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  1. Markese Stepp

    IU had more total offense than Purdue. Your point, in addition to showing that you didn't really understand the thread, doesn't even hold up. Merely a deflection. Nothing personal, just facts. More psychoanalysis doesn't help. Trying to ascertain my mental state is making it personal. I have called you on this several times, yet you continue to do it. I see it as you raising the white flag of surrender when you try to psychoanalyze. That will be my last post on the subject. Apologies.
  2. Markese Stepp

    The argument is lost when the name calling begins. Did not think you were the thin skinned type, Disappointing
  3. Using the phrase "gaming the system" in the same nebulous way you said Peebles was "escorted from the school grounds?? Hyperbolic nonsense with no basis in facts. I can only assume you want to appear as a dolt. Otherwise, no one would post such ill-informed non sense over and over.
  4. Markese Stepp

    Honestly thought your response was DT shifting the goalposts. You completely misinterpreted my post about Purdue's OL. In no way was I trying to disparage them. You must not have followed the conversation thread because this would have been obvious if you had followed the convo you would have seen that I posted the info about Purdue's OL to compare them with what DT had erroneously said about IU's OL. But instead, you enlightened us with a deflective post about how Purdue's OL did against IU's Defense. Blather..... Upon reflection, I am not surprised that you jumped in the middle of conversation with understanding what was being discussed. It is a common trait.....usually followed with some sort of crude message board physchoanalysis that really "drives your point home".
  5. Markese Stepp

    Now the goal post shifts to IU's defense. Jones stats have gone down each season he has been at Purdue. More uninformed blather.
  6. Markese Stepp

    Except your bad analysis was about: 1. IU being undersized - Debunked 2. IU's OL consisting of 2 star prospects - Debunked. You should do you homework rather than shift goalposts.
  7. Markese Stepp

    Purdue's OL consists of 2 Three Star prospects 1 Two Star prospect 1 Walk on 1 Grad Transfer from a crappy 1-AA school. IU's OL consists of 4 Three Star prospects 1 2 Star. Bad analysis
  8. Markese Stepp

    So it really has nothing to do with them being short or undersized. If you say what you mean, you will avoid looking like an uninformed message board gnome. To each his own. I suppose some still get some jollies by posting drivel.
  9. Markese Stepp

    IU OLINE 6'5" 305 6'3" 310 6'3" 305 6'4" 305 6'5" 305 Ave. 6'4" 306 ------------ CLEMSON 6'5" 295 6'5" 325 6'4" 315 6'3" 290 6'2" 340 AVE: 6'3 3/4 313
  10. Not so. Nor do I call others cute little nicknames. You have derailed another thread. Time to move on.
  11. Key word...vaguely. LOL When all is lost...go personal.
  12. Focused On DT's original post on "How to feed at the trough as a high school teacher at Highland". You are throwing all kinds of crap against the wall. Non of it sticks because it is vague, anecdotal rigamarole and doesn't apply to DT's original post.
  13. You have shifted from a discussion of an Indiana High School teacher trying to game the system by working 70-80 hrs a week to vague nebulous talk of Chicago administrator and teachers. More goal post shifting. Your inability to stay focused adds nothing.