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  1. Mid State

    Beech Grove is a 4A school playing in the ICC and they are by no means the Big Dogs I will however default to your judgement on the comparison I don't know anything about the GSSC, but the ICC does have some really really good 1A and 2A teams (Lutheran, Scecina, Monrovia, and Trition Central) these are typically top 15 ranked teams in their classes.
  2. Mid State

    We play them in Middle School they have some talent 7 grade especially has a really solid squad, plus now that Derrick Moyers has taken over the offense I would imagine that they will stay competitive Coach Woodard is a GREAT guy and does a great job at Plainfield.
  3. Mid State

    I think coach Gillin will them to a competitive stature BUT I think the Mid State will continue to be tough for Mooresville to compete in...... Mooresville should look to the ICC they play many of these teams already and it would fit their school demographic in athletics better plus it would force them to finally play county neighbor Monrovia in FB! I think the ICC is also getting tired of the antics and issues with Park Tutor I think that is a GREAT swap Mooresville for PT if that happens
  4. As an IU fan based on our last two games with these two programs we should leave them both out LOL
  5. Congrats to Isaac Guerendo winning the position award for WR best of luck at Wisconsin! Isaac is also the 3rd consecutive Oriole to win a Mr. Football position award: Bryant Fitzgerald DB 2016 Brandon Peters QB 2015 (Overall winner)
  6. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    http://www.insidethehall.com/2017/12/03/curtis-jones-leaves-team-will-transfer-indiana-semester-break/ CuJo heading out of Bloomington at the semester, many people said they saw this coming from a mile away really only big game was oddly enough vs Kansas last year 15 points of the bench in the OT win. After that? hitting double figures in points just once. Buried on the depth chart now with the emergence of Al Durham + already guard heavy team with some talented guard play coming in next year. Best of luck to Curtis makes sense for both moving forward we shall see where he ends up really no reason to where transfers end upmy guess would be someplace closer to home .
  7. Markese Stepp

    Elllison and Brookins are a solid tandem plus Gest showed some promise next year for IU plus their highest 3/4-star recruit is a RB walker tho Stepp is ranked higher Purdue also looking set at RB with Jones for next year but I don't know about what else the roster holds Purdue might stand a good shot with early playing time
  8. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    Was wondering on posting something or starting the debate of whether or not Wednesday night was a moral victory (as the Indy media has portrayed it) or whether such a thing even exists, well I'm going with a bit of a cop out....... Instead of talking about the Duke game I'm going to talk about Saturday vs Michigan in my eyes a MUCH bigger game and heres why. 1) Its a the Big10 season opener, with the tourney being played a week earlier on the east coast IU will begin 1 of its next 2 Big 10 games vs Iowa next week (two winable games) which a 2-0 start could be a massive advantage for this team. 2) Its on the road and its redemption IU was ran out of their last game in the Crisler center which is arguable the most embarrassing loss in the Crean era minus the Cuse sweet 16 game and IPFW. Also it was the beginning of the end of the season and the Tom Crean era. Granted the season was trending down but that made it all out free fall! Plus another Ghost Archie must shake (like TO and Defense) is IU can't win on the road. 3) It comes 3 days after the Duke Game. Another huge issue with CTC teams at IU is they would play with energy and enthusiasm at home as they proceeded to knock off a top ranked team and look like the sky was the limit.......then those games were typically followed up with lack-luster performances on the road against competition of equal or lesser ability than IU, so can IU bring the enthusiasm and energy of Wednesday night with them to Ann Arbor or will someone forget to pack it? 4) Michigan will be a good measuring stick, IU wants to know how it will stack up in the Big10 and they we there shot not in the middle of Jan but right away Dec 2nd. After the Big10 ACC challenge it is clear I would argue outside of MSU the Big10 sport 2-12 are up for grabs. I would Michigan is a safe bet to be above 8th if IU can beat them on the road that might start being able to make the same argument for the Hoosiers. 5) Must get 2 of the next 4..... with @UM , Iowa, @U of L, and (n) ND left on the murders row I said to be an NCAA tourney team IU NEEDS 2 of 5 in the stretch that could likely put the Hoosiers at 9-5 and possibly (2-0) or (1-1) with some kind of resume win away from Assembly Hall and the crowd heading into the main Big 10 tourney stretch with that 19 wins and a .500 record in the Big 10 IU would make the tourney no doubt in my mind maybe with 18 wins gets them a first four game in where?............. oh yay that place were Archie used to coach maybe even against an A-10 school from the region? Nah the Tourney committee doesn't think in those terms right? Of course its Dec 1 I'm getting ahead of myself without a doubt I think IU really needs 1 tomorrow!
  9. 2017 Boilermaker Football

    SING IT DOLLY BROHMKY TOP TENNESSEE LOL No in all seriousness I feel for the fans at Purdue if he does take the job and reports are true unfortunately we live in a time were money talks and sadly football is not immune.
  10. The last 2 Mr. Football's didn't play for a State Title so what's your point besides being condensing ? Johnson didn't even make it out of the sectional . When did I say Bell shouldn't be a front Runner? But clearly you've never seen James play if you don't think he should be considered, Bell will Of course be considered. Good news a lot of football left before we decide 2018 Mr. Football . I wasn't trying I belittle what a player McLaurin was he was a great player wtahced him play a number of Times and I was shocked more than anything to see only 2 WR really have ever won the award , just think Guerendo has similar creditals and should be in the convo
  11. he had 662 rushing and 818 receiving with about 486 return yards and 92 punt return yards 13 total TD bringing his all purpose yards to 1481 ....... on defense he racked up an impressive 2 solo tackles. To go with Guerendo's 1258 rec yards 113 rushing 233 in kick returns 19 total TDs his all purpose yards...... 1604, and again McLaurin didn't play with an impressive of a player like Sampson James. And Luke Shayotovich at WR also put up almost 900 rec yards and 14TDs I get why Reese Taylor will win the award but I think with those numbers plus the commitment to Wisconsin should have put him in the conversation.
  12. State Title Games

    its the best and worst weekend of the year all at the same time........ seeing the great numbers of young men compete and the amount of community support they have behind them and watching great football for almost 10 straight hours Followed swiftly by the realization its all over till next August........... its the true definition of bitter sweet Goodluck to all the teams and young men competing this weekend lets play some football!!!
  13. I know the WR don't really get a ton of respect when it comes to this award but I think Issac Guerendo's numbers are just as if not more impressive than Terry McLaurin's numbers were in 2013 when he won the award. 1258 receiving yards and 16TDs, plus keep in mind the fact he also had a a 1700+ yard and 20 TD rusher in Sampson James who has to be in the conversation as the front runner in 2018. Plus like McLaurin, Guerendo also has the Big10 commitment to Wisconsin
  14. I said had a shot ...... your right they may have not beaten Southridge this year but 2 titles in the last 4 years I would thing this program would have a chance in the 2A South, also keep in mind they beat one of the 3A schools playing for a state title...... plus your talking about a group that played and won a state title last year they would have had the experience factor Just because Ritter got drilled by Chatard , who got drilled by Danville who got handled by Memorial doesn't make me think Ritter might not have been a favorite in 2A this year.
  15. Ahhhh you are correct my mistake thanks for the info