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  1. Hamilton Heights Open?

    Hamilton Heights' first game next year is against Mt. Vernon. Father and son making their debuts at their respective schools against each other.
  2. From an official stats perspective: *-Live-ball penalties behind the LOS - all yardage is assessed as penalty yards (so a holding penalty 3 yards behind the LOS is recorded as a 13-yard penalty) and it's basically a "no play" statistically - everything that happens is voided. *-Live-ball penalties beyond the LOS - all yardage to the point of the flag is counted, then the penalty yardage is assessed. on the case you mentioned above, you are correct. +23 rushing yardage, -10 penalty yardage. The play is scored as if it were a normal play to the point of the flag - so a rusher gets a carry/passer-receiver get a completion-reception and yardage to the flag. At one time, only the yardage would be recorded but the carry/completion/reception would not be, but that has changed in the last 15 or so years. As far as I know, there is no official stats manual for NFHS, but I use the NCAA statisticians manual as a guide.
  3. Go to the college rule on PI (defensive PI - spot foul or 15 yards, whichever is shorter & first down, OPI 10 yards, no loss of down) instead of the current 15 yards on both OPI/DPI in all cases with no AFD/LOD. I also agree with the college enforcement of holding - previous spot on holds behind the LOS instead of spot fouls. Although as a broadcaster, it makes it more fun to me to explain "it's a 10-yard penalty, but the flag is 3 yards behind the line, so it is actually a 13-yard penalty. First and 23." Also, eliminate the "two games in one week" rule for a bad-weather game that is canceled Friday and Saturday. I'd instead change to "two in five days," so if poor weather cancels a game, it can be played Monday, and the two teams' games the following week can be pushed to Saturday and remain legal.
  4. Here's the thread for game broadcasts. IHSAAtv has a significant list of webcasts: http://ihsaatv.org/othergames.html New Pal Radio has all New Palestine games, coverage begins an hour before kickoff each week: https://tunein.com/radio/New-Pal-Radio-s229444/
  5. A lot of youth football leagues & middle schools want licensed officials, for liability reasons if nothing else. That's also a great way to get some experience and some extra spending money. I'd love to consider it, but I have a ton on my plate and I know that my personal makeup could make me a pretty lousy official, so I try to give back to the games I enjoy by helping with game ops & media responsibilities.
  6. Franklin Central Goes For Win #400

    I assume you're referring to Cathedral. FC has won a lot more than 50 games in 33 years :). The first game TA & I broadcast together was a Cathedral-Carmel game in 2006 where the Irish hit another milestone. Can't remember exactly what it was, but it might have been 500.
  7. The big game this week features two of the state's top offenses - New Castle's air raid attack and 3,000-yard passer Niah Williamson against New Palestine and its power spread running game, with 1,000-yard rusher Luke Canfield and dual-threat QB Zach Neligh. A win for NP clinches at least a share of its fifth straight HHC title. New Castle is 4-3/3-2, New Palestine 7-0/5-0. Also this week, Delta (2-3/4-3) and top rusher Charlie Spegal travel to Greenfield-Central (2-3/3-4) Mt. Vernon (1-4/2-5) travels to Shelbyville (3-2/5-2) Pendleton Heights (4-1/6-1) is at Yorktown (0-5/2-5) HHC update
  8. Last I checked, New Palestine was in the same sectional as its county rival, Greenfield-Central. And Roncalli and Cathedral, which are in the same county and are longtime rivals, are in the same sectional. Remember, the IHSAA doesn't look at the map holistically and go "this team is north, this team is south." It groups sectionals first, then pairs the sectionals into regionals, and then into semistates, and usually, tries to keep county and historical rivals together whenever possible.
  9. I posted this article to my social feed a while back and got shouted down by several vehement, loud, angry anti-football crusaders demanding "scientific research." I posted something from the Mayo Clinic, and apparently, that wasn't good enough for them. At least one was consistent. Usually, the answer about "what happens when we ban football" is a variant of "SOCCER! It will finally become the most popular sport ever as it should be" and the agenda is revealed. At least one crusader was also apparently anti-soccer (but then I discovered was suing both USA Football & the USSF, so they had a financial interest in hysteria).
  10. Week 5 in the HHC saw some ridiculously great performances. New Castle's Niah Williamson threw for 7 TDs and ran for two more in the Trojans' 62-55 win over Yorktown. He threw for 538 yards in the win, and had three 100-yard receivers - Luke Bumbalough (200), Nicholas Grieser (117) and Triston Chesher (177). Yorktown's Reid Neal threw for 180 and ran for 188. That game was back-and-forth, with NC going the length of the field to score late after Yorktown had taken a seven-point lead in the final two minutes. Landon Watson of Shelbyville threw for 383 yards and four TDs in the Golden Bears' 41-14 victory over Greenfield-Central. Luke Canfield of New Palestine ran for 305 yards and four TDs in the Dragons' 41-21 victory over Pendleton Heights. Tyson Harley of Mt. Vernon threw for 244 yards - 123 to Braxton Trittipo - in the Marauders' 31-26 win over Delta. Players of the week: Niah Williamson (NC) & Landon Watson (Shelby) - offense; Landan Burton (NP) - defense This week's games: New Castle at Delta: A matchup between the league's top passer in Niah Williamson & top rusher in Charlie Spegal New Palestine at Greenfield-Central: The Helmet game and an always-spirited intra-county rivalry Pendleton Heights at Mt. Vernon: Another long-standing rivalry between two SR 67 neighbors. Look for the ball in the air a lot in this one Yorktown at Shelbyville. Another matchup between teams with high-octane offenses. Full HHC week 5 wrap/week 6 preview
  11. Grindirondigest Twitter Account

    Was wondering why I wasn't getting RTs from the @NPHSDragons account when I use the #TGD hashtag. That would explain it.
  12. I think it's more about confirmation bias. "I don't like football because it (is more popular than my favorite sport, has a pro sports league run by millionaires, is a sport supported by people I don't like, some other reason), therefore, here's something that supports my view that football is bad.:"
  13. Hoosier Heritage Conference week 5 Two teams remain unbeaten in the HHC race: Pendleton Heights & New Palestine. They play each other Friday in New Palestine. PH is 4-0 for the first time since 2001 and is averaging 39 points per game. QB Christian Conkling threw for 250+ last week. Evan Douglas & Eli Pancol have both had big seasons for the Arabians. NP's defense has been outstanding, allowing 2 TDs all season so far, while the Dragons' offensive trio of Zach Neligh, Luke Canfield & Colby Jenkins have been putting up big numbers. Matchup of two teams with outstanding QBs in Yorktown this Friday. New Castle, with Niah Williamson (420 yds / 6 TDs last week) and Luke Bumbalough (253 yds / 3 TDs last week) travels to Yorktown, to face Reid Neal and the Tigers. Delta, with the nation's leading rusher Charlie Spegal, travels to Mt. Vernon, which returns home after dropping 3 straight road games. Interesting matchup at Greenfield-Central, where both Shelbyville and the host Cougars look to bounce back from losses last week and are 1-1 in the HHC. This week's HHC report
  14. IFCA Poll Week 5

    That's not atypical of the AP. A lot of AP voters just look at last week's poll, and move down teams that lost an arbitrary number of spots (but feel like they have to move teams down IF they lost), and you only move up if someone ahead of you lost. I didn't vote that way when I was an AP voter for 8 years (I tried to look holistically at everyone's season - Harrell's site was tremendous at making this easy), and because of that, you might see teams jump those who won the previous week because they have a more impressive body of work.
  15. AP Poll Week 5

    I used to be an AP voter back in the day. One of the issues is the voting takes place with drop-down menus - or at least did in the past. It's possible someone was trying to vote for Lawrence Central & gave Lake Central a second-place vote (the AP uses a sliding scale where a first-place vote is 20 points and a 10th-place vote is six).
  16. Hoosier Heritage Conference week 4 Week 1 is down in the Hoosier Heritage Conference. Mt. Vernon posted its first win over Greenfield-Central since 2011 with a 27-0 shutout. New Palestine won its 28th straight HHC game, 43-0 at Yorktown. Pendleton Heights won a back-and-forth battle with New Castle 34-31, while Shelbyville beat Delta 28-21 on a late TD. Shelby, PH & NP are all 3-0 to start the season. Two big rivalry games mark the week: Yorktown travels to Delta, while Mt. Vernon travels to New Palestine in the Boundary Rail game. The G-C at PH game will also be a big one as it features two teams who won their HHC openers last week This week's games Greenfield-Central at Pendleton Heights Mt. Vernon at New Palestine Shelbyville at New Castle Yorktown at Delta Full HHC weekly report
  17. Start of conference play this week. HHC went 13-3 in non-conference, with 5 of the 8 teams going 2-0. This week's games Delta at Shelbyville Mt. Vernon at Greenfield-Central New Castle at Pendleton Heights New Palestine at Yorktown The full HHC update
  18. Better technology in the helmets and pads - helmets are many, many times safer than they were 10 years ago - combined with better coaching with an emphasis on player safety (rugby-style tackling, "heads-up" tackling, elimination of Oklahoma-style drills, less hitting at practice) will make football a viable sport for a long time. What's misleading is this study came out and immediately, the anti-football crowd jumped on it like dogs on a piece of raw meat. "99% of NFL players have CTE" without looking at the selection bias in the survey. Being a natural cynic, I'm always looking for the ulterior motive. For whatever reason, the soccer community has decided that football is the enemy and the one thing preventing soccer from being THE major sport in the U.S. (in my sportswriter days, I had a parent - whose son later played in MLS - call me and tell us that soccer would be more popular than football if they got Friday nights and got the same 360-degree newspaper coverage that the football teams did. That wasn't an isolated incident), and therefore must be taken down. As soccer has become more popular, its advocates have really, really been the driving force behind not just the opposition to football, but the hostility to it. Thing is, I love soccer and have for decades. But I also love football and see the value in both sports. I love that people have choices in which sports to play and to follow, and don't have to choose either/or. It's possible to be a fan of both sports. If you took the NFL away, it's not like those 65,000 people going to Colts games every Sunday are suddenly going to be crowding the neighborhood pub to cheer on Manchester United.
  19. In case you're interested, Here's a Google map of the 2017-19 sectional alignments (for comparison, here's 2015-17) If you're interested, here are the basketball/volleyball maps.
  20. Sectionals are out

    If 6A had 4 sectionals, 7 & 8 would be combined, and the sectional/regional matchups wouldn't change.
  21. Sectionals are out

    If it was about the revenue for the IHSAA, it wouldn't have put the teams in the same sectional (where the schools split the gate).
  22. Sectionals are out

    If it's about the revenue, having a marquee matchup in the sectional is actually better than having them fed through the regional. Nearly all of the sectional money is distributed to the participating schools (minus expenses). From the regional on, the IHSAA keeps most of the revenue after expenses.
  23. Sectionals are out

    This is a heck of a lot of passion for the alignment in Indianapolis for someone who claims Gary Wallace as his school. Tech is right in the middle of Marion County. Why would they not be placed in a sectional with 3 other Marion County schools? And in that vein, why would the IHSAA, which has 4 schools from the same county together, not group them all in a sectional? It makes sense to not split up rivals. Anderson-Muncie Central & Greenfield-Central-New Pal are each pairings that make sense to group together. Cathedral-Roncalli-Tech are a triad that goes together due to natural rivalry (Cathedral-Roncalli) and geography (Tech being in the middle). Decatur Central makes sense as the 4th school because it's in the same county. At that point, it makes sense to bring Plainfield (which is next door to DC) into that grouping and send Zionsville east. Two years ago, New Palestine was placed in a sectional with Columbus East, Martinsville and two Johnson County despite being closer to *every* school in Sectional 13 (the Marion County sectional) than most of the sectional it was placed in. Much like Zionsville this time around, NP was the swing school that could have gone either direction, and the IHSAA appeared to want to put the two "success factor" schools together. I'm not sure either NP or CE was happy about it it, but both were obviously good enough to each go to the State Finals once in the cycle.
  24. Schools set to consolidate !

    Elkhart Central & Memorial *will* consolidate, but the date is still in the air. The Northfield-Southwood merger was proposed but shot down by the board. Wabash is not part of it. It's a separate school corporation.