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  1. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    More than a few years. 2003 i think. Great game the end was controversial . I still remember watching this one
  2. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Ben Davis is so untouchable that they were trailing at the half twice in the tourney ultimately pulling away to win semi comfortably vs LC and eeked one out vs 7-4 warren central. Also winning by 18 vs their 'rival' Carmel at home the same team that penn just trounced at carmel. Of course mic teams with the losses that warren ( trinity+ mic schedule) and lc and carmel( trinity+ mic schedule) had were excusable because of the strength of their conference which i sort of agree with . But strength of schedule of your opponent isnt always indicative of how good your team is . Columbus east doesnt exactly play too rough of a schedule and they won comfortably over the irish. O forget it .... .. . ...Penn just turn in your pads don't show up you can't win , you won't win ...... the season is over.
  3. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Yeah i notice that. Oh well least most of it is on there. .....
  4. Can the kokomo/michigan city game be found anywhere online for replay?
  5. 5A - 2017

    Any of those probably. Of course the catholics most years are going to be a threat. Hasn't history taught us that. I have little knowledge of castle or decatur c. The early favorite for 2018 has to be east/catholics then the rest , based off of what i have seen in the last few years. The irish will have a good backfield next year. And east has built a very solid foundation for yearly success.
  6. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Go to this link and click "watch again" tab that is inside the video box https://whmb.lesea.com/sports/live-sports-video-stream/ You will have to fast forward the vid a bit because it doesnt start right away I think it picks up at the 1:30 mark
  7. Kokomo has played for 8 ihsaa basketball titles only wining one of them. Last time i saw the Kats they were playing the Panthers from bloomington in conseco losing a hard fought game. Quite the basketball history , buildup to the game that week included a guy dribbling a basketball from kokomo to indy along the highway i believe or something similar. I have done limited ihsaa pre tournament state title poll research and i believe i recalled Kokomo Hayworth being a quality program that never got respect from the voters but had some 10-0 teams that did place in the final votes. But articles i read from those seasons included a general idea that they did not play anybody. What is the history of the high schools in kokomo. Is/Was Hayworth an actual school in kokomo i would never find that article so im not sure if my mind is confusing the names for a different town ? Did they consolidate? Either way Kokomo or Mich City making it to the title game is Good for the game . Neither had been here
  8. 5A - 2017

    Well i can't help but to be ignored i guess. I been trying to tell people that c east is a better program than ever and not many responded to my comments. All i saw last week in the semi state thread was "catholics" as folks entered their picks. I said it time after time that east had a good chance to win this one. I think i need to take my intuition to the stock market. Anyways beyond that noise all i can say is 'kokomo' ......... really?! I would bet that noone outside of kokomo would have picked the wildkats to be in this position. Good for the game i guess.
  9. SemiState Scores

    Kokomo vs CE . Who would have ever picked kokomo to be here...
  10. Penn/Carmel

    Well this is total domination. I think penn if it plays it's best can challenge bd for the title
  11. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    I cant help but to laugh. The irish d is out of gas hands on their hips and the whmb40 announcer says "i feel bad for them" . LOL These announcers are definitely pro irish . Muledriver tried to educate folks on the current Olympian program I think they are at their pinnacle.
  12. SemiState Scores

    Kokomo up 7 to zip
  13. SemiState Scores

    Yeah whmb40 game of the week on their whmb40 website Irish just lost another lineman
  14. SemiState Scores

    The irish' alabama recruit is down and it did not look good getting him off the field.
  15. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Still think east has a good chance in this one , but it is in irish 'territory' if there is such a thing. Only thing home field means in this one is the color of jersey the irish wear. Irish alumni have some big names and no doubt some big money start a drive fund . Hard to imagine the all time winningest high school in state history still doesn't have a home field.. May have to be a block away but ............ Our Lady Fatima retreat house move on down the line somewhere. .. . .Looks like a large chunk of land just north & north north/west of the practice field on satellite maps.