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  1. There you go; no more doom and gloom for Valpo. If reading that doesn't want to make you strap it up I don't know what would. Now does it translate to on the football field success; only time will tell. But i'm guessing it won't take long for this guy to get at least the majority of his kids willing to run through the wall for him and that's half the battle these days.
  2. Ouch...would hate to say I didn't know the feeling, mine just happened a few years earlier by John Hammerstein. Peeled me big time right into their bench and so there I lay, breathless and dazed with about thirty dudes over me letting me know how bad I just got messed up; as if I didn't know. Somehow I muster the energy to get up and make it to my sideline, where I think I was finally able to take that first wincing breath. Horrible, horrible feeling to get the wind knocked out you like that. Played at least the next few weeks with a big awkward pad on my chest to protect my bruised sternum. The Hammerstein's could lay the wood and if I remember right John was only a sophomore but was already a pretty big dude.
  3. Some of it has to be impatience. Any statistics regarding coaching tenure? Thirty years ago you may have got five or six years to get a program going. Now if your not seeing immediate success you might not last three. There's only so many available candidates so recycling or going outside the box might be the only option.
  4. Again there has to be something to this right? Who's really in the know that can answer? He has to have enough experience to garner the opportunity and if he can interview successfully and present a detailed plan of not just his vision but of his implementation to the AD, Principal, school board and/or whoever else involved in the hiring, then the outsiders are just speculating. Time will tell.
  5. I've put a little speculation to it, but I see it as two parts... Coaches being over sociable with their players. Being buddies first and lacking the appropriate level of discipline. Players being undisciplined, exercising moral turpitude and putting self over team. And lets not forget to mention they do all of that at the expense of the taxpayers.
  6. The co-ed goes on top of the pole for sure and she had to be strapped to it, so be it!
  7. That should at least be put on the intramural list and our state colleges. What do you think the greeks would do with that?
  8. All great coaches had to get their first job at some point. Look at Jim Caldwell, who's had pretty good success and can't keep a job and very mature, no bro culture. Pittsburgh fans were up all riled up at Tomlin's hire and even after yesterday, don't think they'd get rid of him for nothing. Definitely has had some immaturity and bro culture issues through his career as well. Point being, if your not in the room or really close to it, you really don't know these guys. We think we know, but we don't. But what are fans to do, that's the whole point of being a fan.
  9. Humility is a virtue and you do see lots of athletes give praise to their blessings but don't necessarily walk the talk. Obviously a huge moment in the young mans life and was likely just caught up in it. He was pretty emotional and down to earth I thought in his interview. I'd think a high percentage of modern day highly touted football players get a lot of personal praise from a young age which builds some ego and flamboyance. Is that bro culture...probably as the way I'm hearing it described.
  10. Make up your mind, you literally just said government school is reading, writing and arithmetic.
  11. I think it's awesome for them to see these improvements especially for a smaller school like Woodlan. I know my LCC (Lima) friends will enjoy making that trip that much more with a nicer playing surface. Hopefully that match up continues. The turf in general just promotes the additional use, for youth leagues, tournaments, if you share it with soccer, it just will be used all the time where it wouldn't This again turns to a philosophical debate on physical education, sport, and extra curricular benefits for students in public schools and how they're funded and it wears thin I know to some, but it is a good conversation. Views usually are very opinionated strongly one way or another and that's fine but common ground is the middle whether anyone is there or not. It's the balance. Regarding educating oneself on our state constitution on education in section 1, it says "by all suitable means, moral, intellectual, scientific and agricultural improvement". By all suitable means...doesn't say in a classroom box, in a flat roof school, in one with a terrazzo foyer, online only, by a teacher, professor, or doctor, it says by all suitable means, moral and intellectual improvement shall be provided. To me that reads very simply if you believe kids are learning something on the athletic field.
  12. Alabama vs. Georgia - Who Ya' Got?

    Bama! Saban is the man and for what they lack in offense this year they more than make up for in defense. 100% right. I'm an OSU fan and I didn't believe the Bucks were a top 4 team after the Big10 game in Indy. After watching those two games, there is zero chance OSU was a top 4 team. They might be 5 but it's a very distant 5. Urban ain't scared of those guys though and the Bucks will be back in it soon. Harbaugh should be worried because they're not close to OSU, Penn St or MSU let alone the top 4. Both semi-final games extremely entertaining from opposite ends of the spectrum.
  13. They definitely have a good home schedule. I think OSU, Iowa and Wisc all at home also.
  14. The Kool-aid is tasting pretty good and certainly things have turned around, but Arizona ain't Wisconsin. That's a much bigger hurdle and a program that Purdue should be trying to model at least in regards to incoming talent development. Wisconsin similarly doesn't land the blue chippers that OSU, Mich, Penn St., MSU get but still wins and competes at a high level year in and year out by red shirting young guys, working hard in the weight room and playing a lot of 4th and 5th year guys. Big Ten West got better this year and continues to in the off season, so the sledding ain't getting easier. Nebraska will be high level with the hiring of Scott Frost; Northwestern is going to be consistent in who they are, which is pretty good; Iowa isn't getting worse and Wisconsin is the top dog on that side. Plus with crossover games vs. OSU and MSU next year, perspective may be important for fans. That being said, there's a lot to be excited about with the program.
  15. They did a phenomenal job considering the all out blitz tactic AU was pulling at the end.