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  1. Indiana Crossroads Conference Pick Em Week 1

    Lutheran @ Beech Grove Monrovia @ Cardinal Ritter Park Tudor @ Triton Central Shenandoah @ Scecina Speedway @ Crispus Attucks
  2. New Turf In 2018

    Cadets get new Turf Field. I believe that makes the Tri-West Bruins the only Hendricks Co school without it. (Avon , Plainfield, Brownsburg, Danville and Now Cascade) All with Turf.
  3. 8-10 Scrimmages

    It was a cool moment for two of the Bless Brothers to coach against each other a little ....... but ultimately I think this is going to be better for both Avon and Bloomington North
  4. 3 commitments for the 2019 Avon class last night OL - Addison Batton - Air Force LB - Caden Hubner - Air Force OL- DJ Bowles - Navy Congrats to these young men and a huge thank you for also making the decision to serve our country!
  5. Avon Middle School South is looking to add two members to its 7th grade football staff preferably someone with O-Line and/or Special Teams experience. 1 spot has potential to be paid spot for the right qualifying candidate and another as a volunteer. Interested applicants should contact head coach Evan Jaynes at ecjaynes@avon-schools.org
  6. Per Kyle Neddenriep not surprising Trevor Lawrence is the real deal, where will Mr. Johnson land?
  7. Hunter Johnson leaving Clemson

    Gotta believe both IU and Purdue have a shot...... but IU does have a little more youth at the position wonder if that could play a role? Players do tend to transfer a little closer to home
  8. Eric Gordon - NC, IU, and Rockets Gotta get to a Pacers vs Mavs/Milwaukee game and I'll add Ferrell/JBJ to the list Go to a Colts vs Dallas game and I can add Jaylon Smith, but with and * for playing him in HS as well!
  9. Purdue Basketball

    False I said Etwaan was a role guy at best which he is at best and that is a complement IMO, Purdue fans clearly want the best for their guys I hope one of our best players has a 9 year overseas career then 3 years in the NBA with 4 teams averaging 8 min in 20-40 games a year. Yes what was Romeo Langford thinking not considering Purdue with that potential from development from the program
  10. Congrats to my fellow Mt St Joe Alum coach Roden! Nice to have you in the HCC best of luck this year coach!
  11. Purdue Basketball

    I'm going to say no on the gold digging because Issac Haas won't get a sniff in the NBA 30 years ago he would have been a star but today's game no way he struggles to hit 8 foot jump shots, 7 footers gotta have a game like Anthony Davis or Kristap Porzingas
  12. I agree I think people would have been more concerned if they rushed to name a replacement seems like they are doing their do diligence would expect the announcement to come sometime after SB. My guess is that has been the plan since day 1.
  13. I'm not saying this Admin hasn't made poor choices in any number of decisions especially the hiring of coaches (I.e. Davis, Sampson,Crean) but ultimately I don't pin lack of success game to game on them and neither should Bob Knight that a pretty poor excuse Yes college basketball and the military, as interchangeable as it gets especially in what young men need to be prepared for...... wow outstanding smdh! I think some saying about apples and oranges applies here. No way and never will be......... he wouldn't continue to come back to every venue with in 100 square miles of Assembly Hall, and comment on everything IU does. Especially considering irrational fanboys like yourself would drives days to see him spew the same lines and stories that he clinks too, so he can stay somewhat relevant! You guys better hope that any IU coach has the same or less success as of late because if any coach ever does win a National Title at IU then every generation of IU fans after won't even know who that guy is and it will be no ones fault but Bob Knight period. Your right former players love Bob Knight and why wouldn't they? Whats sad is that he lets some 25 year old feud with the admin stop him from celebrating accomplishments with those guys. That's why you coach and its an insult to those players who put in all those blood, sweat and tears for him so yes he's bitter and sad every piece of merchandise he "Donates" aka sells and every reunion he refuses to go to shows what those players really mean to him which isn't much! One left to describe Bob Knight hypocrite
  14. WOW what are articulate and passionate response in defense of a person that has never meant you or doesn't know you exist is moving and the last sentence of your statement is totally true however I don't do is demand respect and admiration for success and ignorance and blind eyes for mistakes I make because I hold myself in higher regard than Bob Knight did and still does. To pin point everything wrong with IU basketball in the late 90s solely on the Admin bugging Bob Knight is the most *Deleted*ic hard-core fanboy interpretation of the events and continues to baffle me...... point is if I had a coach regardless of wins that continued to verbally and PHYSICALLY abuse his players then ya its probable I would bother him quiet a bit. Over the course of my Middle School, High School, and College Careers I had hard-a** coaches that ripped me up one side and down the other and more than got the message across to me that I needed to work harder and be better and I think them for that every single day but I never had a coach lay a finger on me not even a situation where it could be taken out of context! Including my father who was my middle school and High Coach! You talk and praise Bob Knight for being a no excuses tough guy get it done at all cost, but then point to the fact that he wasn't getting along with Admin and was thinking about quitting......Doesn't that contradict everything you worship about him? I remember many times in my childhood where I would say to my father "Thats not fair!" every.single.time. his response? "Life is not fair!" How many of us in all professions end up working for someone we don't like or agree with? Why is Bob Knight allowed to hang his lack of success on Admin? yes his way worked in the 70s and 80s but all professions grow and change and you must too and Bob Knight refused to do that, but one last success he clearly had and thats the influence over Coach K. The reason Duke is still winning titles and and going to Final Fours? He learned that College Basketball like all walks of life changes and so must you and they way you do things and he better do things differently than what Coach Knight did! Hope you taught that to you your kids gonna take a guess there names are (Robert or Bobby or Montgomery?). Hope you enjoy spending all your expendable income watching a bitter, sad, old man speak twice a year.
  15. You do realize that Bob Knights last game as HC at Indiana University was a 20 point loss in the NCAA Tournament to Pepperdine? Point is and always will be people love the rough and tough A*hole act as long as your winning BUT start to lose and the antics really get tiresome even more so when you haven't coached or been associated with the University in almost 20 years............
  16. Second round was also pretty juicie effecting IU in a number of ways....... hopefully the situation with Sean at Arizona doesn't weigh on Archie too much moving into the Big 10 tourney and potentially the NIT. Seems like Crean and IU will be ok from the standpoint if Chuck Martin's involvement.... Does it look good? No but point is Neither OG or Thomas signed with ASM and Bowen ended up at U of L meaning they were the ones that were involved with money..... Martin should have never met with him BUT still looks like IU should come out with little to no issues.Should finally shut up the last of the Tom Crean supporters in Bloomington tho! Like I said doesn't surprise me Crean couldn't control his players let alone assistant coaches SMH!
  17. Purdue Basketball

    Great news for both programs, terrible and troublesome news for the NCAA and College Basketball. I was never worries about Crean but Ken Johnson and his connection to the issues that went on at U of L and Noah Vohnleh did have me a little concerned but overall happy to see IU is clear and out of the woods. It will be interesting to see what happens going forward.....
  18. Purdue Basketball

    I'm legitimately worried for IU as well for the time Ken Johnson was an assistant under Tom Crean and the recruitment of Noah Vonleh ...... Not that I believe Crean activity participated and recruits like Zeller and Ferrell ever took money but Crean could barely control the players inside his program let alone assistant coaches and I could see some deal being struck
  19. Purdue Basketball

    BRING CUONZO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    As I say with every NFL team that is looking for a HC, the owner needs to a meeting with Bill Cowher get out the check book and say to him there HAS to be a number you name it! Everyone has a price!
  21. Remember Coach Burgess South Put teams were always well coached and VERY physical in my 4 years playing them at Monrovia our '09 team beat them 36-0 in the regular season and had a 6-3 OT thriller in 2nd round of sectionals that was played on a flooded field was one of a number of classics we played that post season best of luck coach!!!!!!!
  22. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    Irrational Colts fans choose to think and focus on Bruce Airans or Payton Manning being available
  23. Butler Basketball

    Like eliminating turnovers and defense Archie Miller at Indiana understand this is one thing that ultimately lead to the demise of Tom Crean. IU has two kids coming from in-state in next years class and what I believe is a true 50/50 shot at Langford he also brought in Ed Schilling as an assistant the guy who got Kris Wiliks to go all the way out to Southern Cali for school. Purdue has went after these kids as well and gets them from time to time but outside of Swanigan is lacking as well. ND will always be more of a FB school but I still think Mike Brey might be top 5 best coaches in the nation so he can recruit from anywhere and be just fine. As for Butler they have a short pool of kids to choose from, they will never really stand a shot at the 5-stars why? I dont have the answer maybe its just the never Mid-Major underdog feel Butler has turns off the 4/5 star in state kids? who knows , Butler also has to deal with the academic standards that will turn some kids off. I totally agree with you too many talented players are leaving the state I understand that programs like MSU, UK and U of L are gonna get the once in a every couple of years 5 star guys like (Gary Harris and Trey Lyles) but guys like Trevon Blueitt and Bryant McIntosh should have never gotten out of the state of Indiana it is sad I think AAU gets kids more exposure to programs outside of the state is a big part of it as well. Hopefully New guys like Miller and Jordan and change that for the new program and Purdue can ride this wave of success and continue to strengthen its in state recruiting. No doubt all 4 teams should be NCAA tourney teams every year with Multiple kids from the State of IN
  24. Ever watched Curb Your Enthusiasm? Larry David could have played George and the show would have been just as good if not better IMO. Makes you appreciate George's character so much more!!!!!
  25. South Bend Riley

    Anderson seems like the pain-in-the-you-know-what guy that IU always has to play against but never has had on its roster. Stretch 3-4 that can shoot the lights out or drive past a true 4 that is guarding him, but can post up on a smaller 2 or 3 that is trying to take away the outside shot, not huge but great length can create a mis-match I'm really excited to see him and Phinsee next yr I think they can help right away