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  1. C&P All SW Indiana Team

    Congrats to all that made the squad, very deserving! Big congrats to Coach Buening and Jayce Harter.
  2. Sunshine, seems like we get a couple kids each year that move in and play basketball. I think in the middle school, it's something 32 total 7th and 8th grade football players. 33 kids came out for 7th grade basketball. Crazy Back to GS-HH!
  3. What is going on here? This thread was hidden on page 2!! Let me get you guys going again.... HH will never be the same again without Coach Clayton and Forest Park having football. GS is only good because of Toyota, and really it's a farce because the conference is weeker nowadays You know it. We have ALL kinds of kids moving into the corporation for football. Now, basketball on the other hand, is a different story!
  4. You were definitely close on your prediction!! Kudos to the Titans. They are as good as advertised. It was 14 to 0 with about eight minutes to go in the second quarter and the wheels fell off for the Rangers. Couple turnovers the Titans scored in just a couple plays each time. The Ranger offense struggled to move the ball, obviously, as you can see from the stats. The defense did have some stops early on, but could not keep up the pace. Best of luck the rest of the season to Gibson!
  5. I'm calm, I promise. I did read from the beginning, it was how many points are scored on FP, how many passes are thrown and how not to run up the score. While I do understand what you're saying about stopping the run, if you put 6 or 7 guys on the line, then they will pass. Or, break through the first line, no help behind to stop the run. Or, put 11 guys in the box, then get burnt on pass plays. I'm with you, I wish we could stop the run better. It's like the old saying " if you don't like it, get better." Sometimes, it's not that easy. It's not about the X's & O's, it's the Jimmy and Joes in some cases. Hopefully, that won't be the case this year. Time shall tell. Best of luck!
  6. As I said, my post was NOT a feel sorry post, just facts are facts. I can promise you, Coach Fuhs and (all the coaches and players) would give anything to make FP successful again. He is used to winning after playing/coaching at Southridge. He stays around to help at MS practices, he is always at the youth fields, flag games, etc. Two years ago they were 5-4 in the regular season, pretty respectful. Last year was rebuilding. Sometimes when you don't have the numbers/athletes, it's hard to compete. As I said, I love PAC football and root like hell for the teams when they are playing non-conference schools/in the tourney. I'm glad FP got football 10 years ago (we wouldn't have had 2 professional players either- Ben Braunecker- Chicago Bears and Grant Welp played in Sweden), hopefully they can get back to winning!
  7. What I'm reading is FP shouldn't show up and play GS and HH. I get it, FP is not the powerhouse in the conference, they are a basketball school. They are a small 2A school, (5 away from being 1A). It's tough to compete with the powerhouses and the football schools. Heck, GS and HH may be better off playing their JV teams, who knows. I can promise you though, the FP coaches and players work their ass off week in and week out, just as any other programs. When you have 40 players and 9 or 10 guys going both ways, it's gonna be tougher to compete, especially when you play teams that have minimal or no players going both ways. I know there was a comment made that if a team is running it all over you, shame of their defense and DC. I don't think anyone goes into a game wanting to get the ball ran over them or thrown all over the field on them. Sometimes you just don't have the athletes. Heck, sometimes you just don't have coaches. Coach Fuhs is the only teacher in the corporation that teaches. He has been at practice by himself to get it started before. Hard to be successful that way, also. It is what it is. This isn't a feel sorry for FP post, just facts are facts. Best of luck to all teams on Friday and stay healthy! Look forward to a great year in the conference and hopefully some teams playing in Indy on Thanksgiving weekend!
  8. PAC 2017

    I THINK FP will be a little better this year. Return 6 on D, 7 on O. Injuries, as always, will be key! SR,HH, Gibson will all be solid. Posey returns some nice underclassmen with experience. SS and Pike lost some really good seniors. TC lost some decent lineman and their stud LB.
  9. PAC 2016

    Forest Park will return 7 starters on O and 6 full time, 2 part time starters on D.
  10. PAC Conference 2014

    SR-Gibson game was either 35-0 or 35-7, depending on which box score you look at.
  11. I hate to ruin the mojo going on with discussion, but is coal mine road open yet? Thanks
  12. Will be a coolest night of the year for football!! Looking forward to a great game! I'm sure it will be a packed house. the coolest night!
  13. Swing by the gaslight and get some "pizza by the pound" and a cold beverage before the game!
  14. I'd say the black jerseys and great food would be accurate. If its the darkest football ever, that would be the officials fault for not throwing it out!!! Should be a great game! Look forward to making the trip across the county!
  15. I'm sure they wouldn't mind some Grant Welp, Ben Braunecker, Craig Voges, Nathan Jones types to go through there again also. Have a couple of others, Caleb Williams and Caleb Myers playing college football as well! Pretty impressive to have 6 kids in that short of time playing college football. Hopefully they can get the MS deal figured out. They lose a lot of kids between 6th and 7th grade, simply because of the situation. Parents have to drive their Middle School kids to games, also. But, just gotta stay positive. Will have a big senior class next year with some talent, so hopefully they can stay injury free!