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  1. I will never be mistaken for a ND fan by any means, but I watched them this past Saturday and that was very impressive football game. Those two OL on the left are pretty special and QB making all the right decisions with the ball/feet. Biggest takeaway, how fast and physical their defense played under this new DC from Wake. Win out I would support ND in final 4. EDIT: By suport I mean would understand their inclusion, not necessary be rah rah for the home team ya know. not to get confused here with my Domer friends here.
  2. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    Doyle obliterated TY and Colts.
  3. Bears 2016 and NOW 2017

    Fire Fox Promote Fangio That is all.
  4. Bears 2016 and NOW 2017

    5 of the 1st 127 picks. Lets Go http://www.csnchicago.com/bears/nfl-draft-bears-have-five-first-127-picks
  5. Need it substantiated by a print media source or by the coach himself here. There are lots of places that can substantiate "offers" and "Verbals"
  6. Hey might as well get one started here: Current stuff going on: Former Bomber Great Jake Kiger will be inducted into the RCHS HOF here in a few weeks at ceremony during a basketball game, very happy for Jake and well deserved Other Bomber News: We are officially on board with week 6 opponent: We will be travelling Bomber Nation to Champaign Illinois to face off with Champaign Central : The Maroons were 4-5 last year, but posted a playoff team in 2015 at 11-2. This will be a 1 year deal. I believe school has around 1000 students. http://il.8to18.com/cchs/activities/football/b http://www.maxpreps.com/high-schools/central-maroons-(champaign,il)/football/schedule.htm Anybody have anybody signing anywhere in a few weeks?
  7. 2017 Boilermaker Football

    Its finally announced and official: George Karlaftis is 1000% Committed to Boilermakers!!! #hometownhero
  8. Hoosier Conference 2017

    Quarter We had our Frosh/Soph in the 2nd half and ran QB Wedge every play, after our JV qb opened the 2nd half with a muffled snap, then picked it up and ran it in from 20 some out. That was last "power" we ran, rest were wedges, then we get inside the 20 and worked on our FG team and kicked a few FG attempts, 1-2 in those reps. Taylor coach told me they have something like 3 or 4 surgeries set for this week, just had so many injuries forcing kids in who are not quite ready. Got in, got out, all healthy......BOY that Eastbrook team looks the part. gonna be a fun week preparing for Triple Option football. P.S. YES GKIII !!!! #HometownHero
  9. Sectional 35

    Bombers won 66-0 Eastbrook has a very very nice team from what I saw when I visited vs Ole Miss. Can't wait to get into film over the weekend, probably be having some serious night terrors with #22 speed !!! Mercy he looked fast a few weeks back and his stats are video game numbers. Have a great week Panther folks: Hit me up with any questions about the way of the land in Jasper county. But if you come over and do not HAVE a wagonmaster, well thats on you!!!
  10. Tindley HS – Rule 3‐8 (Football coach knowingly played ineligible players in an interscholastic contest – PROBATION) 1. The Tindley Accelerated School football program is placed on probation. Probation is severe type of warning, is a matter of record, and shall not be repeated. 2. The students remain ineligible until such time they may become eligible and certified as such by the Principal. 3. The IHSAA accepts and strongly supports the termination of Head Coach Chris Edison by Tindley Accelerated School as an appropriate resolution to this matter. 4. The contest in which the ineligible athletes participated in shall be forfeited if Tindley was victorious. The opposing school shall be made aware of this violation. Does that change their record of 6-3? Not sure how many players were used or if they factored into any of the Wins. Hate seeing this stuff. Kudos to Tindley for taking appropriate actions.
  11. Folks of the GID, take a moment and find words, articles about this bad boy!!! Going through some Tweets and accounts of the game is just unbelievable offensive out put. 58-56 Final. 2 contrasting styles, LaPorte Double Tight Full House vs Spread system of MC. Sounds like a Defensive Pass Interference with 1.7 sec left, LaPorte, one last heave to the end zone and caught!!! Final 58-56. These 2 squads more than likely will be playing again in a few weeks.
  12. 2017 Boilermaker Football

    tick tock
  13. D3 College Cancels Remainder of season

    Hence ....the lawsuit.
  14. D3 College Cancels Remainder of season

    http://footballscoop.com/news/occidental-college-forfeits-season-due-lack-players/ Interesting tidbit from the article. Lawsuit filed prior to the cancellation of season. Also: How do they wait until August 1st to hire the HC????
  15. Hoosier Conference 2017

    Sounds like a visit from Grampa O'shea !!!
  16. Hoosier Conference Pick 'Em Sectional Round 1

    1 Point Games West Lafayette Rensselaer Tipton 2 Point Games Western Twin Lakes Hamilton Heights Lewis Cass 3 Point Games Northwestern Attica Lafayette Central Catholic GOING ALL HOOSIER CONFERENCE TEAMS!!!
  17. Region Pick'em Sectional round 1

    Sectional 17 Hammond Morton [7-2] Griffith [8-1] Lowell [9-0] Hammond Gavit [4-5] Sectional 18 New Prairie [8-1] Mishawaka [5-4] South Bend Riley [6-3] Hobart [6-3] 3A Sectional 25 Wheeler [4-5] Andrean [6-3] Twin Lakes [4-5] West Lafayette [8-1] 2A Sectional 33 North Newton [5-4] t Boone Grove [6-3] Gary Roosevelt [6-2] Sectional 35 Rensselaer Central 1A Sectional 41 Winamac [4-5] Triton [6-3] Culver [5-4] LaVille [5-4] Pioneer [9-0]
  18. Hoosier Conference 2017

    Hoosier conference has a newest BOOSTER: DCJJONES!!! Thanks pal
  19. 2017-2018 Donation Drive

    Thanks DCJJONES !! our newest BOOSTER!!!
  20. D3 College Cancels Remainder of season

    just stinks man......all of it
  21. Hoosier Conference 2017

    Film vs Delphi we have: looked like nice black pants with orange stripe of camo style pants and on the white cuffs of the jersey Game vs NW it looks orangish field. Is it red? Assuming now based on the response. Not gonna lie, it was hard to see as they film with Ipad with no zoom.....
  22. D3 College Cancels Remainder of season

    Followed by The Fall without SJC in town
  23. NFL Touchdown Celebrations

    my top 2 so far I have seen: For the record: I LOVE THIS.....ALL OF THIS....... So don't you old foggies come on here and start to scream to get off your LAWN!!
  24. IHSAA Football Tournament Show

    gotta link for the commentary show, did not see it earlier
  25. Echo the same sentiments to our Poll master. Much appreciated