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  1. 2018 Free Agency and other off season moves

    Miami cleaning house on some perceived trouble makers: Sends a strong message Suh, landry, now Pouncy
  2. Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    With secondary in tack: If somehow NELSON from ND falls, ALL FREAKING DAY: If he isn't there, which would surprised me if he was, then Im all in on Raquan Brown LB Georgia
  3. 5 of the 1st 127 picks. Lets Go http://www.csnchicago.com/bears/nfl-draft-bears-have-five-first-127-picks
  4. 2017-2018 Donation Drive

    Thanks BOWWOWINDY for your donation!!
  5. Bears 2016/2017 and Now 2018

    Who are these Bears?? Spending wise money?? Wa Wa WHAT!!!
  6. 2A Football

    35 set to be pretty loaded sectional it seems
  7. I get hit up time to time with inquiries: Our AD just sent this out recently: So I figured I would post it as well here: IHSAA Summer information.pdf
  8. Need it substantiated by a print media source or by the coach himself here. There are lots of places that can substantiate "offers" and "Verbals"
  9. 2A Football

    Woodlan has a very good sophomore class who were stuck behind talented skill kids in their SR class.
  10. 1A Football

    nothing that has crossed my wire yet
  11. Summer Rules Info:

    If you go against another team then it is 1 of the 5 competition days: If you practice by yourself with Helmet on or Shoulder pads it counts towards the 12 days. If you go on air with no equipment on then it does not count towards any of the 12 days, assuming you are not coming close to contact drills with zero equipment on Last year: Monday Check in: Monday Night: Pro Pad: By ourselves; counted towards 1 of the 12 days, but not a competition day Tuesday: Competition day 1 Wed: Competition Day 2 Thursday: Checked out in morning
  12. Spring Football

    Call IHSAA if you feel strongly that their has been a violation
  13. Hamilton Heights Open?

    You find many Admins with coaching backgrounds, due to leadership qualities within that domain translates well to Principals/AP/Deans. And wouldn't you know it, many of those people got started as PE teachers. Shocking I know
  14. Kankakee Valley's new head coach was DC at Lowell for last 8 years so this upcoming year he will have that experience.
  15. Hamilton Heights Open?

    Many times schools will hired a 3rd administrator calling them a DEAN: They help take the load of Attendance and daily hand book violations, and discipline issues that arise throughout the day. For some bigger schools it is a lot to ask for your assistant principal to be in charge of Attendance, Discipline, all while keeping up with all the other aspects of evaluations and duties of an AP. Though its preferred, I do not think you have to have an admin license to be a dean, but most do require, rightfully so.
  16. Spring Football

    Most I have spoken too outside of Indiana would GLADLY give up the spring sessions to have the summer rules Indiana allows. These comments were from Ohio, Florida, California
  17. The End of an Era

    Concur!! My favorite is still Ron Cherry ( minus bobref of course ) I believe his son is taking over as Referee Good stuff
  18. Spring Football

    Practice no: Open Facility yes. I am good as long Summer doesn't change in any way shape or form for Football. Still not holding my breathe on when IHSAA will force some sort of restrictions like they said they were going to 5 years ago in IFCA meeting when we were forced to develop a plan as you see today, which I fully endorse, but still waiting on Basketball et al to have to follow suit........ Again not holding my breathe
  19. Summer Rules Info:

    Cannot wati: 1st class and great help for both teams and officials. We are hosting a competition day with Bremen, Tri County and Highland in June as well, we already have 6 officials willing to come get extra work in as well. Best way to go about it imo.
  20. NC OL coach

    Yes OC and OL coach and currently still is.
  21. Colby* new Maconaquah Coach

    Love me the Double and Singe Wing!!! It is Sexy!!!
  22. Purdue Basketball

    disappointing finish, but not angry at all, Would be if lost to anyone else but Michigan. I blame Sparty....... MSG and B10 Tournament was OUTSTANDING: Job well done across the board. So glad I went
  23. Purdue Basketball

    things look to be shaping up really good again for the Winter Boilermakers!! Biggie correctly coming back, sounds like even in better shape. New addition of Carson Edwards is turning some heads in summer pick up games, hopefully a healthy Spike Albrecht can give a good boost and PJ can keep improving. Really want Vince Edwards to just play mad all the time, when he does he is electric. Also I think Basil Smotherman will have an impact year as well with lots of energy. Those are my way early Boilermaker thoughts
  24. IU-Purdue Recruiting Deadlock

    Jack Kiser is projecting out to be an OLB in college. Cam Williams for Andrean looks the part, seen him a few times along with MC OLB Triplett in the summer circuits. Karlaftis is just so so so hard to game plan for, Woodard has had a great off season, really turned heads at some winter showcases. Played a lot of NG for their 3-3 stack. But projects out to DE in college. Not a lot of people did score on WL last year. Western was able to get 3 to 5 yards a pop with their stud QB, which gave us some false hope as we run similar styles, but they survived that then lost the next week to a talented Crete Monee team that was able to send a strong message to their defense. They then came out the next week vs us in the Dome and played with such an edge that I hadn't seen from their defense before, played angry and you saw how the rest of the way went. Really truly laid an egg vs. Brebeuf. Score with 1 min to go, then they give up an 70 yard reverse kick return td. WEST LAFAYETTE 2017 SEASON (11-2) Coach: Shane Fry Aug. 18 at Tri-West W 40-10 Aug. 25 McCutcheon W 42-22 Sep. 1 at Western W 42-28 Sep. 9 Crete-Monee (Ill.) L 29-44 Sep. 16 (n)Rensselaer Central W 55- 6 Sep. 22 at Benton Central W 59- 0 Sep. 29 at Lafayette Central Catholic W 49- 0 Oct. 6 Twin Lakes W 70- 0 Oct. 13 Tipton W 51- 6 Oct. 20 Benton Central W 79- 7 sect Oct. 27 Twin Lakes W 56- 6 sect Nov. 3 Andrean W 56-10 sect Nov. 10 at Brebeuf Jesuit L 10-13 regn CG just sent off a couple studs last year, granted 1 was a move in, YEAST, but they will be alright moving forward.