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  1. When Dugger was being closed down, the students were given a choice to attend either North Central or Sullivan. Here's a news flash: some of them decided to go to Linton instead and athletes weren't the only ones. Think I'm making that up? There was a big article about it in the newspaper. Linton doesn't have athletes who play on their sports teams and at the same time, attend a different school. Big difference.
  2. SWIAC 2017-2018

    If you are talking football, the "guy who coaches" North Central is Travis Nolting. Or are you saying Pherson was the basketball coach and now the football strength coach at Columbus East?
  3. Linton at Barr Reeve

    I don't know how it works now either. When I stated this thread it showed Barr Reeve as a one point favorite. Today it shows Linton is the favorite by a LOT. LOL
  4. SWIAC 2017-2018

    I think you could probably get votes for Medora being the worst boys team. They lost last weekend 80 - 7 to Springs Valley. Yeah, that's 7 total points for a game! North Central may not be a very good team, but I don't think they are THAT bad.
  5. Linton at Barr Reeve

    Don't shoot the messenger. LOL I was just passing along what I heard a coach say. Nothing more. I agree it is way too early in the season and time will tell. This game and the Wabash Valley classic will tell us a lot more about how good this year's Miner team is. In 2013 that Bowman Academy team had a couple of D-1 recruits on it. They were talented and very athletic. Linton stayed with them for 3 quarters but I think they got a bit tired in that fourth quarter and Bowman pulled away. It is difficult to maintain a high energy level for 4 full quarters.
  6. Linton at Barr Reeve

    Heard an opposing coach say they felt this was the best team that Coach Hart has had while at Linton. That is saying something when you consider the 2012 - 2013 team played for the state championship.
  7. Linton at Barr Reeve

    I've heard an opposing coach say that Linton's bench could start for most area teams and that they have no significant drop off when substituting. I can't say for sure, just passing along what I heard. I know they (the Miners) have several good shooters and defenders. I would agree it is hard for anyone to go into Montgomery and get a "W" let alone get one by double digits. Then again, I was a bit surprised at the game last weekend against Vincennes Lincoln (double digit win). With the Vikings and the Miners playing solid defense, you have to expect it to be a low scoring game. If it is, that probably favors the Vikings. As I said, "it should be a dandy!"
  8. Linton at Barr Reeve

    I think this is the first time I've posted on the basketball website. I'm usually all about football. Didn't see a topic for this game and thought it should have one. Maybe it won't get many posts but wanted to say how big of a game this is this early in the season since it is a big test for both teams. Barr Reeve is ranked #1 in the class 1A polls and Linton is ranked #3 in the 2A polls. Both are undefeated. Barr Reeve is a one point favorite according to Harrell's website. Who will take care of the ball? Both defenses can put a lot of pressure on an offense, so I am expecting a fairly low scoring game. I'm thinking whichever team scores 40, wins. Should be a dandy!
  9. Bucket Game

    It's all good, southend. And my "oh well" comment wasn't a shot at IU. I pretty much meant, you can't go back and change anything once the season is over. They screwed the pooch by not winning the Michigan and Purdue games. I believe those were 2 games they should have won. Allen needs to sell new recruits on building something at IU and them being a part of it. Other than that, it will pretty much be as you say: IU will be at the bottom of the list (in more ways than one). Until IU starts winning 6 - 7 games per year for a few years in a row, they are going to be staying home every year during bowl season and will continue to get 2 and 3 star recruits. Still need a head coach who has been a head coach and not some coordinator. I'd like to see Allen kept as the defensive coordinator though. I think the defense is the most improved part of the team in the past couple of years.
  10. Bucket Game

    Just saw the bowl list for all 40 games. IU isn't in any of them. Oh well.
  11. Just an observation, but I would imagine it's harder to keep track of that in a wing type offense.
  12. Man, someone needs to take a Midol.
  13. Congrats again to the Raiders! Now Linton has to play a state champion on their schedule for the fourth year in a row. (2015 - North Vermillion, 2016 - Monrovia , 2017 - Ritter, and now 2018 - Southridge). Next season, sectional 40 will more than likely be strong again. Can't wait to see the 2018 Indiana Digest and find out who everyone has coming back.
  14. LOL You should try again. Do something "novel". Tell the story from the football's perspective. That would be different.
  15. This is the very reason I would never make a good official (well that and now I'm way too old). I'd quit the officiating part and become a spectator on the field. LOL I don't need a dog in the fight to appreciate good play. I have always liked high school football that much. I have attended several state finals when I really had no team to support. I recall being in Florida in the 1980's and saw a state championship game with the final score of 92 - 14! It was the two best teams in the state (ranked 1 and 2 in the polls and both undefeated). I don't recall the losing team but the winner was Pensacola Pine Forrest. They led 49 - 7 at halftime and already had 3 running backs over 100 yards rushing. It was THE most dominant performance I have ever seen by a high school team.