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  1. Eastern Hancock Coach

    I would love to see Jimmy O return to some capacity at Cathedral. He's had a lot of physical problems in the last 10 years or so but there's nothing wrong with his football mind!
  2. Congratulations to Reese Taylor! It's an honor well deserved! Congrats also to Cathedral's Emil Ekiyor and Hugh Davis !
  3. Peebles to Cathedral

    IMO, there are some folks who are just craving attention in this thread. Some are quite notorious in this respect. We shouldn't feed them. AMEN!
  4. Peebles to Cathedral

    Coach Peebles would have been my first choice, so I'm quite happy. I went to school with his dad and the Peebles legacy at Cathedral is immense. I'm glad it didn't take long to name a successor to Rick Streiff. Is it August yet!!!!!
  5. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2017/12/02/markese-stepp-decommits-notre-dame/916731001/ I have no inside information about why he's made this decision.
  6. I wouldn't get your heart set on Cathedral joining a conference anytime soon.
  7. Is it August yet!!!!!
  8. You are correct as usual. Coaching high school football hasn't made many, if any, rich folks.
  9. Your crew did a fine job Saturday!
  10. It's a fact that Cathedral doesn't pay its coaches more than the township and surrounding schools. Cathedral is a private school and accepts any student that is qualified, whether an athlete or a member of the band.
  11. I hope all had a very blessed Thanksgiving. Food and football, you just can't beat that!
  12. That would be a good choice, imo. Also I hope Johnny O'Hara gets some consideration. That's a curious observation, imo?
  13. I'm surprised and yet not surprised at Rick's retiring. I wish him nothing but the best in his future, whatever that may be! http://gocathedralathletics.com/2017/11/21/streiff-ends-amazing-run/
  14. Stepp didn't start the game, if you would have noticed, because he wasn't up to par! You need to thicken your skin and move on to Kokomo! No excuses, just facts!