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  1. Game of the weekend?!?

    I doubt the three games on Friday will be close. The first two games Saturday should be good but Ben Davis is an over whelming favorite in 6A.
  2. I doubt any school that is an independent likes it. I guess the proof would be they are always trying to get into conferences. Scheduling and travel are a hassle if you’re independent.
  3. 5A - 2017

    Not getting to far ahead of ourselves but let’s look down the road. C. East will be the favorite to win next week. To win the State you win 4 success points. Even thought East will loose quite a bit, they will be favored to win the sectional and regional next year, based on history and East’s ability to reload. That would be 2 more success points. That would total 6 success points in a cycle, moving East up to 6A. Interesting!
  4. IHSAA deems field unplayable

    The neutral sites makes soooo much sense. . . . it will never happen.
  5. Columbus East @ Cathedral

    This should be a good game. They have one common opponent, Jeffersonville. They both played Jeff mid-season, winning by the same score, 48-7. East has played one quality team this season, Columbus North In week two. East lost 34-17. Since then they have played average at best teams, easily winning every game. Cathedral has played a much tougher schedule. While not having as good a record as East, the competition they’ve played has probably made them a better team. As a result, I’m picking Cathedral by 10 points.
  6. Saturday Playoff Games

    A lot of these “excuses” would disappear if the IHSAA announced the games were on Saturday.
  7. I would say TH North is better than anyone in HHC, except East. That being said, East wins 35-14.
  8. 5A - 2017

    Looking ahead at growth patterns around the state, school systems merging schools, and success points, don’t be surprised if Columbus North is 5A in the next classification. By enrollment, they are the smallest 6A school now.
  9. Sectional 8

    Interesting comments. Agree about the kind of game it was and between two class programs and schools. I guess I have to disagree with your comments about the officials. Officials are to rule and judge on what they see happen. They are not to interpret what the player mention to do, only on what happened. If something happened on the track, that’s a long way from the field, the way CG facility is set up. Unfortunate event but the refs ruling is justifiable. I too was at the game.
  10. If you look at that 1972 poll, you have to notice only one Marion County Township School is ranked. What a difference today. In fact, most of the schools listed are not “football” schools now. Also, notice how many don’t exist any longer. Very interesting.
  11. Center Grove @ Avon

    After looking at the stats and reviewing the game, I’ll correct my comment to Columbus North out played Center Grove the last two and a half quarters. In that time, Center Grove scored 3 points, the first drive of the second half. North scored 14 points. The backup qb for North had 260 yards passing during that time. During that time, CG made one field goal, two missed fg’s, and punted 4 times. As for penalties, North was called for nine penalties and Center Grove had eight.
  12. Center Grove @ Avon

    I see Avon by two scores. Columbus North out played Center Grove the second half with their backup quarterback. Center Grove is a good team but not on par with past teams. I expect the Bless brothers are comparing notes on how to defense CG.
  13. The only reason South is still playing is because they’re in a very weak sectional. Cathedral romps 35-0.
  14. Sectional 8

    Agree on the out of bounds play. I was referring to the other play mentioned, right in front of the referee, not resulting in a penalty. Blow the whistle so it can be heard by the players.
  15. He was coming back from the injury in the Columbus North game. It didn’t look like his heart was in it.