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  1. Coaches Salaries

    What did you expect? Football is king down here in the Lone Star State! Closely followed by stick ball. Below was copied & pasted from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Article applies to 6A & 5A schools only. I have no idea what our HC makes (2A school) but he is also the AD & girls softball HC. Very common down here, in 1A, 2A & some 3A schools, to have the HFC also be the AD. To the best of my limited knowledge, most HFC's do not teach any classes. Austin Lake Travis coach Hank Carter is the highest-paid coach in the state, with an annual salary of $155,156. Twenty-eight coaches earn $120,000 or more, including five whose earnings top $130,000. Read the story: It pays to be in Texas, home of the $98,668 high school football coach
  2. This past season my son had deep thigh bruises/contusions on both legs - not at the same time. One early-season, the second mid-late season. Our cost, after insurance, for x-rays/doctor visits/several weeks total of PT was $2K. He went to a sports medical group for this; so don't know if that brought the cost up a little higher than the average doctor, but they sure got him rehab'd pretty quick. We have good insurance through my employer and it still was pricey IMHO. Those injuries forced him to miss 4 regular season & 2 playoff games. Thankfully we went pretty deep into post season this year so he still got some decent playoff time in his senior year.
  3. Seen something like this happen several years ago. When my son was in 8th grade, they played a team with one kid who kept pushing/shoving WELL AFTER the whistle had stopped blowing. Kid was an above-average-sized junior high lineman. Refs didn't do anything. Finally this jerk shoves my kid for the 3rd time - in front of the ref mind you - and my son asks him if he plans to throw the flag for that anytime tonight. Ref tells him to shut his mouth and just play. Kid does it next play, one of our assistants calls T/O and has a "discussion" with the head ref of the crew. Next series, kid does it again and refs throw the flag. Long story short, this kid gets flagged two more times in a row for this. So one of his coaches send a sub in for him and as the kid gets to the sideline, coach starts chewing him out. Should have been chewing on him well before that IMO. Anyway the kid gets mad, shoves the coach and then goes after him and has to be restrained. He got sat down on the bench for the rest of the 1st half. Came back out and played the second half like nothing had happened. If I was the coach, he would have been kicked off the team then and there. Same goes for Alabama tool and the stunts he pulled.
  4. Southeran wells

    Assume we're talking about football? HC or asst.? My better half graduated from SW ('88). Tries to keep up with things, but doesn't always have the time, and her sisters aren't always up on the latest news, either.
  5. Looks like I graduated 32 years too early lol. Of course the kind of "turf" they (NFL/NCAA) used back when I was playing h.s. ball was a step down from grass. I thought New Haven already had turf. I'm surprised the other three are getting it, just due to financial reasons. Is it a necessity? IMO, no it is not. Is it nice to have? IMO yes definitely. Like Irishman, I've heard that besides the initial investment, there is a huge maintenance cost savings, but that could be a regional thing seeing as how we have to water the he!! out of our grass fields to get them to look just acceptable. I doubt the same problem exists in Indiana. Also, what is the life expectancy of turf? I've heard anywhere from 10-15 years. I say if the money's there, go for it. If the community's behind it is a big factor as well. If you have to slide it through or do an end run to get it, probably not such a good idea. Don't know what percentage of schools up there have it, but down here if you're 4A or bigger and don't have turf you're considered behind the 8-ball. As I write this, that mind set will soon spill over into the 3A schools as probably close to half of them have it, and I'd bet 25% of 2A programs have turf as well. My son loved to play on turf, and was always hoping we'd have a few of those teams in our district. We also got turf fields in playoff games (all neutral sites ha ha). To comment further on what Coach G said, I agree that what was once a luxury many times becomes standard. When I was at Heritage in early-mid 80's, one whole side of the school (classrooms that had windows) did not have A/C. I remember sitting in class the first few weeks of school, and maybe also the last week or two, with the bottom half of the windows opened up having to wipe beads of sweat off my forehead.
  6. 40-Second Play Clock

    We use 40 second in Texas. As a parent-fan I thought it made the game smoother, but there's probably a trade-off for that somewhere else. All the schools/stadiums we have played at have visible play clocks.
  7. Now that it's round ball season, and football talk probably decreasing a little bit, so thought I'd help stimulate conversation by asking about the use of air horns or similar noise making devices at Indiana football games. I'm not talking about the hand-held ones you get at Walmart or the auto parts store. I'm talking custom-built trailers or modified golf carts with compressors used to supply air to the horn. We never had anything like that back in the day and seeing how it's been a looong time since I've been to an Indiana football game, what's the word on these things? Are they even allowed? Is it up to the school/stadium? Feelings for/against using them? These things are all the rage in Texas and have been for a long time, I'm told. Some of these schools athletic booster clubs or ambitious groups of parents put some serious money into these rigs. Horns range from semi-truck-like down to ship's fog horn. We even have one school in our area (Pirates) who got their hands on a functioning cannon. A handful of schools won't allow them because they're in residential areas. Most of the schools outside town have/allow them. Some people love them (typically the schools that have and use them) and say it's a way to show pride, celebrate, etc. Some hate them (typically schools that don't have one) and claim it's like "rubbing it in" when they are used. Personally, they don't bother me if just used for TD/FG/PAT. If you want to spend the money, then you better use that thing. Our school doesn't have one. Talked about it a few years ago but AD/HC (same person) doesn't like them, so it died there.
  8. Game's over. It was a close one, and a good one. Let's move on. 2018 season started the day after this game ended.
  9. I think your signature (@ bottom of your posts) favors Woodlan. lol
  10. Gonna continue backing a fellow East Allen County/ACAC school. Woodlan for the win by 10 points. Know they'll rep NE Indiana very well.
  11. I think you're 100% correct. It makes no sense to me personally, to have some schools getting a repeated home advantage. Using neutral sites, at least for maybe regionals and after guarantees that everyone is inconvenienced about the same. I can tell you that down here, where all playoff games are held at neutral sites, the attendance does not seem to be down at all vs. turnout for regular season games. In fact, it can be better because people who may have not been that interested during regular season jump on the bandwagon. I know of several schools where this is the case, but football is king down here so that may have something to do with it. Location, to me, is more important than playing surface. Both teams have to play on the same field, but that travel time - while maybe not hurting - surely doesn't help the visiting team either.
  12. Wow, 4th straight home playoff game. Considering the travel time, I would think it helps the home team. Too bad they can't go to neutral sites at some point in the playoffs (besides the finals lol). How do they determine who hosts the games? Coin flip? Records? Points for/against? I feel your pain regarding travel time. We had a scrimmage and two regular season games that were between 2 - 2 1/2 hours drive time. Makes for a very long night.
  13. Theoretically with an all-in tournament, you pretty much have to play the first few rounds on whatever is available. I would think come regional time (maybe) and def for semi's, there should be enough open turf fields for those games. With the weather being what it is in Indiana, I would think turf is the desired surface at that stage. Question for you guys: After the first few rounds, are the games still played at one of the teams' home field or do they go to neutral at a certain point? Obviously, they can't do neutral first round and it might be difficult even in the 2nd. We do all neutral fields down here, but our tournament is structured different than yall's (only the top 4 of 6 or 7 teams in each district make it into post season) and we have a lot of facilities to choose from. Usually the first couple rounds are either grass or turf but once you get to 3rd round and beyond you can, for the most part, do all turf.
  14. Woodlan @ Eastbrook

    I have go with Woodlan. Hated playing against them back in the day, but gotta back another ACAC team. Hope it's a good game.