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  1. HNAC Week 4

    Is there a source for Winamac supossedly going 8-1? There will be a few more .500 seasons before Barr will see 8-1.
  2. HNAC Week 4

    Is there a source for Winamac supossedly going 8-1? There will be a few more .500 seasons before Barr will see 8-1.
  3. HNAC 2017

    Pharous Tribune ran a article on the hire.
  4. That game made my weekend!
  5. Winamac Football

    I live in Winamac so I am a fan of Warrior football. Remember a practice my freshman year and only year I played high school football. A friend of mine named David Wenzler did something that didn't sit well with one of the coaches. We were running some one on one lineman drills at the time and Dave was forced to line up repeatedly aginst two other older boys and hit on the whistle. Repeatedly. The cracks Dave took many others wouldn't have. He was crying after a few hits but too proud to give in and he was made to get back up and go again. Needless to say his acl was trashed and he never played another sport after. Fact! Pink bellys, hackers to eat, and wedgies that would net someone a serious sexual assault charge today for all the freshman after most every practice. And then find some real winner pissed on your clothing in your locker once you think your safe and going home.Never ever once saw a coach stop any of this or even in the locker room for that matter.You think I'm the only person who remembers this stuff? Sorry but there are many a past player that can tell you a story like the above mentioned. I could rattle off at least a dozen past situations and name names as the people that it happened to are just as vocal as I am and willing to do so themselves.It's weird how one can easily forget something from their past and then with children of their own now those old memories seem like yesterday. When my boy had his locker pissed in and then nearly had his head forcibly shaved because he would not join the team in shaving their heads yep it was on. Not gonna be silent for some man-coach code of unspoken toughness or whatever some ape would call it. The craps wrong and it hasn't changed in 20 some years. Nope to me thats far from a program. Different strokes for different folks though. I'm for building everyone up not just a select bunch.
  6. Winamac Football

    Hope whoever takes this job is in for more than a year or two as these next 2 or 3 years are going to be a bit lean. To me it seems a perfect time to come in and build what's needed. How many head coaches take part in the summer camps and actually run them? What ages? Same o and d that will be run up through high school? How many of you coaches are in the weight room? How many coaches are in the locker rooms observing? (Kids pissin in anothers locker or bullying because they learned it from older boys?) Roasting the kids you coach in front of their peers in your class? (surely mindful dad and others don't find out?) How many coaches pull that kid back from going a different direction when he sees both the good and the bad instead of just watching? Who's willing to not only build a winning program, but maybe even saving a kid or two from a very different life had he not done what just should come natural to a coach? Parents will be involved so how many are able to deal with "problematic" parents and answer them truthfully, although sometimes it's not wanted? (but very much needed) Seems very rewarding to me as a man to answer "me" to but one of those above questions. If I couldn't answer me to those questions I simply couldn't take the job on. Should I as a parent expect less from a coach and all his staff? This needs to happen on so many levels, I just "heart" this a bit more. It's something right before me and it's happening this week. The ONLY reason I do what I do is because I love my kids and want to see their futures are bright. Only makes sense to see their peers be a part of that! Wow that chit rubbed off! Yep Winamac needs that from someone. Win or lose that person would prosper along with all those around what was built. I am not optimistic the board will approve of the person wanting x amount of money over the safe budget choice, but I sure hope and pray the person taking the job knows he is fully capable of changing the whole workings of something bigger than a high school football team. Be sellin a guy short to not think there are bigger things he could do here. And the windy one is done.
  7. Winamac Football

    John Q. Public will never know until it's announced. Just how it's done round here. It best be someone with a history of building a program because to say Winamac had a program would be a joke. 2 or 3 yrs of quality and then 2 or three sub par years. Not how it should be done when you can clearly see how it should be a short drive south on 35. Could have discussed heresay but until it's announced I will stick to facts.

    Is the horse dead yet?
  9. I don't hope for change, I drive for it!

  10. You guys really don't see a trend? Stuff is getting worse everyday! When we see this stuff hit close to home like we have in SB in two incidents something needs done. Vigilance!!! Stay on these young people they need us!
  11. Hoosier North - Week 2

    Ditka in town?
  12. Michigan City v.s. SB Washington

    I think his last sentence nailed it zebra. Surely if you were there bobref this would never have happened. That is speculative. Clearly something should have been done before the sideline incident and the first line of seeing that was taken care of was the officials. So really who is clueless? Bobref please do tell us all where one could call or email to criticize game officials and see something is done so this doesn't happen again. I bet that gets more results than doing so on a public forum in which you are still more than free to do. Would that suit you better?
  13. Hoosier North - Week 2

    Judson over Caston. On the fence on Culver vs S. Central. Knox continues to show they have kids buying into a program with a big win at WC. LaVille over Triton. Hurts to say it, but Pioneer BIG over Winamac. And I mean like 72-0 big.