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  1. Still doesn't address DT's comments. Is it "unethical" for a teacher to get extra compensation for taking on extra responsibilities that involve students? DT has insinuated this, and Muda you have aided in that insinuation I'm asking if either of you want to man up and confirm that, or if your goal is to continue to talk out of both ends of your mouth and continue your path up hypocrisy mountain. To call those who make an effort to make an impact in children's lives "unethical" is pretty bush league, even for an internet troll.
  2. Peebles to Cathedral

    So you believe there is more pressure at LC to win?
  3. How do these connect in anyway to DT's comments? These are leadership issues, not whether it's ethical for a teacher to take on additional duties to aid children for compensation, which was DT's point.
  4. Peebles to Cathedral

    Wow, DT, wow. You think he's fleeing LC because of pressure, by taking Cathedral. Obviously no pressure there. Do you even listen to yourself?
  5. If you don’t care about your reputation.
  6. You’ve insinuated that teachers who take on additional responsibilities to aid in extracurricular activities offered to students for pay unethical, I think you owe a lot of people on here clarification.
  7. Nobody has signed anyone yet.
  8. Game the system? Again I'd love clarification and examples. Are you stating that a teacher who takes on an additional stipend to lead a sport, club, aid in working events beyond the standard workday is somehow unethical?
  9. Please point to an example of a specific individual who held this many positions with overlapping duties and time commitments. Let's also not ignore the fact you are talking about a teacher on the top end of the pay structure. Very few people who are 25-30 years into the career are going to do all the things you list on your list and commit to a 70 hour week. Since this appears to be a knock on a teacher do you think 80K is an inappropriate level of compensation for a person with 25 years experience a graduate degree working 70 hours a week? Just curious?
  10. Good luck finding a school that will let you coach all those sports while you are sitting in the truancy room after school, or working the scoreboard for another sport :)
  11. You don’t need to be a teacher anymore. You can easily be a lay football coach.
  12. Here’s your chance DT to be part of the solution.
  13. Best Chances for 2018 Title

    Pioneer has to be statistically the safest "bet" to win in 2018.
  14. We've heard this Tech to MIC talk before. Regardless of the fact that Tech has yet to gain a winning record in the NCC. Tech needs to field more sports, and multiple levels of all sports before the MIC would even begin a conversation.