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  1. Can only think about 1.8 million would have built 20 years ago. Price has changed so much in the construction industry and i can still get a coke out of some machines for 50/65 cents.
  2. Kirk Kennedy Retires

    Those two losses to bnl were competitive close games at least. His third year at south he handled bnl then proceeded to lose the rest of the games that year. I cannot say it was all his fault at bhss . During his tenure the panthers had an amazing run at boys basketball and football was just the sport that was played until basketball started. Losing to bnl wasn't that hard to take bnl was probably at the highest level they have seen during that time period. Problem i did have during his tenure was the amount of kids that transferred to bhsn or elsewhere or just flat out quit football and played other sports , kennedy supporters will say what they want but this era of kids just did not/ do not not like him so much. Could be his brand of coaching is a bygone philosophy that will only succeed in certain environments. Had all those kids not left team etc etc we may not have lost those two very close games to bnl But brett szabo had a good thing going there in bedford give credit where it is due . Back to kennedy though He actually wasn't doing that bad at fc he had .500 + seasons each year he was there. Sort of shocked to see him hang it up.
  3. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Whatever chance penn had were gone after the kickoff blunders.
  4. After having a bit to digest this game i don't think kokomo played with the urgency that east played with. The first drive of the game for the kats they dropped a wide open pass right off the fingers of the receiver. You don't drop that pass if you want to win the title. At times kokomo qb made some bad decisions losing huge chunks of yardage with sacks . Not that kokomo didn't give it a good effort last night but even dullaghan and rakestraw mentioned the 'organizational miscues' for the kats last night. Had kokomo not had those miscues the game would have been closer . Would they have won is probably still a shade doubtful east runners and oline were nearly unstoppable. I did enjoy the kokomo offense thought it was nice to see a change of style . Most would argue that you can't run an offense like that these days and win. But kokomo did it with good success . Congrats to both teams for great seasons.
  5. Has their ever been a qb rb tandem as small as major/hogan to win a 5a title. I am doubting it. Serious credit goes to those two and obviously the OLINE !
  6. Jerry Baker

    There are some ihsaa title games on youtube from 30 + years ago that i recognized his voice in. So at least 30 years
  7. The BD qb will win it. Take him away from bd and what would he have done? Is he the 'best' player in the state ? No doubt one of the top handful of players most likely wouldn't be wrong to give him the reward.
  8. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    More than a few years. 2003 i think. Great game the end was controversial . I still remember watching this one
  9. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Ben Davis is so untouchable that they were trailing at the half twice in the tourney ultimately pulling away to win semi comfortably vs LC and eeked one out vs 7-4 warren central. Also winning by 18 vs their 'rival' Carmel at home the same team that penn just trounced at carmel. Of course mic teams with the losses that warren ( trinity+ mic schedule) and lc and carmel( trinity+ mic schedule) had were excusable because of the strength of their conference which i sort of agree with . But strength of schedule of your opponent isnt always indicative of how good your team is . Columbus east doesnt exactly play too rough of a schedule and they won comfortably over the irish. O forget it .... .. . ...Penn just turn in your pads don't show up you can't win , you won't win ...... the season is over.
  10. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Yeah i notice that. Oh well least most of it is on there. .....
  11. Can the kokomo/michigan city game be found anywhere online for replay?
  12. 5A - 2017

    Any of those probably. Of course the catholics most years are going to be a threat. Hasn't history taught us that. I have little knowledge of castle or decatur c. The early favorite for 2018 has to be east/catholics then the rest , based off of what i have seen in the last few years. The irish will have a good backfield next year. And east has built a very solid foundation for yearly success.
  13. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Go to this link and click "watch again" tab that is inside the video box https://whmb.lesea.com/sports/live-sports-video-stream/ You will have to fast forward the vid a bit because it doesnt start right away I think it picks up at the 1:30 mark