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  1. Markese Stepp

    IU's offense has gone downhill (and will continue to go that way) because they lost their 2 best position coaches (OL and RB) and because like him or not, Kevin Wilson knew offense. IU is on the downslide from mediocre. Which isn't good.
  2. Peebles to Cathedral

    Good move. Peebles is a Cathedral guy and knows he can win big there. In 6A, if you aren't at Ben Davis, Warren Central, Carmel or Center Grove you are just wasting your time if you are trying to win a state championship. Its a 4 school class.
  3. Best Chances for 2018 Title

    New Palestine should be better in 2018 then they were this year. And they were a top 6-8 team in 5A this year.
  4. Best Chances for 2018 Title

    6A only really consists of Ben Davis, Warren Central, Carmel and Center Grove so if its anyone outside of those 4 who win the state, it would be a minor miracle. Those others "chasing" can chase all they want but they are better off taking a nap and saving their energy.
  5. Mercy Rule

    Again, that is on the coach to make those decisions. If he doesn't want his QB running the ball, he can call plays to make sure he doesn't run in a blowout. He should have been frustrated with himself for allowing his QB to get hit like that in that situation. So he likely earned his trip to the IHSAA offices. Still could happen with a running clock mercy rule situation too. I just don't see what the reasoning is for this "rule" to begin with. Besides giving the players fewer plays, the paying customers less for their money, speeding games up (to save electricity??), and pretending 42-0 "feels" better then 56-0 does. Or that JV players, who get the crap beat out of them at practice for 3 months, don't deserve to play in varsity games. And with many programs (even in 4A-6A schools) struggling with numbers to begin with in this day-and-age, that's not good to keep those kids interested.
  6. Mercy Rule

    What if he was being serious? Again he's the head football coach of his team. He should be able to run it as he sees fit. Its not about whether the officials think the game should speed up because the score on the scoreboard is "out of hand." They are officials that have no idea about what's best for a particular team anyway. What's the IHSAA sportsmanship mantra? Let the officials officiate. Let the players play. Let the coaches coach. They should follow their own commercial soundbites.
  7. Mercy Rule

    As is letting 60 year old former school administrators who don't know a football from a tennis ball, legislating what is "right" and "proper" and what isn't. I still would like to know what is so ingenius about a "mercy rule"? And what it actually "solves"? Again, you get 10 guaranteed football games a year if you are a varsity football player. Ten. For kids at most schools, you get 2 or 3 years in your life maximum to play varsity football. Is it asking too much to play 48 minutes of football in those 10 games? Coaches are already criminally underpaid as is for the amount of hours they put in YEAR-ROUND. You want to take more gametime away from these guys? If the football coaches and AD's at schools aren't equipped to handle blowout situations, on the good end or bad end, then they probably aren't equipped to be coaches or AD's to begin with.
  8. State Title Games

    Best game was the 4A game. Very hard nosed from start to finish. Great defense, great tackling and every yard was earned. 3A game was a good one as well. EM led from start to finish but couldn't shake Brebeuf. 2 good QB's and teams could move the ball which made the game interesting. EM puts it away late with their offense. 6A game was like watching a varsity team against a JV team. Game was over about 2 minutes in. Methinks that Penn wasn't the 2nd best team in the state in 6A. Or would have even won a sectional in the south. 1A game was one-sided as expected. No surprise there. 5A game was more competitive then expected. Kokomo performed better then most would have thought. Never felt like Columbus East was ever in jeopardy of losing though. And the 2A game, despite it being close and exciting at the end, was a terribly played game. Those that think that was some kind of "great game" or "the best finals game they've ever seen" obviously are speaking with their homer hearts. Very sloppy. Very little blocking (Woodlan's O-line was awful) and some "interesting' play calls and game decisions. Just by watching them play, I'd say it was a down year in 2A football. Congrats to Southridge though because they've knocked on the door for a while and its good they finally got over the hump. Those titles will mean more to them and Evansville Memorial then any other schools. The first ones are always the sweetest.
  9. Great finish but that was a very poorly played game. Congrats to Southridge for getting their 1st ever title. A great football community finally gets one.
  10. Mercy Rule

    Serious question, why? So the adults can get to the bars quicker after the game?
  11. The consensus among most coaches in the know is that Kokomo was going to get beaten badly. I think they played really well just to keep it as close as they did. I think they played hard. They just weren't good enough.
  12. No, he sounded like he was clueless to be honest. The vast, vast majority of coaches, if seeding sectionals come to pass, would want to seed the top 2 teams in each sectional. And draw out the rest. Cox seems to think "seeding the sectionals" means seeing them 1-4 or 1-8. That's not the case. Which makes his lame "mercy rule" comment sound ridiculous. And btw, the mercy rule is a joke to begin with. But that's another argument altogether. If you are gonna put 0-9 teams in your state tournament, they are very, very likely to get their heads handed to them no matter who they play in the sectional. Most of those teams have packed in for the season already anyway and are counting the days til the season ends. Plus you can still have 2 lousy teams play if you seed the first 2 teams. 7 can still draw 8. So Commish's dream of seeing a crappy team beat another crappy team and get some sort of joy in that, can still happen. If you seed the top 2 teams in the sectional Commish, you have a MUCH better chance of seeing the top 2 teams play each other for a sectional championship trophy. Which is what people want to see. That would be BETTER for crowds (plus that sectional final game is more likely to be played AWAY from fall break which is a KILLER for crowds already). Playing for a sectional trophy IS different then playing in round 1. It just is. The buildup is different. The game feels bigger. So da Commish is wrong here. Also his argument that "the best teams are all here" for the state finals is a joke too. Is Penn the 1st or 2nd best team in 6A? Nope. Is Kokomo the 1st or 2nd best team in 5A? Hell no they aren't. Is Brebeuf the 1st or 2nd best team in 3A? No over the season they haven't been. Not looking at any rational metrics these teams aren't. The best handful of teams in 6A, 5A and 3A were in the south. Ask most coaches and they'll all tell you that on or off the record. Just because somebody has to get to a state final game from the northern half of the draw in these classes does not make them "the best" of their class. To think so and publicly make that statement is foolish. And a bogus argument for the topic at hand.
  13. Nobody has ever accused the IHSAA of having a clue. The regional and semi-state games this year were garbage all over the state. Yea there were some good games here and there. But a lot of bad matchups and games that were decided literally when one team got to the gamesite on time for the kickoff. And half of the state games are likely to be mismatches too. But ohh well. At bare minimum, the top 2 teams in each sectional should be seeded. Put in opposite brackets. Regional and Semi-State games should be at neutral sites (because there are some venues that have no business hosting a game past the sectional). Those are EASY fixes. But not in Indiana.
  14. The Dream is Alive!

    Uncharacteristic rough year for the non-publics. Only 2 (!) in the state finals in 2017. Has to be a record low number. And there will only be one winner too. Again, likely a record in modern times. They'll just have to get back to it and work harder next year.
  15. That whole thing really doesn't mean that much. Brebeuf is a team that got hot towards the end of the season. Back-to-back wins over 6A teams in HSE (30-0 shutout) and Westfield. Both had down seasons but how many other 3A teams in the state have 1 win over a 6A opponent, let alone 2 in consecutive weeks? Then beat #1 West Lafayette (a very similar team in some regards to EV Memorial). And has arguably been the best defensive team in 3A in the 2nd half of the year. Brebeuf certainly does have a chance. MUCH more of a chance then a few other state finalists do in their perspective games (there are likely to be some awful mismatches this weekend) That being said, I wouldn't want to play Evansville Memorial inside, in perfect weather. That is a scary group to try and defend for 4 quarters. And the QB is the best junior QB in the state. I think Memorial wins but Brebeuf hangs in there and stays within shouting distance.