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  1. It will in some parts around FW
  2. I disagree PH. I LOVE watching Navy play. The precision with which they run so many variations of the option is impressive. I love seeing young men who are usually outmanned play with all their heart and still make things happen. In fact, THE best football game any year to watch is the Navy-Army game.
  3. yep, at Arsenal Tech in Indy
  4. That was an impressive drive. Follow it up with a quick stop of the Scecina offense. Start making plans to return to Indy SR
  5. Southridge is dominating the line of scrimmage. They run the option as well as Navy is running it against ND.
  6. Penn/Carmel

    I agree.....Same thing seemed to be the case at the Dwenger game. We have said the same thing though throughout the last few seasons. Internet broadcasts are really hurting attendance at high school games. We have asked for a tape delay that may help, but nope.
  7. The ones at St. Francis are not adjustable, and the last time I coached in a game at UIndy, the posts were not adjustable either. Some may have adjustable ones, but I am guessing that most schools don't since they had not considered hosting high school games.
  8. For the neutral site idea to work, I think there would have to be a couple of sites that could host multiple games. The larger crowd would better offset the rental fees. Also consider that most college stadiums cannot really account for the differences in field dimensions. The hashes in high school are 13' 4" wider than college hashes, and the goalposts are just under 5' wider than college posts. It is easy to paint the extra lines on a field, but getting new goalposts for high school games may be a bigger obstacle.
  9. In an ideal world, that sounds great. And I agree 100% that sites should be neutral. But there would need to be an alternate site for every other year as those schools would have home games the same weekend.
  10. Bears 2016 and NOW 2017

    At least he "WON" the challenge and kept the time out.
  11. I can see Auburn winning out. Alabama is limping in to the end of the season, and they could pay dearly, especially next weekend. Depending on how the Clemson/Miami game plays out, the loser may still be in the picture. Ohio State has an outside shot, but cannot get beat by Wisconsin. Georgia and Notre Dame have been eliminated from any chance at the playoff. Had either of their games been remotely competitive, they may have been able to keep a foot in the door; but with the way they both were beaten, they have no prayer. Even as an Irish fan, I do enjoy seeing the scramble at the top. An 8 team playoff would even be more fun to talk about.
  12. I retract every positive statement I have made about 1. This Irish team and 2. Abiut the ACC being down. Miami looks invincible against the Irish. That said, none of the top 4 teams looked good today.
  13. 2017 Hoosiers

    Wilson would still have Lagow at QB, and Ramsey as a back up. Maybe those roles flip, but the inconsistency that both have shown is not a play calling issue. They both struggled when defenses send pressure, mix up or disguise coverages. Wilson would have the same backfield in place, and would have had to deal with the same inconsistency in the run game. Allen calls the defense, and under Wilson, while we saw improvements, some of the same issues come up. The DB’s Struggle at times. The front struggles at times with defending the run and getting pressure on a qb. Maybe a different schedule would have helped. I don’t disagree with that. But that is a different conversation than the one I posed.
  14. 2017 Hoosiers

    So, with all the Wilson discussion; looking at the current roster, who here actually thinks this team would have a better record right now if Wilson were still the head coach? I for one, do not think it would be.
  15. 2017 Hoosiers

    I am ok with his intensity....at times. Having flags thrown because of it???? Unacceptable (says the guy who is in the pressbox every game lol)