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  1. NLC 2017

    Oh yeah...saw NR grad Issac Zickafoose play for Bluffton today....just as big of a stud as I remember! Garza from Wawasee kicked the ball well for us! Love getting to see our conference represented for 4 more years!
  2. NLC 2017

    Nobody here is anonymous except you! We have all been posting for years on this thread! Try making some valuable, insightful posts about your team, and the conference first...earn some respect from the elders here! You cant just come in hot and expect not to get blasted! I dont give 2 shuckss what anybodys real name is...these guys love football and their warriors that play it on friday nights for their entertainment! They love their communities and enjoy talking football...you are more than welcome if thats what you wanna bring to the table...if not go troll elsewhere! They all know what kid and name I represent...I take that into consideration on every post...I suggest you try to do the same! GO IRISH!
  3. NLC 2017

    Some real jackasses on here these days! Hats off to NR! Didnt go to game, but listned from mid 2nd qtr on...in the last 4 yrs NR hands down defends the option better than anyone in NLC! sounds like our D did what they could with what they were giving from a field position standpoint, and as I said...cant have 7 turnovers and win games! Wish NR the best moving forward and know Plymouth will learn and move on! Im off to Ohio to watch my favorite player!
  4. NLC 2017

    2 keys to the game for us.... keep turnovers to a minimum (5 last year against NR) and offensive line play! I like our qb, but he has fumblitis now and again! When pressured, he gets a little careless with the pigskin! With that said, our O-line has been pretty stellar so far this season...if they keep that level up, it will be hard to stop our ground game! Our defense is doing their thing, and dont see that stopping this week! I would agree, the better a team is at passing the better their odds of scoring..not that we are bad in the secondary, just feel our D is built to stop the run! Good luck to you all, and enjoy the weekend!
  5. NLC 2017

    I smell carni's...must be Warsaw week! Have only been to the EN game, but listened last week on radio for a bit and like whats going on in Ptown. Our defense doesnt weigh 115, but can move like they do...no concerns there! Offensively if you guys prove you can stop the run game with the 3 backs then the qb will be a factor... wouldn't surprise me to see power football instead of option, and take the decision making stress off the young fella! Good luck to you all, and enjoy the holiday! Disclaimer: above statement of qb is not saying he is the starter... I have no idea! My inner circle isnt there anymore...lol!
  6. NLC 2017

    Looking forward to watching the Rockies on the new turf...looks fantastic! The 2017 squad is gonna do some good things, especially the D... a lot of varsity experience on that side of the ball. I think the offense will take care of their end if (my 1 armchair for the year) we can pass the ball efficiently, and maybe a little more often! Our inability to do so last year kept us out of a few games. With a young QB it's understandable, and no doubt will make him better with age. With top notch facilities, great coaching staff, and plenty of boys returning.. hard not to be optimistic for a great year! Be a little tough not seeing #34 in the middle but I guess that's what Saturday is for!? Enjoy the rest of the summer, and cheers to what I'm sure will be a fantastic fall!
  7. Sectional Assignments

    Maybe we should drop the season opener for a team that will give us a game, and better prepare us for a sectional run!
  8. Sectional Assignments

    That's how Plymouth likes it. Keep the fans happy, but get the basketball players back in order to get ready for the new season.
  9. Standefords brother was my brother in law for years and was privileged to watch Johnn in college and his brief run in the NFL. Great guys! Is he still big 10 leading receiver in yards I believe it was?
  10. NLC 2014

    Whole heartedly agree! Just gave an opinion on next year which seemed to be the topic... Whether it was written poorly or spun my intention was not to discredit THIS years team! We both know the pads not the dads do the talking!!! Lol.
  11. NLC 2014

    If we win conference and a sectional title next year are we considered better? Whats the measuring stick in your mind? Thats what was in my mind when I so regrettably typed the word better! I apologize for having confidence in my team and not using my words correctly. And I did say "not REPLACE but fill the void" big difference between the two!
  12. NLC 2014

    one more tid bit of info for you numbers guys These seniors went 2-7 as freshman...junior class 7-2....sophomores 7-2.. im sure a few years ago when they were freshmen a lot of people thought there would be a "drop off" in talent too and look what happened! One of the 3 best teams in Rockie history(heard that at the football banquet monday night). Backerfan remind me again if you were there!!! So again I will say.... the talent is there!
  13. NLC 2014

    Played for Barron as well, coached in his program, and know the seniors on a personal level.. hell even made dinner for a few of them! It troubles me that you think im diminshing anything. Ive been part of the rockie program for a long time kid, got more blood sweat and tears in it than most can say in this town! lets just agree to disagree here and continue to cheer and respect the program that we so dearly love!
  14. NLC 2014

    What a bunch of tools! I have watched this senior class since they started their football careers as 7/8 yr old boys. You come to one or two games a season or if we happen to be playing your team and have the balls to say im disrespecting them! I am not unintentionally doing anything to discredit anyone of those boys they were great leaders and great players! I am as sad as anybody to see them move on! I guess ill be more clear on what I meant about next years squad. You have 14 letterman returning 10 of which will be in their 3yrd year as a starter and 4 that will be in their 2nd. Expierence goes very far at the high school level(just ask NR) and thats all im saying! It is absolutely crazy for anyone on here to say I was bashing my own team. No secret my son is an underclassmen and I am proud, but let me make clear that he stood right next to that ILB, right behind that NG, and right in front of that S on defense on the field and would take a bullet for anyone of them!!!! What those 3 taught him through their examples and dedication to the program will trickle down for years to come As far as talent goes.. who here other than the coaches and the people that have been around these kids since day one knows how much we have and if we are "dropping off"! You monkeys saw a healthy team all year that didnt need to dip into the depth chart all that much! I guess its fair to say that unintentionally the 14 letter winners returning next year are being disrespected for their contributions to the Rockies success according to your logic. Only time will tell and in the big scheme of things none of our opinions really matter anyway! As stated in previous posts Barron will make the most of what he has! I ask that you keep your words in your mouth and ill do the same. Look back through what few posts I have submitted...not a salty word to anyone or any program! Wishing a Happy Holidays to you and yours!