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  1. Go Raiders! Represent the PAC well!
  2. Yup, my son and I plan on being there....I'd say it will be a packed house. We are coming no matter how crappy the weather is.
  3. Great looking stadium! 4 quarters of football will be key Friday. If we do that, we are competitive, if not, we aren't. My thoughts exactly. It's time to give everything you have for every play the entire game, they have it in them, it just hasn't been cut loose all season.
  4. I hope we are good hosts for you guys, and I am sure that we will be. I also hope that we can turn the page, get these boys fired up and play 4 quarters....if that happens we could have a great game Friday.
  5. Nail meet head. 4 quarters of football....with that we would be looking at a different outcome on the season.
  6. Honestly? That is a great question, because all sarcasm aside I will say this. We should be competitive not only for a PAC but for much more. We have the kids to make it happen. We had the kids to make it happen this year. We definitely have the kids to make it happen in '18 and '19....not only should we be competitive for a PAC but for much more. The kids are talented and take training seriously. The 8 years after that? Who knows....There is a class coming (my son's group) that has Goldberry's kid and Winchell's kid--and they both show ridiculous potential, along with about another dozen kids but they are 10 years old. Despite all this we have a game this Friday night. Do we have the kids to win it? I think so. Will they? Honestly, probably not, but it isn't because we don't have the kids to do it. Our kids have the ability, but unfortunately it takes more than that.
  7. No, I have not but I do understand that they are a great team. Like I had said, it could happen for VL....
  8. Understood. I listened to the game on the radio. 2nd half sounded brutal. It is a game I will likely go to. As for the VL team, indeed it can happen, but I just don't see them having the horsepower.
  9. So I'm curious....HONESTLY....do most think that GS has what it takes to beat Memorial? What do GS people think? I would like to see GS beat Memorial, but after the way they have destroyed their schedule this season.... I know there are games to play before then, we look at current game, blah, blah, blah.....let's be realistic....while I think GS is good, not sure they can play with that. Lack of common opponents is getting to me I guess. I hope to be able to make that. Actually, the truth is we at HH have been playing opossum all season and we are just hoping you look a couple games forward as we finally turn the page.
  10. Sectional 32

    Will this game be at home or at Memorial?
  11. Yeah I know but I think one of the best and next year with the right direction, I think he could be the best in conference.
  12. I appreciate sarcasm, however, maybe we are down as well. Just a thought. And indeed that game could have easily been 60+ I say down, but still believe you to be one of the best teams in the tri state. I hope you have the horsepower to best Memorial and VL.... Even though in my view you are "down" I think that game could have been quite a bit worse.....which is really sad because we got great kids with great talent. I think we have on of the best qbs in the PAC.
  13. I agree. SR is really good. When we played you guys (GS) I thought you looked down compared to the last few years--you are obviously good, but a little off.
  14. Sorry, I did NOT mean anything against SR in this comment. You have a great team and earned that win and frankly I thought going into the game that it could have been worse. What I meant was that with the kids we have we shouldn't go .500, which we likely will. Sorry, I'm tired and frustrated. SR has a great team, great win and great heart. Doubling the bleachers!?!? That will look like Tell City's attendance if we double. I'll still be there tho!
  15. Will to win--there you go. They do not play 4 quarters. SR is a good team but with the kids we got we shouldn't lose 4 in a row and shouldn't have lost tonight. With the next 2 classes coming, in the next 2 years, if we don't hang some metal at the end of the field, I think we may need to take a honest look at the problem. The current sophomore/junior class is one of the best we have had in a while. I hate to see that talent wasted. To Southridge--good luck in sectional, I'd love to see you beat Mater Dei!