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  1. Well here we are 5 days out from the Archie Miller era getting going. Clear from the 2 exhibition wins that Archie is putting his style of play into a group used to playing the totally opposite way. There will without a doubt be some hiccups along the way but we know that the future is bright, I would argue so does the present. IU has some experience and Archie is determined to take away the things that crippled IU the last couple of seasons and that could result in some surprise wins from this IU team. Time will tell and I don't want expectations to be too high in a transition year but I firmly believe IU is not only a mid -level above Five hundred team and a winning record in the Big10 but an NCAA tourney team as well! Few notes to open with and keep an eye on. - Hoosier play a tough Non-Con schedule chance for quality wins and 19-20 wins might land them in the NCAA tourney - Looks like IU has a legitimate chance to sign top prospects Garland and Langford in the class of 2018 (Garland to commit sometime on Nov. and Langford said by spring) - Hoosier open Friday with In-State ISU and great way to start the season! sad that it is only on BTN-Plus instead of say FOX Sports Indiana, but hey people are just loving watching this Pacers team lose close games. - Notes from exhibition games: Turnovers seem to be down but Miller also classifies quick shot possessions with no basket to be turnovers as well (wow good thing Crean didn't have that same policy IU would have averaged 30 TO a game!) Devonte Green seems to be scoring option #1 like his mentality and ability going forward could have breakout year! Hatmans leadership will be Key to keeping this team level headed during the growing pains of going from Crean to Miller Freddie McSwain looks WAY more comfortable in Millers system than Creans, this could be huge down the road for IU in terms of depth. D-Davis weight loss does appear to be helping but Miller said he needs to be in game shape witch is 30 min a game. Can Juwan Morgan evolve into the consistent offensive threat the Hoosiers will need him to be going forward. Of all the Freshman Crean brought in that Miller retained I think that Miller seems to be the most high on Al Durham has been bringing him along slowly after an injury but really eager to work him in when he gets healthy. What will that also mean for CuJo moving forward as well? -
  2. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    Hoosiers not only winners of 3 straight in the Big 10 but finally get a dominating win with a 66-46 win over Northwestern, the run for the Hoosiers have started with the defensive intensity that Archie is known for and wants out of his teams. Hopefully a trend that not only continues for the rest of the season but for future teams as well. However will be very hard to extend it to 4 straight as the Hoosiers will travel to East Lansing and the Breslin Center Friday to take on the Spartans who have a sour taste in their mouths after rival Michigan came in a nabbed a victory. I don't expect IU to come away with a victory Friday the last time they did they needed the number 1 team in the country to win by 4......I do however hope for a hard fought game to prove that the Hoosiers even on the road deserve to be considered a top 5 team in the Big 10 which I believe they are even if that doesn't mean much this year! PS enjoy the trip to East Lansing @NRRaider2001 hopefully the Hoosiers show up as well!
  3. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    Update: IU Sophmore De'Ron Davis out for the season as he undergoes surgery to repair a torn Achilles. An up and down half of the season for him highlighted by the performance vs Duke when he went toe to toe with Marvin Bagley III. A ton of off season work went into Davis getting is weight dropped and better basketball shape as he dropped almost 30 pounds. Hopefully he takes the same mentality into rehab best of Luck DDavis!!!!!!!!
  4. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    I think and hope so.... problem is any success this team enjoys is going to be destroyed all over by the losses against ISU and IPFW. Indiana has a realistic shot at going 10-8 in this conference problem is those losses and drop of the Big 10 this year makes the Hoosiers a bubble team at best and cause heartbreak once again...... However I do think that a 12-6 Big10 record gets the Hoosiers in and its not out if the question with Big home games against MSU, PUR, and OSU at home and really winnable road games outside of MSU and OSU. A ton of time and basketball left, but I think a +.500 Big 10 season and an improvement in the things Archie said he was going to fix has to be considered a successful 1st season in the Archie era IMO.
  5. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    I liked the rebound win for the Hoosiers at Minnesota, I get they had the whole Lynch thing and Coffey was also out but I was down Davis and Hartman as well so its still a good win for the Hoosiers now like with Notre Dame just have to root for the Gophers going forward till they come to Bloomington. Of course have to love what we have seen from Johnson and Morgan (outside of Wisconsin game) and they emergence of Justin Smith. I expect to see a ton for Smith going forward I thought we was so strong at the beginning of the year and was sad when we fell out of favor with Archie. Now the key is moving forward to deal with slight success. Some would say Hoosiers are rewarded with what would look like 2 winnable games at home vs Penn State and Northwestern this week and could improve to a respectable 4-2 in Big 10 play after the first flurry of conference play. BUT with this team you just can have that mindset plus Penn State is much improved and has given IU tough games over the last couple of years. Northwestern is looking to get its season back on track that looked to have High promise and a return to the NCAA tourney and will want Bloomington to be that place. time will tell but this week could be a cross-roads for the Hoosiers...... heading towards the cellar of the Big10 or claiming its right to fight for an upper-tier spot. No matter what Go Hoosiers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2752539-reggie-lynch-faces-suspension-from-minnesota-for-sexual-misconduct-violation Not the first incident that Lynch has been involved in regarding matters (something about fool me once?) like these but my guess is he may have just played his last basketball game of his career last week vs Illinois. Minnesota Athletic Director will hold a presser at 11 AM central standard time to address that allegations. Shame was having a great season and was starring a possible NBA career in the face I will never understand what makes people with these kind of God-given ability watch it all go down the drain and for what?
  7. Minnesota Gopher Lynch faces Suspension

    Update: Will NOT play Saturday vs IU @ Minnesota is still a member of the basketball team. Twitter reaction was BRUTAL heard AD totally butchered the press conference.
  8. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    I can believe that especially in 1971..... Wisconsin and that area regionally has turned out some nice basketball players over the last 5 years though (nothing like what Indiana puts out every year) Wisconsin has stayed pretty well close to home and recruited and done pretty well helps that Marquette is the only in-state competition plus other power 5 conference schools don't really search for under the radar kids in that area.
  9. 2017 Schedule

    Judging from the looks of your schedule you might not ever find yourself attending a Monrovia Football game but if you were to head to Gordon Hadley field in the future Dawg House Pizza right on main Street (just a stones throw from the HS and field) is a MUST still the best pizza I have ever had pretty cool small town restaurant atmosphere as well. I live in Indy now but my wife and I get a little nostalgic about once a month and make the trek in for it!
  10. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    Conference play resumes tonight as the Hoosiers look to end an almost 20 year drought in Madison vs the Badgers (7-7, 1-1) both teams have had a rocky start to the season and this game could be what gets one or the other back on track. The Hoosiers are 2-16 against Wisconsin in the last 19 seasons...... This is the chance for Archie to shake two more ghost that haunted his predecessor. 1) IU can't beat Wisconsin. 2) IU can't win away from SSAH. per usual with this team now I have NO idea what to expect from this game, hopefully the IPFW loss is in the review mirror after 2 solid controlling wins against Tenn Tech and YSU. I did love Archie's quote after the TT win " I'm basically going to have to be a raving lunatic everyday." Hey whatever gets the job done coach there is a reason why Bob Knight was the most successful coach in Program history
  11. 2017 Hoosiers

    Tom Allen said in a Big 10 network interview Taylor will come in with his position being on Defense and he will possibly return kicks and punts also with the idea they will develop certain offensive packages for him
  12. 2017 Hoosiers

    The Rivals 4-star QB chooses the Hoosiers over FSU and South Florida big get for Tom Allen and the Hoosiers
  13. 2017 Hoosiers

    Indiana mixing it up again with a traditional power school for 4-star QB Mike Penix out of Tampa Tech . Penix is down to FSU , IU and South Florida . He had a great visit to IU last week and was once a Tenn commitment , he knows QB coach Sherdian and OC DeBord from being recruited to Tennessee . Seems as the Hoosiers are making a late push for crowing jewel in a solid class for coach Allen he commits at 1 today
  14. 2017 Hoosiers

    I like the way you think....... and for all you boys peeging Taylor for DB, Anthony Thompson Choose IU over Big10 powers like Michigan and Ohio State because they wanted Thompson to play DB and not RB worked out well for Thompson and the Hoosiers no doubt
  15. https://www.crimsonquarry.com/2017/12/15/16776528/indiana-hoosiers-vs-notre-dame-fighting-irish-crossroads-classic-preview-stats-odds-how-to-watch So good points brought up in the Article....... I'm inclined to agree I know there was some talk to adding to the field but at what cost? Year in and year out they continue to rely on the well traveling and money spending Hoosier to give it a good crowd despite the fact IU has been the worse team in the field the last 2 years, ND basketball fans no matter how good just don't exists, Butler just isn't a large enough fan base (unless IU and Pur fall out of the NCAA toruney) and Purdue fans bring a decent crowd but given the 1-5 record their end of the ticket sales continue to drop. The programs are lacking the consistency to provide year in and year out marquee games. Why not return the games to the campuses? Students could enjoy the game before heading home for the Holidays would give the games a much better atmosphere.
  16. 2017 Hoosiers

    While IU seemed to be gaining some steam on the recruitment of Markese Stepp Indiana added 3-star RB Stevie Scott III (I believe a former Rutgers Comitt?) 6-1 240 a power back no doubt a lack-luster 4.83 40-time. Still really hoping to land Stepp, but you have to wonder if another RB commitment hurts the Hoosiers chances at this point..... even though Stepp is a far superior RB still might turn him off I get you can't put all your eggs in 1 basket but with Stepp wanting to wait till Feb for a decision and the youth you already have at the position I would make him my primary focus
  17. Mid State

    At the end of the day I'm inclined to agree with you its all hypothetical people on here tend to forget that.......... Obviously outside of the last 8 years in football Mooresville does and has done just fine in Mid-State, but they would be an attractive team for a conference IF they were looking for a new team and IF Mooresville decided it was the right move for them.
  18. Mid State

    Ok Bait taken........ Again Mooresville would be competitive but by no means dominate the conference. They beat another 4A school in BG 17-12 this year that finished 3-4 in ICC play. the 1A and 2A schools are not teams like North Knox these teams are consistently ranked teams year in and year out. if you look at Mooresville sectional SECTIONAL 22 Sect Class Overall Beech Grove 0- 0 0- 0 0- 0 Connersville 0- 0 0- 0 0- 0 Greenwood 0- 0 0- 0 0- 0 Mooresville 0- 0 0- 0 0- 0 Mount Vernon (Fortville) 0- 0 0- 0 0- 0 New Castle 0- 0 0- 0 0- 0 Richmond 0- 0 0- 0 0- 0 Shelbyville 0- 0 0- 0 0- 0 I do think playing and competing against ranked 1A, 2A and 3A teams serve you just as much if not more (from a moral standpoint) benefit than getting drilled by some of these Mid-State teams most years. DC had hung at least 30+ on Mooresville every year since Mark Bless left and managed 1 .500 season and NO winning seasons........ so not silly I'm also fully aware of how teams end up in new conference....... I get they just can't join if you return to my original post I said it would stand to benefit the ICC the most to get rid of Park Tudor and their antics and add a competitive team like Mooresville so please save your condensing tone for unfortunate person who has to listen to you. The forum is merely suggesting that the Pioneers have options if THEY SO CHOOSE. At the end of the day one can make an argument that neither the ICC or Mid-State is beneficial for a 4A school in sectional 22. BG is not really having any luck nor Mooresville both finished 37 and 38 in SAGRIN class 4A. But again maybe I'm different but more likely 7-4 in the ICC looks a bit better for the programs health and longevity than constant 3, 4 win seasons in the Mid-State not every team is Cathedral and can endure getting beat in the regular season to prepare them for a State Run.
  19. 2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    I figured Purdue fans would appreciate the fact that we have a short scrappy, former defensive PG for a coach considering you guys worshiped the ground Chris Kramer walked on for 4 years in WL. I agree it was pretty humorous, Purdue is lucky they have a pretty neutral coach in appearance and demeanor. I don't think Archie will give opponents the social media ammo in his expressions that his predecessor CTC did, or guys like John Groce and Fran McCaffery give some of those Crean facial expressions were real face in palm moments no doubt LOL
  20. Mid State

    Ya I agree this thread is losing momentum .....
  21. Mid State

    This is why I suggested the ICC instead Trition Central would be the longest drive for Mooresville but that is the case for every school in the conference plus it works for Monrovia which is separated from Mooresville by about 5 miles. I think we tend to forget schools with accept longer travel times to conference schools if it gets their sports team more competitive if your someone from Mooresville would you rather drive 45 mins to TC to watch Mooresville potentially win their 7th game of the year or drive less than 10 miles away to watch them get their 7th loss of the season and see DC hang 60 on you? I agree that the SAG fits Mooresville a little better and agree I just think it would be a win for the ICC to get Mooresville and drop a mess like Park Tutor, Im sure the SAG would feel the same way about getting rid of Frankfort and adding Mooresville. Either way its a win for Mooresville IMO.
  22. Mid State

    Beech Grove is a 4A school playing in the ICC and they are by no means the Big Dogs I will however default to your judgement on the comparison I don't know anything about the GSSC, but the ICC does have some really really good 1A and 2A teams (Lutheran, Scecina, Monrovia, and Trition Central) these are typically top 15 ranked teams in their classes.
  23. Mid State

    We play them in Middle School they have some talent 7 grade especially has a really solid squad, plus now that Derrick Moyers has taken over the offense I would imagine that they will stay competitive Coach Woodard is a GREAT guy and does a great job at Plainfield.
  24. Mid State

    I think coach Gillin will them to a competitive stature BUT I think the Mid State will continue to be tough for Mooresville to compete in...... Mooresville should look to the ICC they play many of these teams already and it would fit their school demographic in athletics better plus it would force them to finally play county neighbor Monrovia in FB! I think the ICC is also getting tired of the antics and issues with Park Tutor I think that is a GREAT swap Mooresville for PT if that happens
  25. As an IU fan based on our last two games with these two programs we should leave them both out LOL