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  1. Columbus north

    I don't think your scorned friend holds sway over Columbus North's choice of coach. This thread needs to be deleted and dumped from everyone's collective memory.
  2. Alabama vs. Georgia - Who Ya' Got?

    That's an unbelievable stat. You almost have to feel sorry for LSU fans. No reaoson he couldn't have done the same in Baton Rouge had he never left for Miami. Here's a random tidbit: anyone notice former Valpo HS and Penn State kicker Sam Ficken booting FG's for the Rams on Saturday night? They said during the game he had just passed his Series 7 when the Rams called a few weeks ago and asked if he would tryout with a dozen other kickers. Nice little way to supplement your income as a broker.
  3. Bears Fire Fox - Harbaugh Up next?

    Unfortunately, I missed Chiefs game. I heard the play calling in the 2nd half was atrocius. I'm hoping Reid did take over playcalling in this one.
  4. Bears Fire Fox - Harbaugh Up next?

    I'm not sure I'm comfortable with giving Trubiski a HC with no NFL experience. I would prefer Nagy from Kansas City or the QB coach from Philly. Nagy would be my #1. He was supposedly really high on Trubiski last year, KC has been undefeated since he started calling plays, and Andy Reid''s coaching tree has been fairly sucessful. Nagy is supposedly a highly regarded offensive mind by those familiar with the Andy Reid lineage. I wouldn't be surprised if Pace had a complete wildcard in his pocket that nobody is mentioning. Afterall, he kept his intention to move up and take Trubiski a secret from nearly everyone at Halas Hall.
  5. Alabama vs. Georgia - Who Ya' Got?

    Giants, not even close. Mara Family >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> McCaskey Family. And then add in the Bears President, Ted Phillips, knows absolutely nothing about football, hard pass.
  6. Alabama vs. Georgia - Who Ya' Got?

    *Mythical National Championship Heart says Georgia. Mind says Bama. It's not good for a Pro Style offense to face this Alabama defense that's now healthy at LB. I hope Saban rides out into the NFL. The Albama story line is getting a little tiresome for me. I imagine this game will have awful ratings.
  7. I could also not win the Powerball this weekend. Purdue's first 5 games are as follows: Northwestern (home) Eastern Michigan (home) Missouri (home) Boston College (home) Nebraska (away) I feel worst case scenario is 3-2.
  8. I agree. I think Fort Wayne and Indy do a pretty good job of developing talent. The Region, population of around 500,000, is a complete failure. Mishiana and Evansville are "meh." I've traveled alot, especially in Southern states, and IMO, the rural areas are what set the Southern states apart. Large states like Ohio, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, etc. are going to produce a lot of D1 talent as they have mutliple major metro areas. Places like South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia will have athletic freaks that live in rural areas. You're not just limited to recruiting Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, NOVA, Hampton Roads, etc. In Indiana, our rural areas typically only produce a lineman once in a while.
  9. Yeah, and this is just the early signing period. I'm to busy to research who did and didn't sign, but I'd be willing to bet IU and Purdue get more in February.
  10. Free Big Ten education, playing time, ability to develop into an NFL player, etc. Not everyone can play for Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, etc. Purdue and IU have certain areas of study that rank among the best in the country. Some guys, who see the NFL as a pipe dream, may find that appealing.
  11. Bears 2016 and NOW 2017

    So, how about that Jimmy G? Can't believe the Bears and many other NFL GM's coveted college QB's instead of dangling a 1st round pick in the face of NE for him. And Lynch didn't even have to give up a first rounder.
  12. Markese Stepp

    So, one prestigious academic private school is willing to take him but another won't? Are Notre Dame's admission requirements for football players THAT high or was ND turned off by his lingering hamstring issues? I alwasy thought Isaac was better suited to play LB. At Joliet Catholic you could tell he was dominating based on his size.
  13. IMO, it's amazing that Hobart completely fell off the radar after Howell retired. In '95, they blew a huge hafltime lead in Semi-State to eventual State Champ Fort Wayne Wayne. They lost to Cathedral in the State Championship in '96. In '97 they had 1 loss to eventual State Champ Griffith in Regionals. In '98, Howell's last year, they went 4-6. Since then, they have 1 Sectional Championship. What did Howell do so well and what is keeping Hobart from having the same success as Lowell?
  14. 2017 Boilermaker Football

    Yep. I was a Junior that year. One of the guys in our group was was from the Bay Area. To this day I hear stories of them flying out to see his family in San Fran and driving an RV down the coast to eventually setting up next to the Rose Bowl.
  15. And Noblesville. I would think a team struggling in the HCC would want to some gimme's on the OOC schedule to teach the kids how to win. I hope they don't have Carmel in week 2 again.
  16. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    So the DuPage is now just down to Naperville Central/North and the 3 Valley schools? Crazy to see that Conference implode. I guess the demise of once powerful Wheaton-Warrenville South was just a precursor to the realiity that the Naperville and Aurora Schools are becoming all around too big for the Wheaton schools, Glenbard North, and Lake Park. Waubonsie Valley traveled to Fishers last year and gave HSE a whooping. I wouldn't be surprised to see some of the remaining 5 end up on Indiana schedules. That would be a great opportunity for Penn. I'm a former DAC player and will always love the DAC, but it's just not a football conference anymore. Baseball and Soccer are the priorities and a few schools have very strong basketball programs. Penn won't gain much by playing the Duneland until schools like Merrillville, Portage, and Lake Central return to their previous strengths. IMO, the loss to Valpo this year was a fluke and the score of the Penn/Merrillville game in week 2 was a pretty good indicator Penn just wasn't clicking at the beginning of the year. It's really a shame that the SAC has no room for OOC games as Penn/Snider would be an excellent yearly rivalry.
  17. Michiana Pick'Em 2017 Final Results

    Wow, I have so many people to thank. Most importantly, John Harelll, whose magnificent site provided me with valuable information that aided the picking process.
  18. Wow, they opened up with Detroit Cass Tech and Cathedral. That's some aggressive scheduling.
  19. Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    You're reaching with A LOT of those schools. For starters, Michigan City was already smoked by a Homewood-Flossmoor team that is very similar to Ben Davis in terms of size and speed.
  20. Lowell vs East Central!

    One of the players did say it; his quote was in a Times article. But, what can you expect when you put a recorder in front of a HS kid who just lost the biggest game of his life? I agree, game could have definately gone either way. IMO, play this game 10 times in 10 weeks and it could easily go 5-5 or 6-4 at best. All the breaks just seemed to go EC's way. Their first TD was aided by an offsides on a FG attempt and a trick play that likely would have been picked or ended the drive had Maxwell thrown it a few inches shorter. That's why coaches say sometimes you need a little luck. Unfortunately for Lowell, East Central came out on top this time. I do disagree with Old Linemen. Those INT's were not forced by the EC defense. IMO, a forced INT is the defense making a great play. The first one was a jump ball thrown into the EZ on a pass that wasn't even necessary. The 2nd one was iffy. Not sure what the Lowell WR was doing. It appeared he just sat on the route and didn't finish it. Clearly, the EC Safety made a great play, but I'm not sure he really jumped the route. That play is at the very least a dropped pass if the Lowell WR didn't sit on the ball. Felt bad for him as the Lowell QB ripped into him after the play. Looking at it under a microscope: First Downs: 14 to 13 in favor of East Central Rushing Yards: 144 to 142 in favor of Lowell Passing Yards: 144 to 65 in favor of Lowell Turnovers: 0 to 3 in favor of East Central Red Zone Chances/Scores. 1/3 for Lowell and 2/2 for East Central Time of Posession: 21:47 for Lowell and 26:13 for East Central Stating the obvious here, but these 2 couldn't be lost by either team if they expected to win.
  21. Pickerington Central has advanced to the Ohio Division 1 State Championship after knocking off Colerain. I believe Detroit King lost in the FInal Four. Louisville St. X is playing Trinity for the State Title. I would be curious to know who Cathedral coaches felt the best team they played was.
  22. Bucket Game

    I believe you are correct.
  23. Lowell vs East Central!

    I didn't get to see very much of Lowell since I'm in Fishers, but didn't the other RB's get more carries than JJ during the year? Seems like Lowell embraced the power I with JJ the past two games. Would have liked to see them mix it up on the 2nd to last drive in the 4th. EC saw enough of JJ in the Dwenger game and on that drive. They adjusted wisely with the blitz.
  24. Lowell vs East Central!

    I would say TO's and Kilmer going to the well with JJ too many times in the 4th. EC wisely adjusted with the blitz and Lowell didn't. Just tried to continue running power with JJ and the drive stalled. Plus, Igras throwing a jump ball into the EZ that resulted in a INT late in the 2nd quarter. Just a brutal decision by the QB. Lowell needed to end that drive with at least 3 on the board. The offsides on the FG attempt by EC just can't happen. EC's defense and overall lack of mistakes was huge. I feel EC's defense won that game. 2 INT's inside the red zone was the difference. Both of those drives looked they would end with points on the board for Lowell. I would be surprised if Lowell didn't have 100 more yards of total offense, which I would have thought would guarantee an RDP win. Congrats to EC's D for not breaking and to the coaches. Seemed like a well disciplined team.
  25. Lowell vs East Central!

    Ha! I think everyone in The Region is German, Polish, or Eastern European. My dad was born in Germany, came through Ellis Island when he was 5, grew up in Chicago near Logan Square, and moved down to The Region in the late '70's. Speaking of Great American, I once left my office in Fishers at 5 to try making opening pitch of a Cubs/Reds game. I may be exhaggerating, but I think I averaged 100MPH down I-74 to try making it in time. I remember my wife slowed us down by insisting we had to stop at Castleton Mall for her to pick out a Cubs hat. Anyways, we ended up getting in our seats by the bottom of the 1st, and it was by far the worst baseball game I've ever been to. I think both teams combined for 1 run and less than 5 hits. I wasn't in the mood to see a pitchers dual after all of the trouble I went through to get to Cincinnati by 7.