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  1. It is still to early in the process
  2. http://www.bishopdwenger.com/Data/Accounts/Files/1/Varsity_FB_HeadCoach.pdf
  3. Application requests information for the Head Coaching position, has been posted on the Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger H.S. Website; since November 29, 2017: bishopdwenger.com , or you can click directly on the following Link: http://www.bishopdwenger.com/Data/Accounts/Files/1/Varsity_FB_HeadCoach.pdf
  4. This whole replacement process will be conducted by selection committee. It's doubtful, that this committee's work has already begun, or officially, has it been formed. More then likely sooner then later. The position opening will need to be posted first, on many different media sites and clearing houses, whereby, all interested candidates will be informed to inquire about the qualifications, and then render an application, accompanied by a resume, with references.
  5. It is quite obvious, that neither team, so far, is playing at their best. What will the second half bring? Surly the strategy adjustment, along with the usual pep talk, should inoculate both squads to pick up the pace.
  6. Joe Tippmann, has an Official N.D. Visit this Saturday, November 18th. Just in time for the NAVY Game
  7. Those baseball fields, are not on the Bishop Dwenger High School Property. Those are a portion of the Fort Wayne community Schools complex for Northwood Middle School, which is across the road from Dwenger. Dwenger is on the South side of East Washington Center Road, and The public middle school, is on the North side of the street.
  8. The plans for the new downtown event center, as of this morning have been scrapped. All of the reasoning, for this cancelation have yet to be stated, but more then likely, it will come to pass, that the cost of development, and construction would be just too expensive, and also, no one can guarantee how well it would be supported once completed.
  9. There is one other component to these school football programs, contemplating, the how and why to install synthetic field turf. While it is a very expensive proposition, the thought of not doing it can be, over the long run, a headache of annual patch jobs, of reseeding, fertilizing, and the constant need for watering. On the Bishop Dwenger practice field, for example, before the installation of sports turf, for many years, the Athletic Department, contracted with a landscaping and lawn service firm, to bring the surface back to life, after the close of every season's annual beat down. The school's maintenance department, just didn't have sufficient wherewithal to be as proactive as need be, for keeping the surface in a usable condition. That is when the outside services came on board. At the beginning of each August's Practice season, the natural sod turf was just beautiful, and it held up better then most until about mid-season and just slightly beyond. After, that, everything was just at the whim of mother nature, for how long the clumps would form from sod being torn loose, of mud holes would develop around the vicinity of each irrigation system's sprinkling head. Snow and Ice late in the season, would also become a negative factor for damaging the surface even further. Hence come's a family, whose generosity, as they peeled off the 'big bucks', to rehab everything, and make synthetic sports turf a reality. Some surly are aware, Cathedral H.S., in Indy, has synthetic sports turf surface on the practice facility, but they don't have their own game contest stadium, and over the years, have shopped around to contract stadium rentals, for more then one specific site throughout their season. Dwenger has played them at the U of I, Lawrence North High School, and even some years back, at the Butler Bowl, and of course Lucas Oil Stadium.
  10. IHSAA Approved; Media Broadcast and Online LIVE STREAM Outlets CLASS 4A Host: Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger 11/17/17; Contest at Homestead H.S., Dave S. Walters Memorial Stadium Lowell vs Fort Wayne Dwenger 1 Region Sports Webcast (3) 2 SummitCitySports (YouTube, 'LIVE' Streaming Video) 3 WJOB-AM/FM 4 WKJG-AM 5 WRDF-FM (3) 6 WTMK-FM (3)
  11. I'm so sorry, you had to reach down so very deeply into your pockets, to find a derogatory religious insult for displaying  your misunderstanding of someone's religion, and or, its practices. Why such prejudices? The Roman Catholics around the Fort Wayne vicinity, and also numerous other Indiana Counties, are under the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend.  The chair of the Diocese is the Bishop, and that seat is in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, in downtown Fort Wayne. There is also a Co-Cathedral, of St. Matthew, in South Bend. The Arch-Diocese is located In Indianapolis. In the 'Region', the Roman Catholic Diocese in headquartered in Gary, Indiana.

  12. Not so long ago (by that, I mean some season back) on the Eastern side of Zollner Stadium, the powers to be, had for one specific game, moved a smaller set of bleachers, from the baseball facility (directly to the Southeast) up next to the permanent football stadium bleachers, when an oversize or a SRO fan base following, was being expected to attend.
  13. Not that it should make a big difference, but rain is being forecast for Friday evening, in our neck of the woods. And since the game is being played on a beat up natural sod surface, rather then synthetic sports turf, each team will be experiencing the same atmospheric conditions of what most likely will be muddy. If the game would have been played at the University Of St. Francis' Bishop John M. D'Arcy Stadium (Kevin Donley Field), the surface is synthetic sports turf. The needle on the meter. for deciding which place to play, was made on a few different factors. The USF stadium has really great seating on the home side, but not so much on the visitors side. There is some pretty good seating above the football program's weight room which also houses the visiting team's locker room, behind the South end line. Concessions are mostly nil, with the exception of college game day food trucks. Before any high school game can be played, temporary wider width hash marks have to be painted in every five yards. So at Zollner, the seating is better suited for H.S. football and there are concession stands and restrooms on both sides of the stadium. Also, USF has an NAIA Quarter Final HOME football playoff game on Saturday at noon; -VS.- Benedictine College of Atchison, Kansas