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  1. Alabama vs. Georgia - Who Ya' Got?

    I'm boycotting viewership until they put the game on a weekend or start it earlier....of course if we were on central time like the lord intended none of this would be an issue. /end grandpa rant/
  2. I'm not a school finance expert, but I can tell you that current law does not allow schools to move funds freely between all "departments" of their budget. Certain funds must stay in specific "departments". They have some leeway in specific instances, but the "Money is Money" argument is not founded in current law regarding school budgets. Not saying this is right or wrong, but that argument needs to be made to your representatives.
  3. When grandparents are in town we go two deep, man under...that helps a lot.
  4. Time commitment is relative for a lot of reasons... Fresh out of college, new teacher young coach....I didn't give a lick about time commitment. I was at everything, worked as many summer camps as I could....early mornings, long nights....coached more than one sport....etc, etc. I loved it. Loved being around the team, the coaches. Coaches were my social circle. Fast forward (more than) a few years. I'm married. I have three kids, they are in their own sports, activities. Wife and I both work full time. Now I have commitments well beyond what I had as a single, young coach. Summers are a much busier time for football than they used to be (for better and worse). My wife understands, I was a coach when we met. She is a trooper and shoulders a lot of the burden all fall. But we are naive to think the time commitment today is the same as it was 15 years ago...maybe even less than 10 years ago. I (and my family) are very fortunate. A very understanding Head Coach, who prioritizes our ability to make time for our families, coach our kids teams, get to their games, etc. And a large staff that can spread the work load. The pressures for time, are MUCH greater on small/mid-sized staff's where they have less shoulders for that "burden".
  5. 40-Second Play Clock

    From my perspective, don't go back to 25.... Also curious...Officials, what is the biggest change on your end of dealing with "hurry up" types of situations? (i.e. fast tempo offense that wants to snap/freeze count as soon as possible, end of half hurry up situations, etc). Specifically mechanics, communication
  6. I thought it was Joe Pesci.....
  7. NLC 2017

    CMA has been in 4A before. Goshen played them in 1988 playoffs.
  8. I seriously doubt the HCC would ever go back to 10 schools.
  9. NLC 2017

    Out of curiosity.....how many NLC teams have turf now? Goshen, Plym, ??Warsaw??...
  10. Most Violated Rule in the Book

    Not sure widely "ignored" (maybe not noticed)....but for offenses that run a lot of RPO, getting called for line man down field when they throw the pass option downfield. We try to remind during pregame, but rarely see it called. That playside tackle can be downfield 5 yards or more often blocking the ILB.
  11. NLC 2017

    This.... For all of us track coaches out there....most tracks only have 8 or 9 lanes. The conference meets take a lot longer when there are 3 heats of every laned race....have mercy on us ;-)
  12. NLC 2017

    East Noble or Mishawaka would be a good fit in terms of size, etc. No reason to split the conference though. 8 team conference is the ideal size for football, IMHO.
  13. Hudl Sideline

    Coach Smith (holding up iPad and standing to the left of HL): "Hey Coach Miller! Look how bad they are holding our end!!!" Coach Miller (standing to right of HL): "Thats crazy!!! How do they keep missing that?!?!?"
  14. Back to 5 class

    Welcome to life for the rest of us....the way we classify schools creates some intrinsic advantages for certain schools. Currently that advantage is most obvious at the top of 6A. Previously, schools like Cathedral enjoyed those advantages as described above. Are there advantages with open enrollment public schools...sure there are. Do all mega schools, p/p, open enrollment schools maximize those advantages? Nope....but those that do are often very successful over the long term. Personally I like a "clearinghouse" system that somehow counts only students who participate in extracurriculars (of any kind). Probably not that practical, but its what I'd try to do. Absent that I'd be in favor a multiplier system. The IHSAA and IFCA worked very hard and came up with the success factor....for better or worse, that is what we have. I think there are faults with it, but it is what we have and no one should "bash" any school for playing where that system places them. If you want, criticize the system and work to get it changed (productively). But to create drama because a certain school is/or isn't playing up a class is to put the blame in the wrong place. All of us should want the best situation for our kids to compete and be successfull...we can't blame others for wanting that same thing. Cheers to all....we get Yuengling this month! edit: most of this isn't directed at FK16