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  1. Good trade for the Colts. There’s a good chance Chubb will fall to 6, if not there’s more room to trade back. Or they can afford to reach a little on a linebacker or receiver like Calvin Ridley. My pick would be Nelson at 6, but can’t really go long if there’s someone you really like. Need to get 3 quality starters in the first 3 rounds this year
  2. Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    Really like what they're doing to build around Trubisky. Big target in Robinson (might be overpaid), solid speed guy in Gabriel, and a very athletic tight end in Burton. Plus they most likely keep their secondary together? And still have a number 8 overall draft pick? Solid offseason so far in Chicago.
  3. I get not overspending on Norwell, Solder, Malcolm Butler, and some of the top level WR's that are getting overpaid. However; guys like Anthony Hitchens, Carlos Hyde, Isaiah Crowell got contracts that were more than fair for the team signing them and are guys the Colts could use to fill some really big holes. And with the current state of the franchise and the Andrew Luck situation weighing heavily on the fans minds it might not be a terrible idea to overspend a little on a guy who can come in and be a difference maker on the field and in the locker room. I'm all for primarily building through the draft, but when you don't want to sign your own players back and you don't want to spend $ in free agency you are taking the long road to a rebuild. If you roll your cap space over to next year you will only end up overpaying then instead of saving anything in the long run. Too many holes for this team to only build through the draft. Still time to make some decent signings this FA period, but if they continue to just sit on what they have they will need to wake the fans up in 3 years when they are competitive again with Ten and Jax who are getting better now.
  4. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Don't see HB taking any kind of cheap deal. He and his agent have both said they feel he could get more $ if he were to be cut by AZ and he wants to be paid like a top DB in the league. P Brown would be a solid signing though.
  5. So long and happy retirement to Joe Thomas. A true ironman. Never started a season 1-0. Had 20 different starting QBs in his career. Never on a winning team. Never missed a rep until his last season. What a player.
  6. 1A Football

    What's his speed like? I've seen him in the state finals the last 2 years and he seems to have plenty, but just curious what his numbers are
  7. Well at least 1 of those moves, if not 2 appears to be out of possibility. Sad to see Solder go, but understand not paying up the way the Giants appear to be. Nelson is a guy I'd really like to see them go after, but it looks like he has 3 other visits already set up. In Bill We Trust
  8. Nelson would be a great fit in New England, but they need to make sure Solder is coming back before they go after anyone else. Have also heard that Amendola was asked to take less money to clear some room for Suh to sign with the Pats. If they are able to resign Solder, get Nelson and Suh, and potentially resign Rex Burkhead I will call it a successful offseason. Still don't understand what the Colts are doing...
  9. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    I agree, the Giants will take Barkley at 2. However, Chubb running a 4.66 with a very impressive 10 yard split only solidified him as the pick for the Colts if you ask me. Almost identical time to Myles Garrett last year and a much better motor
  10. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Ballard said yesterday that the team's first priority this season is to sure up the offensive and defensive lines. This makes me think they are leaning towards Chubb with the 3 pick. Smart Move. I would expect them to go after a running back in free agency to pair with Mack. Isaiah Crowell, Rex Burkhead, Legarrette Blount, and Jeremy Hill would be names to watch IMO.
  11. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Gore averaged 3.6 a carry and only scored 3 TD's last season. He's a good pass blocker that helps make up for your terrible O Line. Great. You can get that from Marlon Mack and a 3rd round draft pick this upcoming year if you have position coaches that are worth a rip. Greggy needs to get over his feelings and realize it's the NFL; a cut throat business where winning is what matters. Gore isn't going to win you any games at 35 years old playing behind a crappy O Line on a crappy team. Let him have a chance to go be a back up for a winning team somewhere.
  12. Bill Belichick

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.yahoo.com/amphtml/sports/college-coaches-reveal-bill-belichick-grinds-like-no-nfl-coach-draft-season-235044163.html good article touching on the subject of Belichick’s success as a GM
  13. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Agreed. No way Philly should even think about trading Foles until Wentz is fully back and shows he is at least very close to his former self in a game. Wentz got hurt in December, so Foles will probably end up starting a game or 2 next season so his value should stay pretty high.
  14. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    I don't see Gore coming back to Indy. I would imagine he will sign with a competitor to try to make a Super Bowl run in his last season or 2. New England is always in play for running backs they can get on the cheap, but I would also look for him to be interested in places like Seattle, Tennessee, or Green Bay. He wouldn't/shouldn't start for any of those teams but could contribute and have a good shot at making the playoffs. As for the Colts making a trade in the draft I think it will rely on which QBs are on the board at 3. I don't see anybody trading much to move up for Baker Mayfield or Josh Allen. Denver and the Jets would be ideal trade partners for Indy IMO because they don't need to move too far back in the first round i.e. Arizona at 15 or Buffalo at 21/22 to name a couple other teams who are in the QB market. Would be very interesting to see Darnold or Rosen on the board at 3 and see what kind of moves Denver/NYJ would be willing to make. Free Agency will determine a lot as well since there are a few decent options available this year that might back teams out of trading up in the draft.