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  1. Why Toole? Vincennes did not post stats on Maxpreps so we can not see what his numbers look like.
  2. I did not think it was poorly played at all. The offenses did not look great at times but the defenses were the main reason the offenses looked not so great. QB for Southridge looked like he was having issues with his throwing arm. He usually runs the ball a lot but did not run much if at all this game. That really changed the way the offense ran.
  3. Evansville Memorial 23 Brebeuf Jesuit 14 3:28 left in the 3rd Big pass play by Brebeuf from their own 4 to the Memorial 4 Then Brebeuf marches backwards to the 27 Field goal attempt is good Evansville Memorial 23 Brebeuf jesuit 17 1:10 left in the 3rd
  4. Evansville Memorial 17 Brebeuf Jesuit 7 7:33 left in the 3rd Evansville Memorial 17 Brebeuf Jesuit 14 7:21 left in the 3rd Brebeuf runs kickoff back for the TD
  5. Southridge has only had 4 fumbles lost or interceptions over the 5 games of the tournament. Woodlan had that many in the last game alone.
  6. To be fair two of the turnovers were fumbles that were unforced. One fumble was forced by the defense and one interception that was forced by the defender when he got a hand on the ball as it arrived to the receiver. The first unforced fumble the QB dropped the ball when there was no defender within three yards. The 2nd unforced fumble the QB put the ball into the belly of his runningback and tried to pull it out. It did not come out clean and the ball was fumbled. Again no contact from the defense.
  7. Jerry Baker

    Looks like he was hired to be the PA guy at the Pacers games this year. The Pacers play both Friday and Saturday at home this week.
  8. Over the 5 games of the tournament Southridge has turned the ball over 4 times. 3 fumbles and 1 interception. They have ran 255 plays on offense. So 1 turnover every 63 plays. *These numbers do not include any series that end with a turnover on downs. Just fumbles and interceptions.
  9. I thought they had one fumble but if you were going by what the guy said on the video broadcast it was some kid named Tyler Schank from Shortside or Southside who fumbled. Although it looked to me like it was Tucker Schank from Southridge. Southridge's one turnover was on their 3rd play of the game. In those weather conditions that is not bad.
  10. August is now a recruiting dead period. The games in University of Cincinnati's Nippert Stadium were going to be in August so they had to move.
  11. Memorial up at least 13-7. Danville was on their own 26 and tried to pass. Ball slips out of the QB's hand as he brought the ball back. A Memorial lineman was right there to catch it and run for the touchdown. Lost the video feed so I don't know if they kicked an extra point or 2 point try. Memorial now up 21-7 with 9:15 to go in the game. No idea how they scored the 3rd time.