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  1. I think it's entirely possible that Pioneer is the only team that wins out of the North in any class.
  2. At the end of last season I made a prediction that Southridge was going to be very, very tough in 2A. They were in our Sectional in 3A last cycle and played us hard in the championship game both years. Best of luck to Coach Buening and the Raiders!!!
  3. You might want to clarify which one of yourself is posting.
  4. Ditto on your own post? Meaning that you still agree with yourself? Or did you #1 have to convince you #2 and now both of you are on the same page?
  5. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Thank you for enabling my laziness sir! I knew someone else was going to ask anyway lol
  6. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Do they stream online?
  7. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    @MuleDriver You can type the @ symbol, then do not add a space and start typing the username that you want to tag. As you type it will give suggestions in a list underneath where you are typing and you can choose the one you want from there.
  8. I don't believe out of state games are calculated in Sagarin, or at least not for SoS.
  9. 6'2" guy looks like a munchkin in that line-up lol
  10. My son was the biggest on the Brownstown line this year at about 6'1" and 270...we rarely ever have guys bigger than that, just a few that I can remember.
  11. Haha, it's all good, just had to jab you a little for it!
  12. Sounds like a lot of the same talk from a year ago...let's all reflect back on TurntTigers' first ever post on TGD: