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  1. Hoosier Hills Conference 2017

    All comes down to what the kids are saying as they break it down at the end of workouts or practice in the off season or preseason . CN may be saying "beat east" while the east kids are saying "win state" . Well you get the point anyways. What are your teams goals usually good programs compete to succeed at what they are emphasizing. CN has very little chance to win a 6a title so their bragging rights may just be to beat the 5a champ or contender (which has been east in recent years) Or just beat their crosstown rivals since the goal of a tournament title is so far out of reach . Columbus has been quite the football city in the last decade or more.
  2. Martinsville Artesians

    Anyways getting back to the martinsville discussion. I check Carter Whitsons twitter on occasion and he is really active . Always reminding players of events and seems like they are holding a lot of events and sharing info with his team through twitter. I think they may be a good program in a few seasons given he stays put in martinsville. Anyone within the mville community or school system know how their enrollment is shaking out? I had heard they were on their way down to 4a size? Any creedence to that?
  3. Only if i open indystar in an incognito window. Lots of times i don't even search for news pertaining to indy area just because of the labor behind going to indystar . com. Only get a specified amount of visits there for free till she starts asking for cash. That is where the icognito has to come in. Then when you get there the ever present pop up videos with commercials badgers you to the point of why bother. .... .. . . . .
  4. Did Kirschner take the Mt Vernon job. Sorry if it is in the previous pages of this thread. If he left bd and took the mt vernon job i guess im just asking why?
  5. Martinsville Artesians

    Bloomington "and surrounding small towns" . At one time Unionville , Smithville ,University, and Bloomington were all operating as high schools at the same time . Unionville is very close to bloomington. Smithville maybe 10 miles away at the most..... And before Edgewoood was built there was elletsville high eagles. Also a stinesville high. But you are correct the city limits of bloomington historically didnt house three high schools that all played sports. The thing about it is that unionville even though it is not in city limits is not re routed to bhsn which is in city limits. Same with smithville being re routed to bhss. Those two schools are pretty close to the current city limits. University was not as small as you may think. They had some large football squads and went 10-0 in their last year of existence with some other good years as well
  6. 5a

    B South had a soph qb start the last 4 or 5 games of the season and he did great , however being the son of former IU pres of football operations Billy Ray Johnson who was Kevin Wilsons Pres of football operations here he transferred to wherever his dad moved to this past semester . Bhss may crack the top 10 still but i wouldn't expect them to be a threat to win a regional. As improved as Martinsville was last season they may not make it out of sectionals.
  7. Clearly you are scarred from Bob Knights behavior. Facts are he will always be a legend. Iu should hang a banner just for him, they named the court at assembly hall after branch mccraken who only won 2 ncaa titles. Bob should have the building named after him. 'Bob Knight Arena ' . Sounds good to me.
  8. You bring up the reasons Duke is still winning . I and bob knight brought up the reasons IU is not still winning. Time and time again we hear coaches say i could not have done this without the support of our athletic administration. It has been clear to me and most of the iu fanbase that the administration has been a circus since knight departed. And knight says well before he departed. As far as laying his fingers on players , i mean you would cease to believe what the military did to recruits at one point in time. And what knight did to his players was by no means close to what happened in military at times. The worst thing i think he did was head butt sherron wilkerson . Neil reed choking incident was a fiasco . And like knight said in the video above at one time or another he is sure grabbed a lot of kids . Lets be clear these were not high school or middle school boys . As far as i know there arent many former players that are coming forward with horror stories and how they are now scarred for life. And the few that did come forth with a thing or two were refuted by some of their teammates as being false . I have no inclination to believe knight is sad or bitter. Disappointed & done with iu yes.
  9. Did you catch any interview after he was fired? Jeremy Schaap interview explains a lot. Knights last handful of years was bad for probably a variety of reasons . He explains he had thought of leaving several years before he was fired. He talks about a rift in the administration . So the fact he wasn't doing as well as the previous 25 years on the court may reflect what was happening in the administration and his not being happy with the university . So people that bring up the pepperdine loss and lack of post season success near the end of his career at iu are trying to spin the situation how they want so they can call knight an a hole . Great you have come far in life but doubtful you will ever succeed even close to the success that knight had in your respective field. The administration is still just above being worthless. I cringe every time Fred Glass invites a championship team back to have a ceremony and stands front and center stealing their glory as if he was the reason they succeeded in the first place .
  10. Not Pictured the film

    Shared this on the football site . Not sure if it will fly here or not ? Does pertain to ihsaa basketball a bit. If you have an extra 20 mins check it out. Very well done short film on a former bedford high & iu 1940 national title basketball player . Go to the link or watch it here.( https://vimeo.com/157649779 ) ( http://notpicturedthefilm.com ) Maybe this belongs on the college forum if so guess it will be moved
  11. I have no problem with knight . The iu athletic admins have killed iu basketball . There are still some like myself clinging to the hoosiers of a bygone era and it is painful to watch an inept administration and coach after coach who most of us old hat iu fans could do as well as. The coaches they bring in nowadays just painful to watch . Go ahead tell me how in a few years archie will have the hoosiers in the sweet 16 yea yea rah rah and watch them be humiliated like crean was each time he made it . Sad thing from my perspective is that the fanbase and excitement for hoosier basketball has still been alive and well since knight left but slowly and surely is being put to the sword. People don't realize how irrelevant iu basketball really is Knight says it well in the interview with Joe Buck . There were enough people there (iu admins) that were tired of basketball being the guiding light of the university. Why kill a good thing .
  12. Hoosier Hills Conference 2017

    Here are two links to the short film "not pictured' https://vimeo.com/157649779 http://notpicturedthefilm.com/ in case you wanted to copy and paste them to another social media site etc etc . I was going to share this on the ihsaa basketball digest section but wasn't sure since it is not 100% related to the high school game . I imagine it would go over well on the high school basketball digest site. Feel free to share it over there if you all are active on that part of the site.
  13. Hoosier Hills Conference 2017

    This post doesn't have anything to do with ihsaa football but i thought you and a couple more of the bnl fans may enjoy it. Short film i watched multiple times . Very well done about a bedford high school bball player that played on the 1940 iu ncaa title team. Great short story. The old guy in the film i googled he passed away recently but he moved to phoenix after the war which i believe is where you are seems like i heard you say that . Bob lee is his name obit ( http://www.fergusonlee.com/obituaries/Robert-Lee-57/ ) Anyways if ya have an extra 20 mins it is well worth your time even if your not from bedford . Starts off a bit slow but give it 5 or 10 seconds it will play sooner or later
  14. Can only think about 1.8 million would have built 20 years ago. Price has changed so much in the construction industry and i can still get a coke out of some machines for 50/65 cents.