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  1. A US population surpassing 400,000,000. Even if interest dwindles by percentage the raw numbers should more than make up the difference.
  2. If we took a time machine to the year 2038 there will absolutely be more kids playing football then there are today.
  3. I knew who he was, and I’m by no means an expert on NFL coaching staffs.
  4. Nagy is a ten year NFL coaching vet. If you don’t know who he is, maybe it proves you’re not in a position to comment about these things.
  5. I'm disappointed Muda, I thought we were having an honest conversation. But it can't continue with statements made like this. Any reasonable person could list 1/2 dozen functions beyond EXC's a school could use that space for. Your refusal because of your need to live in a world of black/white in regards to spending, is requiring you to be less than truthful. If your were employed by the district to find suitable uses for the field with dead time, you'd find plenty. In the end it just weakens your other points of view.
  6. So what we have here are two different conversations going on. We have 1) you opinion on what is appropriate funding philosophically. I'm not going to argue your point there, and you've made it clear for years, so let's move on from that. We also have 2) a debate over whether a "luxury" at some point crosses over into functional value. Do you really not see any functional value for a school district in a turf field. I understand you might have more check marks in the negative collum, but you don't have any in the positive category? Because I'm calling shananigens on that.
  7. Fair enough, then one can suppose using this logic if a school corp uses the field for more purposes then just supporting EXC then it crosses the threshold into value. However, my bussing comparison was ignored in your response, is this not a similar luxury connecting to function?
  8. I never made the claim that turf does. The burden is on you. I didn't even say it wasn't an extravagance. I simply asked you to tell me when an extravagance becomes the norm/acceptable based on function, similar to the examples I gave. For a large part of american educational history students walked to school. In recent decades the majority of students ride busses. Something in the 20's or 30's would've been viewed as an extravagance. Eventually function won out. Today districts have entire departments focused on transportation a major line item for a district. Something unheard of for 150 years of american education. I simply again will ask at what point does function win out. While turf fields are not cheap, they do offer districts a lot in return. While they may have qualified as an extravagance in 2000, in 2018, I'm not sure you can make that argument anymore.
  9. I would love statistical proof that indoor plumbing increases reading scores. Using this logic I assume you are against schools possessing pools, auditoriums, Weight rooms, and student common spaces.
  10. Muda, still waiting for your response to this.... At what percentage is the crossover point from extravance to reasonable. When 25% of schools posses turf fields? 50%? There was a time I’m sure some viewed air conditioning and indoor plumbing as extravagances. Eventually convenience and function often win out.
  11. Ehh....until you answer my question from weeks ago, what your bringing to the table just seems weak Plus the increase in school functions like graduation that can be held on them with no concern for wear and tear. I know schools that rent it out and make money, even one school that held a country music concert on their field. Many communities the field is open to the public to use when school teams are not using it. Tons of benefits...tons.
  12. Get some new material it’s a new year.
  13. At what percentage is the crossover point from extravance to reasonable. When 25% of schools posses turf fields? 50%? There was a time I’m sure some viewed air conditioning and indoor plumbing as extravagances. Eventually convenience and function often win out.