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  1. Lowell vs East Central!

    Ha! I think everyone in The Region is German, Polish, or Eastern European. My dad was born in Germany, came through Ellis Island when he was 5, grew up in Chicago near Logan Square, and moved down to The Region in the late '70's. Speaking of Great American, I once left my office in Fishers at 5 to try making opening pitch of a Cubs/Reds game. I may be exhaggerating, but I think I averaged 100MPH down I-74 to try making it in time. I remember my wife slowed us down by insisting we had to stop at Castleton Mall for her to pick out a Cubs hat. Anyways, we ended up getting in our seats by the bottom of the 1st, and it was by far the worst baseball game I've ever been to. I think both teams combined for 1 run and less than 5 hits. I wasn't in the mood to see a pitchers dual after all of the trouble I went through to get to Cincinnati by 7.
  2. Lowell vs East Central!

    Lowell has some big run stoppers at DT. I believe both are over 6 feet and pushing 300 pounds. Looking forward to the rosters hitting the IHSAA website to see the size comparisons between the lines. It's going to be an old fashioned battle of who can impose their will on the lines. Neither team is going spread all game and finding mismatches on the perimeter. You never know, man. Dwenger doesn't lose to 4A public schools very often and their D was just beat down by the 4th quarter. What Lowell did to them was extremely impressive.
  3. Lowell vs East Central!

    Right? It once took me 2 hours to get from Downers Grove to the Illinois/Indiana border on I-94 due to Friday night traffic on the Tri State. East Central area to downtown Cincinnati is an easy commute on I-74 through the less congested areas of Cincinnati. Trying to time anything in Chicagoland, especially if The Loop is involved, is based on time of day and location. I've seen Sunday night traffic jams where 94 and the Eisenhower meet in downtown Chicago.
  4. Lowell vs East Central!

    Ha...I've once heard Lafayette referred to as part of The Region. I shook my head and didn't even know where to start. I've seen EC's stadium about hundred times off of I-74 heading to and from Cincinnati. It's a really nice stadium for a 4A school. What else is great about their facilites?
  5. Lowell vs East Central!

    I think one, or both, ended up at Northern Illinois.
  6. Lowell vs East Central!

    Maybe I'm showing my age, but some of us Northerners will be familiar with East Central. I was at the RCA Dome in '93 when Hobart beat them and again in '94 when EC beat DeKalb. I remember them having a very good RB whose last name sounded like Martini. Kind of similiar schools. Lowell is just outside the Chicago metro area. EC is just outside the Cincinnati metro area. Both have black and red as primary colors. Both play smash mouth football. Both are making their 4th State Championship appearance. Both have 3 wins against teams in the Sagarin top 64. Both have a SOS near 100. Both are located right off a major Interstate. They have a Sagarin rating within one point of each other. Former State Title winning Lowell coach Kirk Kennedy returned to his native SE Indiana and coaches at Franklin County, which is only 15 miles from East Central. Lowell may have the X Factor in this one with Jordan Jusevitch. He came up big against Dwenger with 3 TD's and an INT.
  7. In my opinion, the last drive for NP was nothing more than a garbage time TD when Lowell's D had basically quit. It's not really any accurate predictor of success Dwenger would have spreading the field out and throwing the ball. Maybe the would, maybe they wouldn't, but a garbage time TD against a very soft prevent D isn't a sample to base a judgement on. Is Dwenger's QB a consistently accurate thrower? Lowell does have an IU recruit at Safety who has 6 INT's on the year.
  8. Michigan City at Kokomo

    Yep, Long Beach and Michiana Shores in Indiana up to Lakeside (North of New Buffalo) are typically lined with Chicago area money. If it's summertime in New Buffalo, 9 times out of 10 the car in front of you will have Illinois plates.
  9. Ha..nice retort. Concordia owns the field, correct? Random question, do Dwenger and Luers have boundaries like the Indy Diocean schools? Or, can a kid living on the southside bypass Luers and head north for Dwenger?
  10. Clairvoyant...lol. Regionals, Semi State, and State always bring out insane predictions from those who've never seen either team play. It's a bizarre world of transitive theories and territorial biases.
  11. Seems like a lot of the same hyperbole from the previous 3 meetings, which Lowell won twice. Dwenger likely had the better schedule and overall talent back then as well. Lowell still runs the same clocking killing ball control offense. The move to Homestead may benefit Dwenger as Lowell is built to play in the mud. Overall, Homestead and Snider definately have better athlets than Lowell; however, Lowell does have a D1 (Indiana) recruit at Safety (Jordan Jusevitch) who also gets some carries on offense. He's a game changer on defense, offense, and special teams. He just might be better than Hoover and better than any skill player on Snider or Homestead. At the end of hte day it's still Lowell and Dwenger. The line should be -3 unless Tyler Eifert has some eligibility remaining. I have no opinion on who will win, but I would be surprised if the margin of victory was higher than 3.
  12. Michigan City at Kokomo

    Me too! I thought for sure it was Jackson who was Baby Bettis. Whatever happened to Farmer? He was a big time talent.
  13. Michigan City at Kokomo

    Michigan City at Kokomo will be one of games streamed on ihsaatv.org. Looks like they're streaming four this week as these are also on the schedule: Avon at Ben Davis Penn at Carmel Southridge at Scecina
  14. Michigan City at Kokomo

    I think Baby Bettis on that '95 team was Jackson. Buzea had us practicing all week on tackling around the ankles. A majority of us would have been bulldozed if we tried wrapping him up high.
  15. Saturday Playoff Games

    That's it! Big Hoffas and the place the Faulkners run up in Cicero have good BBQ.