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  1. Valparaiso Head Coach

    I don't find my self agreeing wholeheartedly with DT very often...but...yeah, it just seems weird.
  2. It appears that Steven Mueller will be the next Valparaiso head coach. NWI Times: Valparaiso High School will hire Steven Mueller as football coach
  3. Significant bump in regular season competition for New Prairie, but definitely a good change for both teams.
  4. That may have some truth, but the fact is he was arrested for DUI on November 18th. I'm pretty sure that sealed the deal as far as his "retirement". http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/post-tribune/news/ct-ptb-hobart-turley-dui-st-1209-20171208-story.html Hopefully they are able to bring in someone to keep the momentum going. I thought they had a pretty decent last couple years. They just really struggled at the end of the season this year. A lot of football history there as well as great new facilities.
  5. Seeding could be handled by a regional committee that would seed all classes. Divide the state into 4 (or 8) regions. Coaches from 1A-6A are selected and the committee seeds each sectional. Using Sagarin exclusively would be awful. Just from this year in Sectional 9 the top 2 (LaPorte and Michigan City) and bottom 2 (Munster and South Bend Adams) were clear. If you were seeding this sectional by only Sagarin ratings then Michigan City would have been the 1 and LaPorte the 2. However, LaPorte beat Michigan City head to head (albeit in a last second win). Should LaPorte have been the 1 seed based on the head to head victory rather than a couple point difference in Sagarin ratings? Plus, one of Michigan City's losses wasn't even factored into Sagarin since it was to Homewood Flossmoor. Seeding sectionals has to happen. There are so many complaints about needing the regular season to mean something. Let's reward the teams that performed in the regular season with home games and the best opportunity to advance.
  6. Minnesota has a similar system to what has been discussed here. Early round games (basically our sectionals) are seeded and home team advantage is given to the higher seeded teams. Once each division is down to what we would consider our regional round they have a week of neutral site games. The sites are predetermined at the beginning of the season and some host multiple games. Larger high school fields and some of the smaller university fields are used. The semi-state rounds are all held in U.S. Bank Stadium in a 3 day playoff. There are 4 games on Thursday, 5 on Friday and 5 on Saturday. Minnesota has 1A-6A like Indiana but they also have a 9-man division. The state championships are also held in U.S. Bank Stadium over 2 days (Friday & Saturday). The set up creates some pretty cool match-ups and opportunities for not just fans of the teams playing, but for all fans. There are some sites that are used for back-to-back games on either a Friday night (5:00 PM start and 8:00 PM start) or Saturdays (afternoons and evenings). I think a neutral field hosting back to back regional games from different classifications would be a great thing.
  7. Sectionals need to be seeded at a minimum. This is so easy and can be accomplished locally and not by the IHSAA. I'm an advocate of arranging semi-state and potentially regional games at neutral sites as well.
  8. Michigan City at Kokomo

    '95 team had to be Lenard Spicer. He was a beast.
  9. Regional scores

    Michigan City - 21 Concord - 7 Final
  10. Regional scores

    Lowell - 18 New Prairie - 14 Under 2 in the 3rd
  11. Regional scores

    New Prairie - 14 Lowell - 11 5:13 left in the 3rd
  12. Regional scores

    Michigan City - 21 Concord - 7 5 minutes to go
  13. Regional scores

    Lowell - 11 New Prairie - 7 Half
  14. I would not be shocked to see a little bit of a let down from MC tonight. MC just had a big emotional win, first sectional since consolidation, and got revenge on LaPorte. Now they have to ride a bus to play on grass. Emotional factors play a big role in these games. I'm sure the MC coaches have warned about complacency and not looking ahead this week, but if the fans start doing it, the players do too. If Michigan City comes out and plays like they did against LaPorte in the 1st half they will be tough to beat. If they come out and play like they did against Munster 2 weeks ago...it could get interesting.
  15. IMO, MC just outplayed LP in that last game. There was nothing special scheme wise that MC did last Friday that LP hasn't seen before. LP came out flat. Went for it on 4th down on their opening possession (probably not a good idea). Gave up 2 quick scores. Then LP's offense got going a little and then got hosed on a goal line "fumble", and the rout was on. Instead of being a 14-7 game early in the 2nd quarter it's 21-0. LP's offense had showed some signs of life on that drive, but that play took a lot out of them. LP decided that they were going to take away McGill and the deep passing game from the beginning and Muhammad and McCullough just tore up LP's defense on the ground. LaPorte actually "won" the 2nd half and looked a little better, but it was too little, too late. It looked to me like MC had been looking for revenge for 3 weeks and they just came out and took it to LaPorte from the opening kickoff. I don't buy the whole idea that Michigan City's coaches figured out how to stop LaPorte's offense. They just played really well on defense. I give most of the credit to the players. Against LaPorte's offense that's really what it takes. Effort and desire for the players. There aren't any magic tricks to stop that offense. You just have to beat it on the field. With regards to the Pop Warner connection. I think this is a pretty big deal. That group of kids did some special things at the Pop Warner level. Making a run down to Florida and actually winning games there is an impressive feat. The Pop Warner program in Michigan City is good, but this group of seniors (and some last year) were pretty special kids and a lot of people around here have seen this coming. The resurgence in MC football has a lot to do with the work put in at the youth level over the past 6-10 years. Best of luck Michigan City this week. Maybe LaPorte County can get 2 teams to Indy like in 2014.