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  1. Purdue Basketball

    That game winner by Bridges should be thrown out and PU loss rescinded BTW: BOOGIE: 40 burger. mercy
  2. State Predictions

    northwestern wins
  3. Purdue Basketball

    no doubt about it pal, I just fully believe that MP is a guy who refused to go down that rabbit hole. I hope he/PU doesn't break my heart. What a gritty performance last night, losing VE day before, and taking on a red hot PSU team. So happy to get the W!!! Penn St will be handful throughout the rest of the year and scary next year. Carr is so tough!!
  4. Purdue Basketball

    not 1 bit
  5. Purdue Basketball

    I will take that bet friend
  6. Zach Prairie out at KV

    They hired Lowell's DC Derek Thompson. See if he can get the Kougars playing championship level ball
  7. Purdue Basketball

    LOVE ZO: HOWEVER come back to me when he wins something of significance. He does have that CIT title in 2010 however, but got to sweet 16 in Tennessee before getting ran out. Had 2 NBA players at Cal and got bounced by a 13 seed round 1 there. Year 2, NIT bound. He did make a nice move hiring Porter's dad on staff to get him to Mizzou, but injury derailed his 1 and one year. So HARD PASS at this time,
  8. Fact!! We have also been guilty, more so this past year, our WB would be pegging down with our OL, then going in motion, as Bobref said, also illegal. I got to the point last year where I told my WB to break the huddle get to his spot and PEG DOWN immediately to LEAVE NO DOUBT, that seemed to work.
  9. Week 1 2014: We 100% were illegally shifting on the 5 or 4 shifts we did, no doubt about it. That was week 1, first time we ran it, and I believe it was called illegal motion two times, encroachment the others. Coach Stewart was right on with that. Next few days, we reached out to IFOA, we filmed our resets in practice and with our game film. We were instructed by IFOA what we were doing was illegal and were informed how to make it legal, which we did the rest of the season. I spent the next 14 weeks with my IPAD out in the pre game meeting, showing each crew the wrong way we did it and how we fixed it. We were shifting our FB/WB, and RB at the same speed as our normal snaps, which was illegal. Once we slowed the initial come up from their positions, then sprinted across the formation, it made it legal. I believe IFOA even made a weekly training video of said formation shift for their weekly video session they send out.
  10. Purdue Basketball

    just in a funk right now: Last night, it looked to me that they were very mentally fatigued. They have been together ALOT since summer, I know Painter has tried to steal rest all season, but playing overseas for USA, Bahamas trip and rattling off the 19 straight with extra media attention, you put that all together, you get what looked like a very mentally tired team. Usually when that happens, you would like to think the SR laden group would be able to get out of that funk last night, and they did from like the 11 min mark to the 6 or so minute mark, they played focused and hard defense, got stops, got to the foul line and got the lead back up to 7 or 9 points. THEN, they fell back into cruise control and Wisconsin hit shots, Happ destroyed us with his rec league moves and rest is history. Mental fatigue cherry on top, had to be Haas fouling down 3 after wisconsin worked the clock down under 10 on shot clock and Haas out of nowhere comes and hugs Happ....... Dumb on so many levels. I don't believe Crean should of gotten fired, good coach, better recruiter, he was fun to poke at with his antics, but he and Painter are not clueless. The fire Painter mob is dumb on thousand levels.
  11. Purdue Basketball

    That one was a bad one. No doubt about it. They looked mentally tired, which led to poor execution on both ends against a very bad Wisconsin team. Worst part is we lay an egg on Frank Kamisky night. Him and Happ are my 2 want to throat punch players in Badger history. UGH> However, I am NOT about to jump off the train, like many of these so called Boilermaker fans that I saw just ripping away in fiercely and may I personally add embarrassingly so. I understand some frustration from last night. But acting like this team is going to lose every game moving forward is a bit much for this meat head
  12. Colby* new Maconaquah Coach

    How awesome for the Colby family. Best Wishes to Austin and the Braves!!
  13. IU-Purdue Recruiting Deadlock

    His son attends LCC Middle School. point still stands, they love the area it seems.
  14. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

    Frank Reich answering McAfee questions yesterday made my day!! Granted I had a pretty bad one, so bar was set low, but great personality and answers!! Good Stuff
  15. ND vacates 21 wins. Appeal denied

    Vacating wins is just dumb. Nobody cares, it will not hurt the ND brand.