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  1. Dwenger at Angola

    Zollner paid for golf course at Trine, not the field at Angola HS.
  2. Sect 42 final LCC @ Pioneer

    Southwood's field sits in a valley between the High School and White's Institute. No wind.
  3. Dwenger at Angola

    Maybe, but that wasn't my point. My point was that NorthWood's coach made a philosophical decision to not kick this year so them kicking a field goal was a moot point.
  4. Dwenger at Angola

    1 sectional game versus Logansport. Very similar scenario.
  5. Dwenger at Angola

    Northwood doesn't kick extra points, kicking a field goal was not going to happen.
  6. Dwenger at Angola

    What happened to the smaller Tippmann kid?
  7. Dwenger at Angola

    Beware of the Frozen Tundra. They club baby seals and harpoon polar bears up there. #iglooLife
  8. 4A schools remaining

    CMA had FG blocked in regulation. Game went into OT. CMA scored first in OT and missed PAT. Angola scores and makes PAT to win. Great game between two well coached teams and kids that played with passion over 4 plus quarters.
  9. Sharpe is not as tied to SB/Elkhart as you might think.
  10. Zach Prairie out at KV

    I think the Principal that worked with Stewart retired.
  11. Zach Prairie out at KV

    Will there be a Principal willing to run interference from the micromanaging community?
  12. NLC 2017

    The Greg Farrell Years
  13. The guy offering excuses moved his kid out of Glenn and to LaVille.
  14. HNAC Week 9

    The weight room is top shelf, or it was the last time I was in the building. 3 years ago.
  15. https://alc.viebit.com/player.php?hash=gyLoJnJMzWUB Approximately 2:06 mark. Looks like #7 pulls the Laporte kid down. He was giving the "Who ME?" body language after the play.
  16. Week # 8 in the N.I.C.

    They found a way to keep NP under 500 yards of offense. You can't hold every team to 50 yards of offense.
  17. NLC 2017

    Edgewater is now called the Lakehouse.
  18. 1A Week 6 Look- In!

    The summer after his sophomore year?
  19. 1A Week 6 Look- In!

    11.3/11.4 Speed
  20. Deonte Craig #44 - Culver Military - Soph. 6'3" 220. Best prospect I have seen this year.