ball was released but got to the 3-4 yard range pretty quickly and I was fooled. That's why I am even more careful now I don't pull on that too quickly. I key on the linemen and when I see they have gone more than 2 yards I take a quick peak at the QB. If the ball is already gone I don't flag it. If he throws it after that then I have a foul. Using that mechanic I've found I've been right almost every time. The good news is I haven't thrown a flag when it wasn't a foul. There have been a couple where I probably could have flagged it, but it would have been really close. In summary, it's somewhat tricky to get for an excellent official. I expect you see a lot of inconsistency both ways with average officials. I do know that most of the time when I hear coaches complain about not having a flag, video shows the lineman was fine when the pass left the QB's hand. I would just work with the officials and understand how the play is officiated. I hope that helps.
  15. Alabama vs. Georgia - Who Ya' Got?

    Very excited. Two Indy guys working tonight! The other is a Michigan transplant though so we only can partially claim him. Both of these guys have given a lot back to Indiana high school officials. We are very fortunate to have 5 active and 1 retired NFL official in Indiana (1 in Fort Wayne and the rest in Indy metro) plus 5 B1G officials (I think I counted them right), 1 MAC official, and several MVFC officials. Most of them worked high school games in Indiana earlier in their careers. You all probably complained about them on this site.