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  1. Haven't heard a peep yet on how the team will look this year. Anyone got anything? Who will be the starting qb? I am thinking it will be Dyer.
  2. Any news out of Linton?

    I wonder who will be quarterback this season. Dyer?
  3. Jack Kiser Commits to Notre Dame

    Very possible. Nick Zackery played in 4 while at Sheridan unless I am mistaken.
  4. Jack Kiser Commits to Notre Dame

    Oops, my bad.
  5. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Haven't posted in a while. Just wanted to comment on how well Ballard has done with the offensive line this off season. Of course my comment is purely speculation, but talent wise, the line has improved dramatically over what it has been the past several years. I think the Tight End group got better with the acquisition of Ebron and loved the pick of Hines at running back. I believe he will be a Sproles type of guy for the Colts. They are going to use him all over the field and probably as a returner on special teams. He isn't all that big but man is he quick! Have heard he is already Reich's favorite toy on the offense. And Luck is actually throwing a football. Only a few more weeks until camp starts! Lots of promise for the Colts this year.
  6. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    New head coach, new strategy? With the hiring of Frank Reich, I wonder how the draft and Free Agency will go this year? It seems last year there was a lot of defense chosen/signed. I'm reading that the defense is going to be "blown up" somewhat and changed again this year. We NEED an edge rusher badly. Rather than draft a newbie in Chubb, I've seen a few names on free agency lists that might fill the need: Demarcus Lawrence (probably will stay in Dallas), Zeke Ansah, Detroit, Alex Okafor, New Orleans, Julius Peppers, Carolina. All of these players are proven edge rushers. I would argue why draft one and have to develop him when there are several available with experience? With 80+ million in cap space, they could easily sign one. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. With the third pick, I would take Barkley (if he's there). He is a once in a generation type running back and would step in and make an impact from day one. If the Browns pass on him with the first pick, I'd grab him up at #3. All things being equal, the Colts running game would be in good shape for the next 8 - 10 years. I'm not hearing too many warm, fuzzy things about Luck. I said it last year and I'll say it again this year: I think he's done playing. I've heard rumors he needs more surgery, but there is really nothing they can do for him. So there's that. I also said it won't surprise me if he ends up retiring. IF that happens, then I guess the Colts will be looking for another quarterback. Ah, the drama of it all.
  7. Jack Kiser Commits to Notre Dame

    Saw this young man play in back to back state title games. You could see a big difference between his junior and senior year. Although I am not an Irish fan, I wish him great success in his career.
  8. 2A Football

    My guess was Dyer. He is more like Meurer and Cox as far as the running game goes. I don't see the MIners changing their offense any time soon so I would imagine he is best suited to start. Then again, he would be killer from a wingback spot again. I had a chance meeting with Coach Oliver at the 1A state final game back in November and asked him if Dyer would be the QB next season. Of course he replied that the staff would look at who they have and make the decision later. I didn't press him on anything. I think there are a couple of scenarios that could happen, but the Miners will probably stay in the Wing T offense and for the past few years, the best running back on the team has been the QB. On a side note: this will be the fourth consecutive year the Miners have played a defending state champion on their schedule. The previous three were: North Vermillion, Monrovia, and last year, Ritter. Looking forward to an exciting year in Linton.
  9. 2A Football

    Any rumors coming out of Linton yet like who's going to be the QB this year? I have a guess who it might be. It was tough to replace Meurer last year but Cox did a really good job. Now that Cox is graduating, I'm wondering who steps up and keeps the winning tradition going for the Miners. Southridge will have to replace their QB also, but have a stud running back returning. Southridge, Linton, and Mater Dei all being in a top ten says a lot about that sectional. I said last year that the state champ could come out of that sectional and Southridge won it all. Could see the state champ out of that sectional again. Should be a great season this year in 2A.
  10. North Davies...

    It will take time, but I hope he has success with the Cougars. They've been down the past few years. At this point, the program could use a shot of "new energy".
  11. 2A Sectional 47

    Well that was quick. Linton got behind and had to play catch up and couldn't quite get there. South Knox was a team on a mission and now that they thrashed Eastern Greene, they are sectional champs. Best of luck in the regional!
  12. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Well the coaching staff is set for the Colts now. I guess the next step will be Free Agency. Ballard still says he is building this team through the draft so I don't expect too much excitement from any signings, but you never know. I saw that Ansah (Detroit) and Lawrence (Dallas) got franchise tagged so they aren't on the market. So in that regard, I think it's looking more and more like the Colts will draft Chubb with their third pick. They NEED an edge rusher. I know they drafted Basham last year, but he didn't 'do well in the 3-4 defense. Eberflus is changing the defense to a 4-3 so maybe Basham will have a better year. And who knows? Maybe Chubb and Basham will turn into the next Freeney/Mathais duo. And no I haven't forgotten about Sheard. He'll be in the mix too for edge rusher. I've also heard Nelson's name being dropped as the third pick (offensive lineman from Notre Dame). From what I'm hearing, this year's Colts team won't be close to what it was last year. Still don't have a warm fuzzy feeing about Luck coming back. I think Brissett is a good backup. Hopefully he won't have to start many (or any) games this year. Also think Quincy Wilson will have a good year at CB now that Pagano is gone. Getting Hooker healthy and back will be a big plus for the secondary. Still going to be thin at CB though.
  13. 2A Sectional 47

    That depends on what your definition of "unknown" is. Weren't they suspended just before the Linton game? If so, you can look at their record up to that point and see how they were. I'd say even with those players, the point differential is close to being correct. Whether people like it or not, this sectional is Linton's to lose. They will have to play REALLY poorly to lose it. Weird things have happened before I guess. It's a shame they drew South Knox in the first game. IMO they are the best 2 teams in that sectional. I also believe one of the best wins that the Miners had this year was at Vincennes Lincoln on the second night of a back to back. That game was expected to be close and Linton won by what? 16, 17? The thing that really gets me about a Coach Hart coached team is they get a bit of a lead and normally will never lose it. Reminds me of Dean Smith back in the day at North Carolina. They got a few point lead and then went to a four corner stall. Of course, that was before the shot clock. It was exasperating to watch!
  14. 2A Sectional 47

    According to the current Sagarin ratings, Linton is an 11 point favorite over South Knox, 20 point favorites over Mitchell, 23 point favorites over Eastern Greene, 24 point favorites over North Daviess, and 43 point favorites over North Knox. Having played (and beaten) all of these teams except Mitchell during the season, the closest game was 15 points (South Knox). Linton finishes their season this Friday at home against Sullivan. This should be a good test right before the tournament. The Golden Arrows are a solid ball club. On a side note: After last night's win over West Vigo (76 - 41), Coach Hart needs 2 more wins to reach 300 in his career.
  15. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    I'm curious to see what happens with Foles You know he isn't staying in Philly now. Wenz is "the man" there and should be back healthy. Foles just won a Super Bowl so I would expect he'll get paid by some team needing a QB. Maybe Arizona?
  16. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    LOL Sad, but pretty close to the truth! Ballard did say it's a 3 - 5 year process. After only 4 wins, it' a bit difficult to wrap your mind around that. However, the Colts did have quite a few injuries last year. To qualify why I mentioned Ansah's name: he had 41/2 sacks in 10 games before the injury. There IS promise there. Of course I'd want to see what he can do in a workout, post surgery before I'd talk with him.
  17. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    I too am enjoying this conversation. I like hearing (or reading) everyone's perspectives on what the Colts should and/or should not do. While none of us have a real knowledge of what the front office is thinking, it's still a good read and in some ways educational. I guess I lean towards drafting Barkely with the # 3 pick because he's an extra blocker to protect you-know-who. That's one thing that Gore has ALWAYS been great at and that's blocking and protecting his quarterback. That's one thing I will be sad to see go whenever he decides to retire. I'm thinking he has probably one more year left. I really don't see Mack as the back of the future for the Colts. He really isn't an every down type of back. I won't be totally disappointed if they take Chubb at #3. Who knows? It could be that he and Basham become the next Freeney/Mathais duo. That would be something. I read an article that had a mock showing the Colts taking Smith out of Georgia with the #3 pick. Don't see that happening, but again, we have no clue what Irsay, Ballard, and now Reich are thinking. Anyone have any insight on the OC that Reich hired? Forgot his name. LOL Siriani? Or something like that.
  18. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Understand what you are saying. However, there are 4 or 5 quality edge rushers hitting free agency this year. I guess you could count out Lawrence from Dallas as it's already rumored they will franchise tag him. However, Ansah from Detroit, Okafor from New Orleans, and even Julius Peppers from Carolina (although he's getting old) are free agents and all proven edge rushers. Since an edge rusher is a need on the Colts defense, I just don't have a warm fuzzy feeling handing that to a rookie. But then again, I guess you can't "home grow" one without going through the growing pains.
  19. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    If they draft Barkley, oh hell no he won't be returning kicks. LOL I get what you are saying about the need of a Chubb, however, as I said, Barkley is that once in a generation type player. The Colts need a running back for the future and Mack isn't it. I think this will be Gore's last season so (I say) grab your guy while he's there. No matter who drafts him, Barkley will be an impact player from day one. I still think they can get a really good edge rusher in Free Agency. Chubb may have been a star in college, but we both know in the pro's it's a different animal. It takes most of those edge rushers a couple of years to get the technique down and polish their moves. Mathais and Freeney didn't start day one being the force they were. It took a while. At one time, they were the best tandem in the NFL. Again, those once in a generation players ended up on the same team. That's hard to do these days since players move from team to team for the $$. And maybe, Chubb will be that kind of guy. I'd still rather have someone who's proven at the pro level in that spot on the defense. With the amount of money the Colts have in cap space, they SHOULD get some quality bodies to fill some of their needs. Last year Ballard went on the cheap (sort of). This year I expect him to open up the pocketbook a little more. Should make for an interesting FA period and draft. And, as always, enjoy the discussion(s) with you Fishduck!
  20. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    You give them a LOT more credit than I do and you are a Pats fan. I'm just hoping they can get back to .500 this season (with or without Luck). I have to disagree that Barkely isn't worth a high draft pick. As I said, he's a once in a generation type back. He can run, catch, block and even return kickoffs and punts. The guy was already an NFL back in college. Most college backs can run, but have to develop the blocking and/or pass catching after they get in the NFL. He's already got all of that down. That's why I believe he's worth a very high pick. Normally I would agree with you, but not in his case. Have seen on some mocks that the Browns are projected to take Barkley with their #1 pick. I'd still rather go after a proven edge rusher in FA than draft Chubb that high. He will still have to be developed. Not too many defensive linemen make All Star their rookie year so if they DO draft Chubb, I'm not counting on much from him this year. Just saying that bringing in a rookie at that position, he'll probably get abused for a while. The Colts need an edge rusher and need one NOW. I'm just wanting to see some of the injured guys get back on the field and stay healthy for the Colts. One big name that comes to mind is Hooker. He had what? 3 picks in his first four games last year and then got hurt. His upside is unlimited in the Colts secondary. I want to see what he can do playing a full schedule and what impact it will have throughout the defense. Yes, the offensive line needs help. It's an old story with them. Most Colts fans have been saying that for the past 6 or 7 years. Maybe this is the year the Colts front office gets it right. I really wish the Colts could get Lawrence away from the Cowboys, but Dallas will probably stick the franchise tag on him. He's a beast! It may be nice that Chubb is a good run stopper, but the Colts REALLY need a guy who can get to the QB. They need that sack artist who commands double teams freeing up someone else to get the sack. Right now, Chubb is an unknown. With 80+ million in cap space, the Colts should be big time players in FA this year. I just hope they spend it wisely.
  21. Man this really *%#!?*s for Eastern Greene. They had turned the corner. Hopefully this doesn't set them back into the "dark ages". Best of luck to Coach P.
  22. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    As if Colts fans need any more reasons to hate the Patriots. LOL It would be karma if the Pats lose Brady next year to injury. I would never hope anyone gets hurt. Just saying, it would be karma. Mickey Dee is getting more money, you can bet on that. I feel sorry for the guys he had contacted for assistants at Indianapolis. What about them NOT getting jobs? He has affected quite a few people with his actions. I have to wonder IF Luck isn't going to play again next season and that was part of why he waffled on his decision and bailed at the last minute. It appears it was a pretty classless act. Personally, I didn't care if they hired him or not. Just another coordinator trying to be a head coach. They need to coax Cowher out of retirement. LOL
  23. AGAIN?!? McMahon is a business man. He must need a big tax write off to make another attempt at this disaster. It appears he didn't learn the first time that the mighty NFL is king sheep of the football world. I don't think he has enough gimmicks up his sleeve to sway millions of fans over just to watch a sideshow. Then again, there have been football players become "wrestlers". So I guess it follows...... wrestlers becoming football players? I suppose it's no dumber thought than his taking on the NFL (again). Whatever, dude.
  24. Bill Belichick

    Haunting thought: was Belichick outcoached in the Super Bowl? Seemed like he had no answers for the Eagle offense. Other than 1 punt, the Eagles did pretty much whatever they wanted to. I can't recall seeing another team do that against him (Belichick) for an entire game. At least the past decade or so.
  25. Bill Belichick

    Going to play devil's advocate here. If he is THAT great, then why wasn't he successful at his previous HC job? He is only as great as his "situation". Let him take over the 49ers job or the Bears job and let's see how great really he is. He has an owner that gives him what he wants and they both seem to be on the same page (and have been for a long time). Remove that element, and he isn't in the "greatest" conversation any more. If a coach is truly great, then he will succeed no matter what team he is running. My feelings towards the Pats has always been this: their scouting system is the greatest. It isn't about Belichik or Brady. Look at how many key guys they lose in FA (or injuries) year after year and yet they just "plug and play" with no real dropoff. No, the REAL greatest is their scouts. Best evaluators in the business. That is how they stay on top and why they have played in so many AFC Championships and Super Bowls. I would say that Pittsburgh is second greatest (scouting department). That is what separates those 2 franchises from the rest of the league.