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  1. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    So, in short it prepared them for adversity in future competitions. Similar to how St. Joe performs in the NIC vs how they do in the state tourney against there class.
  2. I want to start of by congratulating both Avon and Carmel on great seasons, I believe that the Carmel came was much more competitive then the score says it was. Penn capitalized on mistakes and turned them into points. I am very excited that this state title game comes back down to two rivals. I remember after a tough loss down at Ben Davis my sophomore year the entire Ben Davis team and staff waited for us in the cafeteria and applauded us. They won by 14 points, but the respect that they showed made an impact. Love this rivalry very excited that it has come down to this. I look forward to seeing how good Ben Davis is and what Penn can do to win this game and bring their 6 title home. This will be the 4th time these two schools play for a title game, Ben Davis is 2-1 so far.
  3. Penn/Carmel

    Wasn't the 99 championship the year BD beat Penn like 24-3 or something. I prefer to party like it is 1996, if that is the case lol.
  4. Penn/Carmel

    Valpo in game 1 benefited from bad penalties and Lynch being hurt. Valpo's O not as explosive as Carmel and evenjoy though the score doesn't reflect it I thought Carmel played better on D then Valpo. I think Carmel beats Valpo head to head. But Valpo is a good football team.
  5. Top 32 Teams

    switch LaPorte and Mishawaka and I would agree with that.
  6. Top 32 Teams

    The question was the top 32 teams not the teams most likely to beat the MIC schools. You don't count Cathedral as one of the best 32 teams in the state?
  7. Penn/Carmel

    Wasn't talking about you. Someone did however mention that Carmel has won like 100 and some odd state titles so that person did make it about all other sports not just football. So, sorry if I upset you, never mentioned or quoted you so I apologize.
  8. Top 32 Teams

    Cathedral gets moved back up, I would even move LaPorte up as well. If Mishawaka was still in 5A I would say them, but since they went down I would leave them there. But some of the other private schools in the Indy area that are like 3 or 4A could probably compete at the 6A level.
  9. Penn/Carmel

    Respect to the MIC for being so competitive every year. To try and demean the success those players experiences over these years is not right. We all know that being a 6A team and winning a 6A title isn't easy any way you slice the pie. For Penn, Snider and the Region schools they don't see the competition week in and out that you get down in the MIC....does that take away from the fact that Snider is still a decorated program that has competed against some of the best programs in Indiana football history? Same can be said for Penn. Do we all get a little butt hurt at times and run our mouths....clearly. Carmel is a great school with mountains of success. You cannot take away from that. But, to go and act like other schools success means nothing is rude and disrespectful to their accomplishments....Tell the Penn girls soccer team who won their second state title in a row, third visit in a row, and was voted national champs that their success means nothing.
  10. Penn/Carmel

    The only way Penn can possibly begin to play tougher competition week in and week out is to go independent. We all know that it wont happen. Geographically speaking Penn is in no-mans land. It will be a tough game
  11. Penn/Carmel

    Man I remember the flood of people that would walk to the Penn games on Friday nights throughout the 90's and early 00's. These days the stands are full of parents and employees of the system. Not many people from around town still come out. Grew up going to Penn games played a few years of ball there, love going back and watching what these kids can achieve.
  12. penn vs Crown Point

    Right on the nose
  13. penn vs Crown Point

    Well, the interesting part will be how well Penn can overcome adversity, they appeared to handle set back after set back against Valpo. If Penn can play a cleaner game run the ball effectively and make big plays in the pass game they should win this contest by multiple scores. Valpo game should have been at least 20-0 if not more (drive killing penalties dont help).
  14. Freed Field is not an easy place to win at, just like when playing at Snider and Carmel.
  15. It may be a little puddle but you dont want to play in it. ;)