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  1. Do Upsets Occur In The All-in Format?

    This is why I think many people hang on to the all-in random draw. The game you mention was #51 over #41. Teams near the bottom hope they draw another bottom team so they can win a "playoff" game. But it's also possible they draw the 8-1 team in the sectional and they go through the motions to finish their season.
  2. Parents travel all the time during the day for swim meets. My HS's CONFERENCE games were all 2-3 hours away. They are traveling 5 hours for their first playoff game next week. It can be done. It's just different.
  3. New "Trick Play" in NE Indiana

    It looks like the guys standing are still on the LOS. But it does appear the kicker and at least one of the linemen are communicating with the sideline that there is an issue with the play called. That's what would make this one a foul in my opinion.
  4. New "Trick Play" in NE Indiana

    Calling an audible or giving linemen instructions is not a problem. The examples of a problem are things like yelling "wrong ball" or "where's the tee?" Communicating with the sideline that you are missing a player or need the play call again would indicate there's a problem. Someone should send this to Robert Faulkens for an official interpretation.
  5. I heard from a few more friends. I was even more wrong than I thought. Of the 24 states represented, only Indiana and Texas have no mercy rule. Both do allow a running clock though at the agreement of both coaches. 35 points was the most common trigger point, and 7 of them were 40 or more. Only 7 revert back to regular timing if the score falls below the trigger. All that replied did say they stop the clock for time outs and most stop for injuries and scores. Only 5 stop for penalty enforcement and 2 stop for first downs. Most only apply in the 2nd half, but there are 2 that consider it in the first half as well (Arizona/Colorado)
  6. Change in punt coverage mechanics

    I'm OK with the proposal, but I don't see the current mechanic as big of an issue. There aren't many punts in HS that go more than 30-yards beyond the LOS. I don't believe the L is expected to be behind the returner so don't get in too big of a hurry to get downfield. Once you realize there is a fake or a block, you can react. I don't understand how you say the L doesn't have the sideline because that's where he is. He won't always be in a perfect position, but he is still there. The fake or block happen rarely so I'm fine with covering it to the most likely scenario. With 5-man there will be holes on many plays and this is just one example. You'll have holes with either mechanic, but I don't see the current mechanic as a major issue. Your mechanic works as well though.
  7. I sent a note to my contact and heard back from several. All 14 said they have some form of mercy rule. I guess my 50/50 was a little off. Half of them implemented at 35 points. The rest were either 30 or 40-45. A couple didn't share the point difference. All but one applied in the 2nd half only. Minnesota doesn't implement their mercy rule until the 4th quarter. Georgia makes it the option of the losing coach in the 3rd quarter, but it's mandatory if the difference is 30 at the beginning of the 4th quarter. If the difference doesn't reach 30 until sometime in the 4th quarter, the mercy rule doesn't apply. 60% that replied indicated they do revert back to regular timing. Minnesota only does it if goes back under 30 (their trigger is 35). Wisconsin only reverts if it gets back under 35 in the third quarter. The clock changes varied, but for the most part it would stop for time outs, injures, and after scores. In some cases the clock would start when the ball is kicked on a kickoff rather than when it was legally touched.
  8. Jet Sweep/Pass/Fumble

    It doesn't matter if the pass is thrown underhand or overhand or a "push". A pass is intentionally giving up player possession with the hand going forward. If the pass is not caught it is incomplete. Based on what coaches have told us that's a very intentional thing so they don't risk a fumble if the pass is not caught. It also prevents them from throwing a second forward pass, but that is not part of the play design. If he hands the ball to the runner then it would be a fumble if dropped.
  9. Based on the guys I've talked to around the country I estimate it's about 50/50. Most are similar with the only difference being the point total and when it can start. Some do revert back to a regular clock when it drops below that point total. I think it's Connecticut or Rhode Island that would suspend a head coach for one game if their team won by more than 50 points. I'm not sure if that's still in place.
  10. Licensed Official

    Are you concerned a game was officiated by non-licensed officials? I understand that has happened in the past. The home team is responsible for that and can forfeit a win if they used unlicensed officials. They generally assume all officials on a crew are licensed.
  11. Licensed Official

    There is nothing public. The IHSAA has a directory and officials can access a directory via Arbiter, which is a membership management tool used by the IHSAA.
  12. You don't need to be licensed to work most youth and middle school games. But I would highly recommend doing that first. Every official will tell you they thought they knew the rules, but until they start preparing for the licensing test or take a training class from a local association, they realize they have no clue. We all get most of our rules knowledge from announcers so first we are getting knowledge based on NFL and college rules. Plus the announcers generally don't know the rules well either. If you were to go out and try to officiate a youth game, you will struggle without making a concerted effort to learn the rules. If you do take the test but fail (national passing rate is around 50%), you are considered probationary and can work freshman/JV games, but not varsity. The training classes usually have 100% pass rate as long as you attend. The starting point would be to take a local training class. They are usually held in the summer. You can reach out to any of us here, and we can put you in touch with the local association. You do need to register with IHSAA in order to get your rule books and take the test. There are fees to get started and maintain your license/certification, but you get that back once you start working games. The other benefit of joining the local association is you can network with guys who assign those games and get on their lists. You can work as much or as little as you want based on the current supply of officials. I'd love to help anyone who wants to get involved. I do sense we have a lot of recent grads (last 10 years) so you are a perfect age to get started. But also realize you are never too old. As long as you can still move well you can do it. We had 70-year old guy get licensed a few years ago.
  13. Pay may not be great, but it's not terrible. Actually for a college student you can make pretty good money. Work 4-5 youth games on a Saturday morning while your buddies are sleeping off their hangover and you'll get out of there with $200-$250 for 4-5 hours of work. That's pretty good running around money. You probably aren't studying or doing anything else productive at this time anyway. And if you find out you love it, you can pick up some sub-varsity stuff during the week and possibly varsity games on Friday night. Then when you graduate you have a head start on a great avocation. The Indiana Sports Corp will be hosting a clinic the day before the Big Ten Championship in December for high school and college students who are interested in learning more about officiating. I'll post details once they are finalized.
  14. If there were 165 crews last year then 30+ did not get a game. It wasn't a motivator for the IHSAA moving the 6A bye week to week 1, but it alleviated any pressure they had to fill all the games. If we get down so low to not have 130 crews the regular season will be a much bigger issue than the playoffs.
  15. This is a very logical system. Even if you just took the current sectional lineup and made those the "conferences" for the purpose of season scheduling. Most teams would have 7 games predetermined and 3 others they could schedule traditional rivals or teams from other classes that fall outside their sectional. Then you still have the opportunity for "All Conference" honors. And the 3 non-conference games would not be direct factors in playoff qualification. They could possibly be used as tie-breakers if needed though. Seeding would be based on conference record which is a round robin under this system. If you keep the same number of teams in 5A/6A either continue to have all those teams in or maybe do 3 of the 4 with #1 receiving a bye. Playoffs could be #1 from one section against #4 from another section with the higher seed hosting. That way you reward teams who were successful and create more traditional tournament advancement. One primary argument for this is the sanctity of conferences affiliation. We have had so many games rescheduled the past few years because a conference realigns so they aren't very stable today. Another argument would be distance for some schools for conference games and earlier rounds of the tournament could be longer. That's a legitimate concern that would have to be calculated. With this structure though I see the positives outweighing the negatives. It puts a lot more meaning and excitement into the regular season. Play on the field would help determine qualification, seeding, and home field. Teams that succeed on the field get rewarded in the playoffs. No computers, strength of schedule, schedule manipulation.