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  1. Park Tudor cancels game vs Speedway

    Think the game you are referring to is when they played Guerin Catholic the first game of the season. Had several injuries, a student almost had a heat stroke, and ran out of ice.
  2. Building Explosive Strength???

    No question that the cleans are the best lift in the weight room for explosiveness. The problem becomes whether or not you have someone who is teaching proper technique and whether the lift is getting done right.
  3. Please avoid posting "rumors" of possible changes. If you have a link to a story to verify a change, that is fine and welcomed. But rumors of possible moves is not always a good thing. No one knows where they start, and some district administrators do read this forum. We really want to avoid any of them being surprised about a move. That also includes rumors of possible hires, for the same reasons. Speculate all you want as far as a good fit, but avoid posting any he said she said type comments, unless you are the person of interest (the coach). Thanks for understanding. Straight from the Top
  4. When I played, I got the privilege of having two sports with Coach Willen, both football and track. Very awesome individual. I'll always remember him putting on this goofy hat and grabbing his broom when we would sweep an event in track.
  5. * Week Eight Scores *

    Edinburgh 28 Wes Del 26 Edinburgh with a TD pass as time expired.
  6. Week 1 Scores

    Edinburgh 20 Brown County 21 Lancers up 20 to 0 at half time.
  7. Concussion Survey

    Only time I was ever knocked unconscious was when we were training in the gym doing medicine ball relays and we were all a little to close and caught an elbow to the upper part of my eye. Guess that knocked me out and I busted my head on the floor and required stitches. Luckily it was in the offseason but I was on restricted sleep and had to sit in a dark room for a few days. Even playing through college I think that may have been my only diagnosed concussion.
  8. 2004 beating Ben Davis 27-26 to go on to semi state! Better than both state games! 2. Penn state 3. snider state 4. Beating Cincy Elder
  9. that was a fun game, wc 2000-2004 football 01-05 school
  10. Jeff George was the first overall pick in 90 played at Warren Central