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  1. I agree, I would think all SB Schools would want an even playing field, no pun intended. We just all know that this is a game changer when the fight for the top athletes in SB select a HS. Especially when one SB school is extremely struggling keeping their program alive.
  2. I see this as a huge can of worms for the SB teams. Who gets to play on it? Riley and Clay were ok playing on Clay Field and Jackson field, but now, those teams will want a share of the new field. With the constant fight for SB Athletes, it's a huge upper hand for Adams and Washington school of choice.
  3. Extra bleachers are being brought in.
  4. New Prairie has an open JV date for Monday 10/09/17. Contact Coach Gumm at bgumm@npusc.k12.in.us
  5. The rule was removed a couple years ago by the IHSAA. Due to many schools starting school so early.
  6. New Prairie is looking for a 4th team to join their scrimmage set for this Thursday 7/27/17. Currently it will be New Prairie, Michigan City and North Judson. We will rotate teams after 20 Min Offense and 20 mins Defense. We also encourage you to bring freshmen and JV players. The New Prairie Touchdown Club will be feeding all players and coaches after the scrimmages. If you are interested, Contact Coach Gumm 574-876-0806
  7. NIC 2015

    You are correct, I like how the NIC will handle All Conference voting, all the more reason to have a balanced division.
  8. NIC 2015

    Having been included in one meeting early on, the division was split due to enrollment figures, with the exception of St Joe, they elected to move to the other division. But with the ever changing numbers in the SB schools, it may never be accurate, but that is splitting hairs. The conferences are nicely divided and fairly equally matched. Rivals are still kept.....let's move on and have fun.
  9. NIC 2015

    Not sure why all the discussion on why NP is not playing Penn, or why the remaining NSC schools wanted to join the NIC. I can only speak from a New Prairie perspective, it was a great move for us ( at least in football ). The way the conference was divided was in the best interest of the schools involved, and gives each school a legit shot at winning a conference title. To speak of the "smaller school" division when you look at it, New Prairie, SB Washington, SB Riley, Jimtown, Bremen, Glenn, and Marian. All schools that have had some success over the last few years, but yet for some, didnt have a legit shot to win some conference hardware. Now I know what you are thinking, and NO, conference hardware is not the prize that we all shoot for, but it does help when building towards the post season. Speaking on post season success, this is exactly why it is a great move for New Prairie. Many years in the post season (including this year) we tend to struggle against teams that can do multiple things against you, and have the athletes to back it up. In the NSC, with the exception of the teams that are now in the NIC, teams would try and spread you out and throw the ball, but just didn't have the athletes to pull it off, or due to a lack of numbers, they would just run basic stuff to try and compete. Depth was usually their biggest issue, too many players going both ways. I had felt for years that we weren't preparing ourselves for the post season as much as they were preparing themselves. Biggest example of this in recent years, is when a 9-2 NP team lost to a 1 win SB Washington team. Washington may of only had 1 or 2 wins, but they were battle tested. So back to the original question, why won't NP play Penn? I believe it is simple to answer, Penn coaches are intelligent enough to think the same way we are, and that is , what is going to prepare us for the post season? For Penn to play any of the former NSC schools would not help them in the post season, largely due to the fact they we don't always carry enough depth to give them a game on a regular basis. Now would it benefit us to play them? Absolutely!! But due to the many games that we would like to keep on our schedule, including non-conference rivalries, it just isn't going to happen. Does New Prairie feel they can beat Penn? Probably not in our best years, but would gain great experience. That is why hopefully we will always keep them on our freshman schedule. There has been some games that we were forturate enough to make it back on our bus, and there has been some great games between us. As for what I think the new conferences will bring all schools are new rivalries, with increased gates. I will dare to bet that fans will be more app to go see a Jimtown/Washington game, then 2 quarters of watching the Penn Starters. On the flip side, let Penn keep their rivalries, and add games that will excite their fans. I'm not sure where I read that New Prairie doesn't want to play Penn or Mishawaka because they want to keep their "gimme" games, obviously hasn't seen our 2015 schedule. Laporte, SB Clay, Andrean, then we begin conference play......no gimme's!! Last thing I will say about the new conference is that I like it for football, worried about all other sports, but it's time to take it up a notch or get beat!!
  10. Who is this impostor !!! I want Buck Laterai back!!!
  11. Our defensive line coach uses it daily in SOS drills. Very good drill for taking on cuts and getting you hands on people.
  12. Grant Williamson (committed to Ball State April 14th) 6-4 275, OL/DL, New Prairie High School, New Carlisle Indiana
  13. The New NIC

    Enjoy reading this blog, not usually compelled to comment but the discussions regarding "gates" are pretty far off base. I believe the NIC will really enjoy the gates that come along with the four remaining NSC schools. Since my main experience has been with football, I will speak of this first. Now I am not disrespecting the SB Community schools, but New Prairie has played many of them several times over the years and there is no comparison to the number of people sitting in the stands. Successful seasons or not, the New prairie student body travels very well, and parents are in those stands. Now have a successful season and the entire community comes out to support our kids. I believe St Joe witnessed that at the sectional championship, when the crowd was overflowing and visiting stands were full 30 minutes prior to kickoff, then filled the remaining home stands. What a great football atmosphere!!!! Has that happened when playing many of the other NIC schools? The NP vs Marian game was an outstanding atmosphere also, TV 46 Game of the Week, and quite possibly the longest night ever. The game ended at nearly midnight due to weather delays, but the fans remained. Speaking on behalf of the other remaining 3 NSC schools, they are all very similar to NP when it comes to community support and all travel very well. Trust me, you also will enjoy traveling to Knepp field and Bunge stadium and to John Glenn. All great football atmospheres!! Some great new rivalries will be formed.