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  1. This game will be a great one, just the type of game you hope for at the Semi-State level! We know Pioneer has team speed and some serious stand out players, but having seen MC up close, they are very disciplined, strong, and have several kids with more speed than you realize. Their offense can attack multiple ways and the offensive coaching staff is very good at using formations/alignments to create numbers and match-up problems. Their defensive line uses their hands extremely well and are very physical. They did struggle against the wing t run by Shenendoah in their only loss. Whoever comes out of this one will be well tested for the title game!
  2. it must be miserable to be so bitter all the time.....
  3. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts....
  4. Number's 28 and 42 on that 8th grade group ran very well. Execution looked very sharp. Our 7th grade won 22-6. That group for us has several speedy kids, but very little size. We were able to get to the perimeter. Your offense would have probably scored more, but had some trouble with the snaps. #32 for you is a beast. Someone said he is only a 6th grader??
  5. I was there Coach Nowlin. Your 8th grade group played very well. The little QB does a great job running that offense!
  6. From TL in College - Mac Gardiner likely on the 2 deep for Junior year at Wabash. Caleb Page at Franklin for his freshmen year, going to do very well there. Matt Bonnell starting his freshmen year at Hanover.
  7. Just a little insight...sometimes scheduling is not as easy as it seems, especially with conference shuffling. We were left without a week one game late in the scheduling cycle. The only other open game was a school over 3 hours away. Whiteland was much closer to this school and Jeff was much closer to us. We welcome the challenge and it should also be a decent gate.
  8. I'll just pray! At least we got through half of it last year....
  9. I know its early, but I wanted to get the date out for this year's Twin Lakes Shootout for 2015. The date this year will be Saturday, July 25th, 2015. We are located in Monticello, IN. We have space for 16 - 7on7 teams with it being $65 entry fee for each team (limit 15 players per team). We will play 3 round robin games, have lunch, then have a single elimination tournament. Everyone will play at least 4 games (30 min. running clock). Lunch will be provided. We try to group teams with teams that do not play during the season and with similar enrollment size for the round robin section. Competition has been good the last few years. We have space for up to 20 linemen teams, limit to 5 players per team. A school can enter more than one linemen team. $25 per lineman team. This will consist of 10 events. If interested, contact Twin Lakes Head Football Coach Justin Gardiner - jgardiner@twinlakes.k12.in.us
  10. Wyatt Johnson (#24) from Twin Lakes signed an offer to play at St. Ambrose (Iowa) yesterday. A couple of our other seniors are still deciding on where to go play. Who else from our Conference has guys going to play at the collegiate level next year?
  11. Very pleased with the number of post season honors garnered by our conference (All-County Teams, Area Teams, All State teams) and know that there will be more accolades to follow. It reminds me how fun of a challenge it is to coach against top quality players and teams each week. Its going to be even stronger next year!
  12. I played with Adrian Frederick at Wabash, and he was a heck of a player. He's an example of someone who may not have been the big time standout in high school, but developed himself at the next level. If you saw him his freshmen year at Wabash and his senior year, you wouldn't have recognized him. Also, I think he set the record for picks in a season. Played against Cortland Booker as well, he was a good one too and had a nice career at BSU. This is a tough discussion, so many different ways of looking at it. If you look at high school alone, obviously N. Zachary, Kiger, and Lancaster come to mind. Overall, there's a lot more successful college level players to consider, few do it on the stage DA is on right now though. Just my 2 cents
  13. The coaches know pretty close to what the schedules look like, but I forgot, you got it all figured out from the outside there chief. I don't care if he mention us or not, that's not my point. My point was he's not the kind of guy interested in sending messages or whatever you wanna call it, and that you made a pretty far stretch for that one. Second point was to quit making everything about LCC.
  14. My guess is Coach Mannering mentioned who he did and omitted others because those were names off the top of his head that he may be playing in his division or as cross divisional games in the first few years of the new HC....no need to get sore cuz the group you apparently live through didn't get mentioned (not everyone's world revolves around LCC bro). I know Coach Mannering pretty well and he just coaches his kids and doesn't ever worry about "messages" or other crap like that. You'll find few Coaches as straight forward as that guy, and that's why he wins (or is barely competitive by some people's definitions).