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  1. School Fight Songs

    @Bcaster Bosse - Illinois Loyalty Central - Minnesota I’m almost positive someone in the SIAC uses Ohio St, so by process of elimination that would leave North. But i’m not sure on that.
  2. Curious what his title/responsibility will be. Pike County paper reported he was leaving to be ‘Co-defensive coordinator’ and track coach. I’m not sure what a co-coordinator does.
  3. I agree. The 2 platoon discussion seems like a pot/kettle comparison. To me it seems both teams do pretty much the same thing. I didn’t see where two platoons hurt GS last year, but that was just from seeing one game. And Memorial only played one player both ways - Combs- and we pretty much can agree he needed to be on the field. Griffin Scheller was used the same way a few years ago. Both teams used defensive guys at FB and extra blockers during short yardage and goal line situations. The biggest issue wasn’t the system; it was the GS schedule - and we have had that discussion before.
  4. Here’s a crazy stat for you regarding Evansville teams. Mike Goebel (21 years at Mater Dei) Add up all the other 6 coaches tenure at their current schools and you get: Hurley (10), Hape (5), Schnur (3), Oxley (1) plus Burgess and Paridaen being brand new equals 19. There’s obviously experience at other schools and as an assistant as well, but just odd how the city coaching landscape has changed over the last few years.
  5. I remember the good ol' days... when a thread could actually stay on topic. And why go to the trouble of writing a coherent, persuasive post when a meme can do all your talking for you?
  6. Muda has issues with that study, because the subjects were HS football players in 1957. I would surmise the original study of this post, from Annals of Neurology, would have similar sample problems. I cannot find the full article as it has been accepted for publication, but not yet published in other than abstract form. The full article should be available in about a month or two when published. It might be available sooner, but that would require me talking to the school librarian, and frankly, the old bird scares me. I did spend some time Saturday reading similar articles, especially about the age 12 issue. One study I found concluded that age 12 was a cut-off point for the likelihood and severity of CTE, but its subjects were brains donated in Florida between 1997-2007. These were 2,000+ donated brains of individuals who were a median age of 65 at death. So if they were on average 65 at death, and that was in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when would they have been playing HS football? Point being, if you will give credit to studies who examined players who showed CTE for exposure prior to age 12, you cannot then DISCREDIT the Wisconsin study above who examined players from 1957 on that issue alone. Both studies have the same questions of generalizability.
  7. Actually all 246 subjects are dead, so are you saying you don’t care about the other 35? How inhumane and uncaring of you. (I can play the re-direct with a strawman argument game too.) Tragedies occur, and each and every one is sad. Here is southern Indiana we had a high school student killed when her snow sled went down the hill and out into the road. Categorizing her death as an ‘acceptable loss’ for playing in the snow would be ridiculous. The notion that football coaches, parents, and fans who love the sport are knuckle-dragging Neanderthals is a lazy stereotype. That unfortunately doesn’t sell newspapers, just like studies citing concussion statistics for soccer and playground accidents. Funny - I criticized the Neanderthal stereotype before I even read your last post. I guess it’s not an original argument.
  8. I found the abstract of the scientific study. I hope to read the full study tomorrow if I can access it. The n = 246 and 211/246 had CTE. However it still has a self-selection bias that all these studies have. An analogy: I go to a Lexus car lot, interview all the people there to buy a car. I then publish a study - 211/246 respondents said price did not matter when buying a car. The popular press picks up on my findings and run the headline, “Americans shouldn’t care about price when car-shopping” and they cite my study as proof. Is that a valid conclusion? I hope to read the full study and analyze it. The point remains - these are 246 brains of individuals who donated their brains to science out of the hundreds of thousands who played football over that time frame.
  9. Agree 100%. I think the evidence speaks for itself that any coach who encourages a player to concentrate on one sport has only his/her best interest in mind and not the player's.
  10. Noblesville (and only Floyd Central from your list) is a community whose tax dollars were used to help support the financing and construction of the stadium. Shouldn’t those taxpayers reap the benefit of a publicly funded stadium before the other teams you listed? Whether it’s uninspiring or not - I have no problem with that taking priority.
  11. So you don’t answer Tango or anyone else’s question - just imply people smarter than you don’t have a problem with it and google it yourself. I’ve got no problem with someone being compensated for his time out of season. I think it would be great to teach all elementary school kids proper form and speed drills. Let’s say I’m a lawyer, accountant, or consultant. I have a pretty good business working out of my house. Can I start meeting my clients at the local school library so I can save on lights, utilities, and print documents for free? That is all that is being asked. Where does the money go? Is the cost of inputs free?
  12. I have to hand it to Driven. He's got a great strawman argument going. https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/strawman Although since we're talking about football coaches, maybe I should call it the 'tackling dummy' argument.
  13. I would buy a ticket to attend 7979's coaching clinic. I know who would be the opening speaker. This guy... https://www.determinedlook.com/
  14. I’m with @Impartial_Observer on this one. It’s an implementation issue. Both teams might even have Hudl on field capabilities with a sideline and end zone camera. Who is running those cameras? A HS student manager? A middle school coach? The left tackle’s dad? Visiting team has an issue with a play. Does the ref go to the home video system because it it the ‘official’ system? Does the ref have to run across the field to see both teams’ views? I would love to hear those conversations. “Coach, your camera doesn’t show it, but the LT’s dad on the other sideline has a good angle and the player stepped out of bounds.” I’m sure that would go over well!
  15. Clear and easily verifiable? You may think so but the referee or other team may not have. One more thing. What if those goal line plays/ 2 point conversion happened at the other end of the field? Would you still have had a clear and easily verifiable view?
  16. I think availability to play in the game was an important factor. A lot of D1 teams don’t want their athletes to play in the game. Taylor and Adams from Ben Davis didn’t make the teams either. I’m sure Obermeier would have been selected but Ball St. wanted him to enroll and start working out right after graduation.
  17. East Central Approves to fund field turf

    That will come in handy next time they host 4 straight playoff games.
  18. Banning tackle football is without a doubt an overreach of the government. I think it is a major overreaction as well. However it would be foolish to deny that there are problems with youth football. Indiana passed SEA222 for a reason. Now that it has been in effect for several years, I would be curious to see any information on its impact and effectiveness.
  19. Evans Brothers Leave Central

    With all due respect, I think avoiding East Central was about 9,745th on their list of reasons to transfer.
  20. Evans Brothers Leave Central

    At least they didn’t have to go all the way to Lithuania to find a league to play in. Big 8 track meet could be an eye opener for their competition.
  21. Rules Ideas

    How many NFL games are played on a field with a track surrounding it? That doesn't negate your point, but it's not an apples to apples comparison. The Steelers and Cowboys don't have to worry about Joe Schmoe AD who just spent a lot of money resurfacing their track and doesn't want a bench or Gatorade table sitting on it. It's also rare that the sideline is evenly split home/visitor on most fields that I have seen as well. I think those two are the main reasons why you would get pushback from trying to keep coaches completely out of the box.
  22. Sorry - my sarcasm doesn't translate to message boards! LOL Here's another example of coaches crossing the line with his bro's.
  23. Tells me all I need to know about your opinion. Thanks for playing. I get sick of the bro culture myself. This picture is clearly crossing the line.
  24. 40-Second Play Clock

    I agree with this. Games have actually become shorter around here, probably because of the predominantly spread offenses. Incomplete passes were a killer in the 25 second clock days. Currently even a 45 yard incomplete fade ends up with the next snap getting off less than 40 seconds later. That never happened under 25 second rules. Running plays and first downs don't seem to be that different. And it's definitely more consistent. I would even like to see the 40 second clock after a TD, perhaps starting when the ball is spotted... but that is just me.
  25. @Coach Nowlin you forgot to highlight which openings were a result of The Success Factor.